Monday 12th October 2015

Now the work begins. We have to do all our preparing for the next two months in France. Dorothy wanted some shelves for the cupboards. Allan needed new trousers. Visit to Three Phone shop for new phone contract and a new internet dongle, no more sitting outside Tourist Information Offices for Allan from now on. Christmas cards purchased for signing, ready for Christmas delivery. (Never been so early!)

All this had to be worth dinner at Wetherspoons. Allan enjoyed the Gourmet Burger and a pint of Abbot and Dorothy had a Mexican Burrito and wine, at a fraction of the price of French restaurants and in fact, a fraction of the price of most in England as well. Blooming delicious.

Afterwards we headed slightly north to Lower Horsebridge to be ready for a visit to W&P. Dorothy's old workplace.


Dorothy enjoyed a visit to her old office to see her friends, show off her suntan and to see how they were getting along without her.

In the evening we went out to dinner at the Saltdean Carvery, one of the Crown Carvery chain of pubs. We actually went to check that everything was OK for the family gathering on Saturday but we enjoyed a marvellous carvery and wine. Very good service and extremely good value. We hope that everything is as good as this for Saturday.


Early start this morning to start on severe pruning of the hedge that was blocking our way to our new parking place. All day we worked on the privet hedge and eventually were able to get the motohome on the driveway. However, we quickly realised that it would be very difficult to drive on and off each time as it would mean reversing onto the road without wing mirrors, which would be quite dangerous and the driveway looked like it had a very thin and unstable surface and not suitable for a 4.25 ton vehicle. Also thinking about visitors, deliveries, postmen and refuse collections, would they be careful when struggling to get past our motorhome? We were pleased to cut down the hedge for a very good friend of Dorothy's mum and we were very grateful for the offer of a parking place but unfortunately we will not be staying there.


Today was taken up with an unexpected trip to Norwich in Norfolk for the funeral of the son of old family friends. He was 70 and had been in poor health since a stroke ten years ago. Rest in Peace Michael.

We returned to Seaford and as they were setting up for the carnival, bonfire and fireworks on Saturday we found our usual parking place was unavailable. We moved further along the Esplanade to spend the night.


We had to return the faulty foot-pump Allan purchased last Friday from Halfords. It looked as if it had been purchased before and returned as faulty as the protective cover on the digital pressure display had been removed and the battery tag had already been removed. Allan had lost the original receipt but was able to show the checkout lady proof of purchase on our mobile phone banking account and she accepted that, so we how have a fully working foot-pump with electronic display.

We spent the evening with our very good friends Zelie and Martin at The Drove in Newhaven. We had a very good time and had lots to catch up on.


This is the big evening out. So we had a had a quiet day!

Firstly we went to our storage unit in the morning to give James our 48 inch TV, Christmas tree, decorations and other items that we are not needing. Then we had to deliver them to Hailsham about 20 miles away. Afterwards, Dorothy took James and Frankie to Eastbourne to buy them a few other treats and whilst in the Arndale Centre she met Tony G from W&P and had a nice chat with him. Allan had a restful afternoon but was pleased to be disturbed by a visit from Tony L, whom Allan used to work with and his wife Lou.

Then our big carvery night for Allan's family, James and Frankie and Dorothy's Mum and Brother.

We arrived early to ensure everything was perfect. (And to make a start on the wine!). Soon after, the family arrived for dinner, 25 adults and 2 children. Unfortunately some of the the family were unable to be there because of illness or distance.

During the evening Allan thanked everyone for coming and explained that whilst we had been away there were so many celebrations that we had - Dorothy's 60th and her finishing work 3 months later, Allan's retirement, Allan's 65th birthday and his "official" retirement date, our 25th Wedding Anniversary,
James having a lovely girlfriend and our first granddaughter expected in January.
Although any one of these events could have meant a party, tonight is in fact in lieu of our Boxing Day Open House!

Allan then proposed a toast - to our grandmother, Agnes, who died 40 years ago and to our mother Margaret (aka Meg) who died 11 years ago next month. Without these two ladies we would not be here in Saltdean tonight and most of us here would not be here at all. Allan then included in the toast, all of our Mothers and Grandmothers.

A super evening was had by us all. Great food, great service and the company was good too.
Allan is really proud of his family, they are really marvellous people. If any of them read our blog they should Skype us.

At the end of the evening the Duty Manager photographed us with James and Frankie


Today we made a trip over to Robertsbridge to see how the "Robertsbridge Valley Railway" is progressing. It is a reconstruction of the railway from Robertsbridge Junction to Bodiam, to connect to the "Kent and East Sussex Railway" line that runs to Tenterden. It will enable passengers from the mainline to travel to Bodiam Castle and to Northiam and enjoy the Sussex and Kent countryside at its best. It is something that we have been interested in for many years but the project seems to be snared up in problems with planning permissions at the moment.

Jack E. took us on a tour of the Station he was very helpful and informative. Thank you Jack.

Afterwards we spent the rest of the afternoon at Bodiam Castle, always a favourite of ours.

In the early evening we made our way back to Robertsbridge to spend the night at the lay-by there. However there was an accident blocking the A21 road and we were advised by the police to turn back as it was going to take a long time to clear. We made our way to Hurst Green and found a spot to spend the night there. We hope that the people in the traffic accident are not severely hurt.


Only two photos this week - we've been far too busy!!!

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