Monday 18th May 2015 A year ago today Facebook tells us that Allan was sitting outside the motorhome with Kezi in the early morning sunshine waiting for breakfast on Newhaven Beach.
Here we are one year on and Allan is still waiting for his breakfast! but this time on the banks of the Loir and sadly without Kezi for company.

This was a lovely Aire at Les Roches L'Evêque and we left intending to return after picking up our delivery.

On the way to Montoire sur le Loir we came across this tractor and it seemed to be advertising an event in the town we were heading for.

We arrived in the town to find "route barrée" and lots of activity. However, we managed to find a place to park and set off to La Poste. After a search they found our parcel which was hidden away due to being delivered there on a Saturday morning. Speedy service from Yorkshire, England! We had a look around the centre ville but Monday is obviously a closed day - even the Tourist Office was closed! Allan managed to pick up a town map and some info from the Mairie and this informed us of the event happening at the coming weekend (also ANOTHER Holiday in France). As they were setting up today for the weekend and we had remembered seeing this event advertised in other towns, it must be a big event worth staying for so we have decided to stay. We sought out the Aire which was almost full and so we think we have made the right decision. Hope the weather is kind for the weekend and for the Bank Holiday weekend back home in England.

Tuesday We woke again to lovely sunshine and after breakfast and some light "housework" we wandered into town to upload last week's Blog as we had found that the Tourist Information Office have free wifi. On entering the town this is what we saw.................

All around the roundabout little scenes of agricultural work were appearing!

Further into town and even more creatures started to appear....

I love the one on the right xx (so lifelike!)

Wednesday We took a walk around the outer parts of the town and down by the river Loir.....

On the way back even more creations had appeared....

Thursday We had a quiet morning catching up on things and then there was a knock at the door. We were told that the Aire we were staying on was to be used for car parking over the weekend because this town of 4000 people were expecting 20,000 people to visit and they wished for the out of town areas to be kept for parking. They were arranging to set up a larger, temporary Aire for us outside the Camping Site so could we please move there before tomorrow evening. We decided to go there this afternoon to leave Friday free for us so we set off for the new Aire, doing a shop on the way. On leaving the supermarket what did we see? Yes, you guessed it.............

Fishing at the pond. The waterwheel was working but it was impossible to get a sideways view, being on a busy road junction.

We arrived at the Aire to find the two young men who had asked us to move, already there marking out the Aire. All facilities including free electricity were available to us and it was much closer to the event which pleased Dorothy very much!

Friday Back into the town today and my goodness how hard they had worked. Now, every street, lamppost, door, railing, shop window, you name it, was decorated in garlands, ribbons, flowers etc. We were a bit confused to see Father Christmas and snowmen and then it was explained to us that the theme was "The Seasons" and then it all became clear to us. Earlier in the week Allan had commented that one of the shopkeepers thought it was still Easter! Now we knew why! It was very difficult to photograph the streets and a lot of the creations because of the very strong sunlight but here are a few more to give you a flavour of the decorations....

All the winter streets were decorated with Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Saturday The Event begins (at last we sigh, we have lived it all week!). Today was a day of stalls, agricultural machines and displays and a few animals. Bands played and a French guy with an accordian was very good. We even met The Mayor and Allan thanked him very much for providing the Aire de Camping Car for us. He seemed very busy, bustling here, there and everywhere. Just in front of the Marquee a whole beef was being spit roasted ready for the evening's meal followed by dancing to an orchestra. Again, this is only a flavour of the day....

The Balloon at the entrance to the Fun Fair

Lots of displays of various sorts, far too many to mention or photograph them all.

Baking Bread over logs and twigs in an oven that looked like a cottage mounted on a trailer! The bread was good though.

Bringing home the "cattle" (She's got it now Dougie!! It went moo, that's all Dorothy knew... ha ha!)

Sunday Yet another full day. Much busier today with even more people. All the animals had now been brought in and this area caused quite a stir.
Everyone knows what animals look like but this was an aaahhh picture..

Hunting Horns - VERY LOUD

Again we met up with The Mayor, Guy Moyer - Maire de Montoire. He was everywhere this "guy"!

Today we saw a very good display by a local Wheelwright click here to view

Sunday evening we went back to the motorhome for a late meal and a well earned rest. Another day still to come tomorrow!


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