Monday 15th June 2015

Today finds us still at La Fleche, at Lac Monnerie! We are having such a good time here and meeting lots of lovely people. We spent the morning completing our blog update and then Allan went to the internet cafe to upload it. During the afternoon we relaxed in the sunshine doing nothing but then in the early evening we took a good walk around the lake. 2 miles in 45 minutes and it was jolly hot. We returned to cook a lovely salmon dinner outside in the evening sunshine.

Tuesday 16th June 2015 Sussex Day (and we did remember it!)

Up early and took another walk around the lake after breakfast. This time 2 miles in 41 minutes. We then went into town to do a bit of shopping at LCC Camping store where we bought a step and an electric splitter plug, Noz (a bit like a small ESK) a quick look in an electrical store (on a par with Curry's except that they sold kitchens and beds as well) and E. Leclerc. Phew! A relaxing evening but then we were surprised by a commotion outside in the dark. Allan went out to investigate and this is what he saw.......

The French guy on the left had caught two large Carp..................... and then proceeded to put them back in the water


Today is Market Day and so as we missed it last week we decided to cycle to town to have a look.

a small part of the market

We met up with another English couple Mandy & Stu from Eastleigh for lunchtime drinks at a pavement cafe in one of the squares and then it was time to cycle back to the motorhome - cycling round the lake as well on the way back! Dorothy's fitness regime is really going well this week!!! On our return to the motorhome well, would you believe it............. more fishy activity!

This young man manufactures fishing bait to a "secret" recipe and sells it to customers all around Europe. It must work as one of the fish was a 42 lb Carp.

Another lovely evening at the lake and made even more special by having a phone call from James and his girlfriend Frankie xx


Allan spent a lot of the day at the Internet cafe again and on the way back he found that they were adding bouncy castles in the field next to us?? What is going to happen?

Dorothy had spent the morning doing chores and the laundry. During the afternoon it rained and the wind got up and blew over the washing airer - undies in the sand!. Allan came to the rescue and fixed up a washing line for us between the awning posts and eventually the re-washed washing was dried, although we had some peculiar "bunting" when we sat out for dinner that evening! The day was rounded off by hearing that our friends (Kevin & Trudie) daughter Katie got Triple Distinction in her final grades today - well done Katie, we made a phone call to Mum and Dorothy's brother rang us. Quite a busy time.


Another glorious morning and so after breakfast it was another walk around the lake. 2 miles and 38 minutes!!

Sadly we have decided that the time is right for us to move on and explore more of France and so it is goodbye Lake Monnerie today.

After picking up LPG at the equivalent of 50p per litre at E. Leclerc, La Fleche, we travelled the huge amount of 15 miles south to find ourselves in Baugé-en-Anjou. After finding a nice spot on the Aire we did a quick shopping trip to the Aldi at the top of the road, came back for a meal and then took our first walk into town.

The Chateau also houses the Tourist Information Office - one of the grandest TI's we've seen but it was closed!

To the right is the Tribunal

Opposite the Tribunal is the Bandstand, beautifully bedecked with hanging flower baskets.

Sadly one side is not as pretty as the other! Men and women all in together, no doors. At least it was empty when Dorothy took the photo!

We returned to sit in the evening sunshine and then spent the rest of the evening on our Blog, during which the phone rang and we were so surprised to find Mum phoning us!! Even more of a surprise was that our nephew and neice Damon and Louisa, and Dorothy's brother Tony were also there and it was so lovely to talk to them all.


We took the tour of the town and here are some of the sights we saw...............

St. Pierre-St. Laurent Church built in 1593

Porte St. Nicolas, one of the original gates into the walled Town and through the gate this is the view.

Allan under the "Flying Bridge" in the Rue de la Girouardière built in 1812 with the permission of Napoleon 1.
The bridge connects the Hospice de la Girouardière to it's annex. Founded in 1873 and it currently houses
the relic of the "True Cross" which was brought back from the Holy Land in 1244 and encrusted with Jewels.

We then passed through the market place where it was market day................

There was a long queue at the Fish Stall

and an even longer one at the Fruit & Veg Stall !!

We were even entertained by a Brass Band at this market.

We carried on with the walking tour and came across "The Boule de Forte" game room L'Union which is one of the oldest of the town.
We went inside and there were two games going on. The purpose made boules travel very slowly on a curved floor.

There are 312 societies in Anjou playing this game - all in carpet slippers!

When we returned to the Place de l'Europe with the Tribunal and Château (photos were taken yesterday) we heard lots of cars tooting their horns.
This is the traditional sign in France of a wedding and suddenly a stream of cars, new and old streamed into the square. A selection of photos.....

The Bride emerges................

After a rest sitting in the gardens at the rear of the Château we searched for the Geocache hidden thereabouts and it was quickly found.

We then decided to stroll back into town and round the corner suddenly came THIS......

Apparently this is a traditional celebration before a wedding where the couple go on a walk of the town escorted by their friends.
They kindly allowed us to take their photos for our Blog and we wished them many congratulations on their forthcoming wedding.

After a long day we staggered back to the motorhome for some well earned beers and a rest!

Suitably refreshed Allan suddenly got his "second wind" and we decided to go out for another Geocache which was tantalisingly close.
However, Allan had failed to take a note of the "difficulty level" the owner had given the terrain to the cache!!!!! These photos do not really
show how far down Allan had to go to reach the bottom of this "valley" to retrieve the cache..........................

who can spot the chimney which takes in most of the height of this photo?

the house belonging to the chimney near to where Allan found the cache
at the bottom of a deep, deep ravine (as Allan called it) which was airless, hot and humid in the hottest part of the day!!!

...........nor indeed how hard it would be to climb back up again!

puffed or what!!
Even though Allan is a "fit young man" he didn't hesitate to agree to a sit down this time. ha ha!


Happy Father's Day to Allan xx who enjoyed a full cooked breakfast WITH ENGLISH BAKED BEANS! this morning.

After doing the washing up we strolled outside the Aire and this photo shows the view of the river Couasnon - the Aire is just to the right of this photo.

Back for a lunchtime coffee, blog update and then REST for the remainder of the day after what seems like a busy week.

Allan enjoying his Father's Day...

And afterwards received a special surprise when James phoned from England xx


The Aire has a maximum stay of 48 hours and so tommorow we are off to Le Vieil Baugé about 3 km away!


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