Monday 10th August 2015

This morning all the travellers left the Aire and we are now just tourists here.

A bit of time spent on the internet this morning showed that the September and October ferry sailing's are becoming fully booked so as we need to return for the MOT on the motorhome early in October we made the booking. So, we are going on holiday to England! Here we now have French store cards, know French people and our Geocaching location is now France. All the food and wine in our cupboard is French. 8 months of this year we will be in France and it is beginning to feel like home.

Later in the morning we said our good-byes to David and Maggie, who were moving on today and then we set off to visit Montrichard again and to go to the market. It was a very small market but whilst there we went into a little shop "Le petit plus de la table" selling tableware and party decorations and the owner showed Dorothy how to fold a table napkin and then presented her with the one that she had made. She has a website which shows how to fold napkins at


Further around the market we came across a couple with a pizza oven. The man said bonjour and when Allan replied bonjour, he responded in perfect English. Obviously Allan, still has not got the accent just right. The pizza oven couple were from England but had been educated in France and Switzerland since childhood and now live in Montrichard. Unfortunately pizzas were not selling today probably because of the heat but we had a pleasant time in their company. On leaving Montrichard we picked up groceries at the Carrefour on the way back to our current "home" Angé.

When we arrived we were surprised to see David & Maggie still here!!

We tried to contact James to tell him of our plans but his 'phone was only going to voicemail. We did get through to Dorothy's Mum and told her of our latest plans.


Tuesday is washing day this week and as there is no chance of a launderette nearby it was out with the twintub! Two large buckets on the table and a washing line strung between the awning posts. Lovely warm day and all the washing was dried in no time. Also charged the portable jump starter as this has to be done periodically. Left messages for James to make contact but did not hear from him!!

David and Maggie did leave today and so we said our farewells again!

The rest of the day was very relaxing.


Wednesday was cleaning day and Dorothy had the luxury of being able to use her Hoover today. Well, Allan also did his bit of hoovering too!! Later in the day we went for a walk in the village of Angé to see the two shops a boulangerie and the butchers. We found the vineyard and of course the wine tasting shop.

The young man there tells us that the butcher now only does markets and the boulangerie is only open in the morning and evening. The Bar is open during the day but closes in the evening. They are pleased to give motorhomers free electricity and parking space because without them the village would close down completely.

On our visit there was another customer who wished to taste the wines but didn't want to drink alone and so the young man asked if we could join her and of course it would be rude for us to refuse. We tasted several wines and Dorothy liked one of the red wines. Finding out that it was €6 a bottle but the equivalent of €2.55 a bottle for the same wine in a box, there was no contest and wine at the equivalent of about £1.82 a bottle of very good red is worth having. We now have 10 litres of Canaille Touraine Rouge. The young man thanked us and said we must continue to drink wine to support the wine growers. (Well someone has to help out!) Later on we had a look at their website and we found that they normally sell the red at €7 a bottle. Their website is

The producer said that they are picking the grapes already in the South of France and so they expect to start to harvest the grapes here in the next couple of weeks.

When we returned to the Aire we noticed that a motorhome of the same English manufacturer as ours had arrived so we went over to introduce ourselves.

Another call to James and we finally managed to speak to him. We wanted to explain our travel plans so that he knew what we were doing. After we had told James we could then let everyone else know about our "holiday" plans via facebook. Several comments came back to us immediately from family and friends!!! We look forward to seeing you all in October.

After a lovely meal we spent the evening relaxing and chatting to our new French neighbours. They have a young daughter Laura who speaks extremely good English and so this makes our conversations easier! She wants to travel to England and be a teacher when she is older. Their father, Papa, sells and repairs Xray machines all over Europe.,

This is Angé Aire in the evening sunshine. Now, where should we put the ESCC party tent!!!!!

The temperature rose again into the 90s above 34 degrees C


It had rained during the night but it is mostly dry in the morning and slightly cooler. Checking the internet we discover that rain has been a big problem at home in Sussex with roads blocked and drain covers being lifted by the excess water. We contacted family at home and thankfully all is well.

We finally finished the blog for last week and uploaded it.

During the late afternoon a French motorhome came in. They have two golden retrievers and the oldest looks a lot like our Kezi. Kezi may have crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" as they say but she will always be with us and has left a huge space in our lives. Their eldest dog is 13 and has all the traits that Kezi had. Always looking for the next bit of food and looking at everything just in case you can eat it and gave us a lot of laughs as she behaved exactly as Kezi would have done. Their dogs names are Texan and Foxie. It reminded us of days past, seeing the owners scraping fur from off the mats. We laughed with their owners about the amount of fur that golden retrievers shed.

During the evening Allan checked our emails and found a lovely email from Moritz to let us know he had arrived safely in Portugal and had met his girlfriend Charlotte at the airport. We hope that Moritz will not mind but we have copied part of his email below as we are extremely priviledged to have met him and are proud to have played just a tiny part in his tremendous achievement.

"I made it to Porto airport in time and was there when Charlotte arrived. I went more or less like planed, to St Nazaire, the end of the Loire, and followed the coast to Spain. I stayed at the coast, it is so beautiful in Spain but still it was very exhausting to cycle there for it is mountains all the time! In Barreiros I left the coast and went via Santiago de Compostela (in some way I felt like a pilgrim and I was simply curious) to Tui (nice little town). I followed the Rio Minho once more to the coast and then more or less straight to Porto. It was a very very nice experince, although I suffered some sometimes serious problems, like pain in my Achilles' tendon, some flats, rain and even water coming into my tent at night, but I saw so many things and it was an indiscribable feeling arriving at the airport looking back to 3200 km by bike! And one of the best aspects of my journey were the people I met, like you. And now I am in Porto having a nice and finally relaxed time with Charlotte."


Friday was a dismal day (although we can't complain because we have had the most perfect 4 months in France!) and so Allan made use of the time on the computer making administrator changes to the Blog to ensure that we can carry on using it into next year and putting a message board (guestbook) on there for anyone to use if they so wish. Dorothy mostly read during the day! In the evening we ate outside but then the heavy downpours started.

This is an Aire with free Electricity and there are no parking lines to say where you should park so everyone crowds around the electric sockets. As the evening drew on we became more and more hemmed in.

The last two photographs show that the field is huge (and there is even more space on the offset side of the field) but no one wants to go there. In fact when someone leaves the field to return later in the day they leave their electric cables plugged in so as not to loose their power socket. These photos don't show how bad it got and when we went outside to complain of the fire hazards etc. we just got the usual "French shrug". (Thinking of your comments Dave regarding the Malvern scenario!)


Today is yet another Public Holiday in France - Assumption of Mary. (These holidays are becoming a bit of a habit!) Everything closes down - and so did we! Another relaxing day.


Feeling guilty about being lazy yesterday, we took another walk around the village and this time took some photos....

As there is a wine producer with vines in the village, it was amusing to see that they had incorporated ornamental bunches of grapes on their lampposts and the seats in front of the church were kissing seats!


Our plan for next week is to continue up the Loire towards Orleans, taking in some motorhome showrooms on the way ... eeeek!!


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