Monday 30th March 2015 In the morning we awoke in Robertsbridge (without an alarm clock for the first time in years) to the most glorious blue sky and sunshine so we were up and away early to make the most of the day. We made our way to Bodiam Castle...


What a great way to start a Monday morning!

There, Allan had his first coffee break at 9.05 a.m. sending a photo to his work colleagues who "sadly" had to wait until 10 a.m. for theirs!

Dorothy then cooked a wonderful full English breakfast before we walked up to visit the castle. Bodiam Castle has many special memories for us, not least because Allan proposed here and we became engaged shortly afterwards on Dorothy's birthday. We were entertained by a reinactor who was the baker for the castle and he told us about life working in the kitchens and how they prepared for a sumptuous feast. At the end of the day we returned to Robertsbridge for dinner.

Tuesday we spent the morning in Robertsbridge, visiting the Heritage Railway to see how far they have progressed with the reconstruction of the site. We then made our way to Seaford, East Sussex, where we had family matters to attend to and our laptop went to Oscar's computer shop for some tender loving care. We spent the evening on Seaford Seafront where we watched the many surfers who were in the sea.

Wednesday morning was a very blustery day on Seaford Beach.

"Me and my shadow"!

In the afternoon we had to visit our storage unit in Newhaven and pack away the last few items that we will not be requiring during our foreign travels. "You can't put any more in Mrs Martin, we won't be able to lift it" !!

Thursday was a "chores" day - we have to do some work!! However, we soon packed in that nonsense and went off to pick up our laptop and Dorothy's second pair of glasses. We then went to visit some motorhome friends, Peter & June in Newhaven on our way to Brighton's MachineMart. On our way back we stopped off to visit Allan's sister Jean and her husband Dan. Some of you at W&P will remember Dan as he was one of our Service Engineers for several years. Dan sends his best regards to you all. We spent the evening, for a change, near Allan's workplace - no, he doesn't work there any more! Sadly they had all gone home.

Friday Allan was up "early" at 8.20 and tidied up the garage, fillled up our water and waited for breakfast. Dorothy had a lie in!!! After said breakfast we travelled to Seaford Beach where Allan checked out the laptop and Dorothy visited her Mum. We then thought we would go on a bike ride but the mist came down and we couldn't see the road! Luckily the mist cleared by about 7 pm ready for our journey to Newhaven for the night.

Saturday morning we had to be away early to do a shop in Sainsbury's because we are cooking Easter Sunday lunch tomorrow. However, we found ourselves having a lazy start with a good breakfast before setting off! 10.30 am in Sainsbury's busy, busy, but we did manage to get what we needed. We made our way to Seaford and spent the afternoon working on the first part of our blog. We uploaded it and asked people to check it out for us.

. ..
Huge Cloud bank - is it coming our way ? .................................Fire in the Sky?Fire..

Sunday morning in Seaford, again we have to be up early - not sure if we are getting this retirement lark quite right??? We make our way to Mum's to prepare for our Sunday Lunch. We used Mum's kitchen to prepare and cook the dinner for Mum, Dorothy's brother Tony and we were hoping that our son James and his girlfriend Frankie would join us but unfortunately James had a problem with his car and they couldn't be with us. We were pleased to spend the day with our family and spent the night in Seaford.

This is the end of our first full week of retirement. Follow us to find out if we survive a second!!!


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