Monday 8th June 2015

Here we are, still at Lake Monnerie in La Fleche. As the batteries are fully charged by early morning we are thinking of using our excess solar energy to run the refrigerator. We tried this but unfortunately our inverter is not quite powerful enough to cope with the current surge so when we are back in England we will need to obtain a larger inverter. We didn't do this whilst we were in England because far from having too much solar energy the sun hardly shone high enough in the winter sky and we were having to use our generator several times a week!

Our kind neighbour Andrew offered to get some shopping for us and so we now have a lovely fresh pain for our lunch. (no, we don't need any asprin thanks!)
We spent the day relaxing by the lake and in the evening we phoned our motorhome friends Pete & June as they are both celebrating their birthdays this week.


As it is market day tomorrow (and they use the aire) we needed to go to the town aire today to empty and refill our services. We spent the day there so that Allan could make use of the free wifi. We returned to the lake late afternoon and just managed to get the last space overlooking the beautiful view. My, how busy it is here tonight!! 20 motorhomes, 5 of whom are GB.


Market day in town but as the weather looked like it may rain (and it did, drizzly rain all day!) we stayed at the lake. Allan took the opportunity to go to the cafe at E. Leclerc to upload some computer files and Dorothy stayed in the motorhome and finished the book she had started reading yesterday. Must have been some good book! Later in the evening it turned out nice and so we took a walk around the lake - 3.2K or 2 miles to boost Dorothy's fitness regime which had sadly gone into decline over the last week!, returning for a sausage supper with onion gravy!

An infuriating feature of our home is that if the flyscreen is across the doorway and the door blows shut then we are locked in as we are unable to reach the door handle with the flyscreen across it! There is no problem if we are outside. So, yes, during supper the door blew shut. There we were waiting for someone to come by and "rescue" us..... then along came our neighbour Andrew our "knight in shining armour".


It was a really hot day and so Allan spent the day at the internet cafe at E. Leclerc in the air-conditioning! Dorothy did some chores and got out her twin-tub washing machine (two black buckets!) and did some laundry. After that she read and relaxed in the sun. We made a phone call to Dorothy's Mum (Allan's favourite mother-in-law) and brother today and learned that Mum's hospital appointment had been brought forward to tomorrow morning. It had turned into a very heavy, close day and we sat outside until late in the evening as it was so hot. Then, in the night, came the storm! And what a storm!


The storm kept us awake half of the night. Firstly there was a lot of lightning but no thunder. The sky was lit up and it was quite a show. Then after a long time came the thunder and the torrential rain to join the lightning. The storm eventually passed (heading North to England) and we were just left with the heavy rain which lasted until this afternoon.

As it was a rainy day we decided to visit Aldi and Lidl as they had been recommended to us but we can honestly say that neither are a patch on the local stores we have in Sussex. We returned via the town aire for internet again and Dorothy phoned her Mum to see how she had got on at the hospital. Whilst we were there an English couple drew up alongside us. We got talking with them and recommended that they overnight at the Lake as it is quieter. We returned to the lake and whilst we were sitting outside after our evening meal, along came the English couple we had earlier met in the Town - Kevin & Yvonne. They had just been on a walk around the lake and were returning to their motorhome for a late supper. We got talking and Yvonne asked us where we came from. When Dorothy replied Newhaven, they couldn't believe it as Kevin was originally from Newhaven and in fact had lived in the next Avenue to Dorothy! What a small world it often turns out to be!

Another call to Mum in the evening to check how she was completed our day.


Rang Mum first thing, to be told I'm all right, you don't need to keep ringing!! After breakfast our neighbours David & Pauline left us to travel back to the UK. We had enjoyed spending this brief time with them and Allan was very grateful to David for his help with downloading e-books. Hopefully in the future we can reduce the weight of Dorothy's boxes and boxes of books! Later we met up again with Kevin and Yvonne before they too left on their journey back to the UK.

Allan then took off for his almost daily jaunt to the internet cafe although he was not gone too long.

We had a quick fb chat this evening with our niece Sharon - hope you are still liking your new phone.


We decided to go and do our shopping this morning so took ourselves off to Carrefour who have started opening on Sunday mornings. When we returned to the Lake we parked next to another English couple who have an Autotrail with an identical layout to ours but an older version. They were out at the time. We enjoyed a nice pizza for lunch sitting outside in the sun and then our neighbours returned. Allan got talking to them and the differences between our two motorhomes and the conversation turned to technical items, batteries, solar etc. etc. then the usual TV question. We don't watch TV says Allan. Anyway, we can't receive it. Yes you can says our new neighbour! After a chat about this Allan decides to "have a play". Consequently we now have TV and the first programme he picked up was Dr. Who in English.

Later another English couple arrived at the Aire whom we had also previously met at the town Aire. Allan was very interested in the way he had set up his sat-nav because we are having trouble finding a suitable base for ours. He told us he bought it from Halfords in England but we will keep our eyes open for something similar over here.

The evening turned a bit drizzly and so we dined inside tonight. We decided to have a look at the TV for a treat and what came on??? Laurel & Hardy (black & white obviously) but dubbed into French would you believe! Then we flipped the channels and found two back to back episodes of Call The Midwife - lovely just after dinner! We hadn't watched it in England but it was nice to be able to hear people talking and being able to understand EVERY word so we stuck with it.


A fairly relaxing week this week at the Lake and no photos!


Today we have been in France for two months. After a two week break at Lac Monnerie, La Fleche, we had soon better push on and see where our travels lead us next. However, Allan has been waiting to see what is happening in the field next to us as they have been "setting up" since last Monday and they told him it was for a "day of fun" on Sunday - but it has not happened yet!!!


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