Monday 5th October 2015

It rained all last night at Nonancourt and during the day the rain is continuing. There is not much to do just read and play about on the computer and prepare some things for our "holiday".


This morning was a lovely sunny day and we were able to do all our jobs (filling and emptying etc.) before preparing to leave. This afternoon we travelled to Montville which will be our final stop before Dieppe. This leaves us about 30 miles to travel to Dieppe on Thursday. Montville was our second stop, about six months ago when we left England so we are very nearly back where we started from! On arriving, what a difference we found. Montville has certainly blossomed from Spring into Autumn!

The view from our motorhome.......


We had a walk to the edge of the lake at Montville to take a few photographs of the autumn leaves and as the autumnal colours were so beautiful we had quite a long walk to the other side of the lake.

(We specially took duck pictures to send back to Clare!)

Later we had a walk to the town to have another look around. Allan noticed some Russet apples in Carrefour. This is the variety that he really enjoys but they are very seasonal. In England they are usually sold to ripen in the fruit bowl except that they often turn rotten before ripening. In France most of the fruit and vegetables seem to be sold as ready to eat, which means that the shelf-life is very short. Dorothy says this is much better because when you want it you buy it. Otherwise, by the time they have ripened (or not!) you have maybe lost the appetite for them.


This morning finds us travelling to Dieppe. It seems such a long time ago that we travelled this road but in the opposite direction.

We only planned to go to the Auchan Hypermarket but on the edge of Dieppe we noticed a Noz shop. We have visited one of these in La Fleche and found it was full of bargains, so we decided to stop off here before Auchan, "just to look". Noz is the sort of store that is full of end of lines and liquidated stock etc. and in the "rubbish" sometimes there are gems. The sort of things that you never knew that you wanted until you see them.

We visit some of the clothing stores in the Commercial Centre alongside Auchan and the electrical shop as well. Then move on to Auchan which is massive - here is a video that someone has done. Auchan was having a refit and many cold cabinets and counters were being replaced. I am sure that when all the work has been done it will be fabulous but it was a bit frustrating for us as we had hoped to do a good stock up prior to leaving for England. Next was to fill up with low cost fuel and gas and then we are off again.

Allan decided to head for E Leclerc, another supermarket chain that we like but this one is not a fraction of the size of Auchan. The first entrance that we found had a height barrier. We first thought that if they don't want us to park then they don't want our custom. However we had a second go and found an entrance that we could use, except that it meant a long detour. A long afternoon but worth doing.

We went down to the seafront to spend the night and to rest, try to sleep and await the ferry..........


"Early morning" round to the ferry terminal about 3.30 am as we are going on "holiday" today!! Travelling to England on the Dieppe to Newhaven ferry leaving Dieppe at 5.30 in the morning.

Whilst awaiting boarding the ferry, there were several people running across the tarmac trying to hide under the lorries. They were chased off (we think) by dog handlers and the lorry drivers were checking under their lorries with their torches. The port staff did the same check on every single lorry as they drove on the loading ramp. The lorry drivers checked again after boarding the ferry and again in the morning just before docking in Newhaven, trying to ensure that there were no free passengers.

As we had left Dieppe 40 minutes late, we were so lucky to have had a very sunny and calm crossing which helped us to make up some of the time.

And so here we are, safely arriving at Newhaven to a warm welcome and lots of waving from James, Frankie, Mum and Tony. How we have missed them.

After arriving in Newhaven just a little late, we travel straight round to Sussex Truck Services as the MOT is booked for this morning. There we find James & Frankie and Mum and Tony waiting to give us big hugs and kisses. How good it feels to be "home" amongst the family. We spent the day with Dorothy's Mum and brother and had a nice meal in the evening. We begin to see Allan's large family tomorrow!

The motorhome passed the MOT test with three advisories. One being that the vehicle "appeared to be heavily laden". Well, we do have full water, full waste water, full gas, full diesel and loads of wine and spirits!!!


We had a lazy day today and in the evening we went to see Allan's niece Sharon and her husband Jon. They have Saturday night takeaways where Jon goes off to different takeaways, or takeaways are delivered to fulfil everyone's different choice. It was so nice to meet up with Allan's sister Sheila there too, and the rest of Sheila's family Colin and Gary. Sharon's son Marc also popped in on his way home from work and it was good to see him too.

Afterwards, as we had to be back in Newhaven tomorrow afternoon, we headed back to Newhaven for the night.


We are visiting England with a return ticket from Dieppe in France, to Newhaven in England and then back to France. This morning we found out that ferry prices are rising just before Christmas and the ferries are beginning to fill up so the first thing that we need to do today is book our ferry trip from France back to England in time for Christmas!

Our crossing to Newhaven is now booked. We got a 20% discount for being over 60 and as the price was much cheaper in euros we paid with our eurocard!! We come back to Newhaven on Friday 18th December arriving in Newhaven about 9 am in the morning.

Sunday afternoon we took Dorothy's Mum to the "Meeching Amateur Dramatics" Music Hall show in Newhaven. A truly wonderful program of songs and sketches. We were particularly impressed by the performance of Mr Robert Horscraft. The sketch with two guys and their extending tape measures was also very funny and entertaining. Well done to all the MAD company. (Did we perchance to see Father Christmas hiding some where in the hall???)

Lastly we tried our new resting place for some of the time we are in England and perhaps for part of next spring but unfortunately the entrance to the parking space was too narrow for our motorhome and will need some hedge trimming. Perhaps we can tackle that soon.


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