Monday 1st June 2015 We cannot believe we are into June already!

This is the view we woke up to this Monday morning at St. Martin des Bois.

What shall we do today?

We found that there were four geocaches nearby and so after breakfast we set off to try to find them.
The first was on the other side of the lake and this is the view taken from near the geocache.

The second was at the side of the village Church. However, a search told us that it was on Church property (not allowed in the UK)
and it was opposite a school playground full of children - another "no no" so we decided to give up on this one.

The third was at the Abbey and this photo was taken on the way there.

Allan was totally confused because the hint was up high and so he was looking for a hole in the wall,
whereas it was actually somewhere completely different! Can't say where because it would be a "spoiler" for other geocachers!

Our fourth cache was at the Laverie (wash house). Very rarely can you get inside to take a photo!

We had a good time in this pretty little village but then it was time to move on as we really needed to top up our gas.
So Allan got "the book" out (the Aires Book that his favourite Mother-in-Law gave him for Christmas a couple of years back) to
see what looked interesting. We decided to go to La Fleche where we had been before, about 8 years ago, but as we were on
holiday then we did not have much time to stay and explore the area.

After picking up gas and the "essential" shopping we arrived in La Fleche (still on the River Loir!) in the evening and had a nice dinner.
The evening was so warm and stilll that at 11 pm we decided to go out and find a geocache that was very near to where we were staying.
Yes, keen aren't we!

This is the Marie at night time where we strolled to after finding our geocache.

Tuesday Today we set off to do the other local geocaches around the town. Quite a long walk today.
On the way to one of the geocaches on the outskirts of the town we had to walk through the cemetery.

It was extremely moving when we came across the childrens' garden, particularly when we realised they were from the 50's and 60's and were still being immaculately cared for.

The search for the geocache took us to Notre Dame des Vertus, a Chapel dating back to the 11th century and built on Roman crossroads, which was rebuilt by Jesuits in the 17th century to encourage Pilgrims to visit.

This stained glass window is the one showing "white" in the main photograph of the Chapel.

We had to leave the town Aire this evening because tomorrow is market day and they use this space, so we went to the Tourist Information to find out where we should go.
We were advised to go to Lake Monnerie and when we returned to the motorhome a Frenchman asked us where he should go and we ended up giving him directions!
He decided to wait and follow us and so off we went.

Oops.... Have we taken the wrong turning???

No, Allan got us there from memory of last time, without using sat nav and so the old b** has not lost it yet. ha ha!
At the Lake we met up with two other English couples, Anne and Andrew and Pauline and David who appear to come here a lot.
It was a lovely evening and we sat outside, cooking our meal and enjoying the company.

Wednesday Another really lovely day and after a morning spent on our Blog we decided to take a cycle ride around the lake.

You can see our motorhome across the lake

At one end of the lake there is a Beach with the most beautiful white sand.........

On the way back to the motorhome we stopped off at some of the out-of-town shops and Allan bought a fan with a water spray as it is so HOT!

Thursday We moved back to the town Aire so that we could pick up Internet and water etc.

View from the Town Aire

We returned to our lovely spot on the lake to enjoy another warm sunny evening there.

Friday Was an exceptionally HOT day and we spent it relaxing at the Lake. We had to leave here again this evening and use the town Aire because tomorrow the lakeside will be used for pony rides and entertainment including free refreshments for the children, to advertise the coming summer holiday programme of activities at the lake.

Saturday We took the opportunity to visit one or two shops in the area.

Anyone for apples? at E.Leclerc, La Fleche.

These supermarkets have almost everything you could think of - from apples to rabbit cages!

Late afternoon we returned to the lake to visit the Fete activities that had been going on all day.

Allan, thinking that he knows the moves in Chess as he used to play against his Dad in his younger days (but never won many games) was drawn to the chess area where people could play. A man and a young boy were in the middle of a game and sitting on his own next to them was a young lad. Allan casually went over and moved a pawn "to give him a good thrashing" and the lad asked if Allan wanted a game. Allan joked to him "are you a Grandmaster or something" and the other man sitting next to him said "yes"! He confirmed that the lad was a Grandmaster! and chatting to this young lad in broken French and English we learned he was in the top ratings in France. Needless to say Allan chickened out and declined the game!!!

and as soon as we could we moved our motorhome back beside the lake, in time for the daily BBQ!

Sunday was the day of the large boot fair at the Lake in one of the adjoining fields. After a late breakfast we went up to look around.
Allan bought a tool box for 50c having knocked the guy down from 1€ !! and Dorothy has never walked past so many book stalls without
buying a single book! She really must brush up on her French! Along with the usual stuff, we came across lots of collections of
champagne bottle tops and a kind of donkey derby! except that they pull carts which you sit in (if you're daft enough to!).

Being one of Allan's Number One favourite sister's birthday and she was celebrating it with a BBQ at her daughter's with her family
around her, we felt we should join in so after our daily BBQ we sent them the photo below and phoned to sing Happy Birthday Sheila.

A fitting end to a superb week.


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