Monday 25th January 2016

During the afternoon we had time with James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise. We went for a walk with them to the High Street in Hailsham and had a look at a few shops. Afterwards we went to their flat and managed to leave a surprise birthday present with James for Frankie as it's her birthday tomorrow.

North Hailsham for a restful night.


Frankie's birthday today.......... **HAPPY BIRTHDAY** Daughter-in-Law! xxxxxxx

But we had a "Lazy Day". There seems little point of getting up early on these dark winter mornings. It is long since, well almost a year since, we had to get up to go to work.

We spent another night in North Haillsham.


After a quick 'phone call to make sure that he was free we visited Eric, one of Allan's brothers, in Newhaven during the afternoon. He is looking a lot brighter than when we saw him last October but is still very weak. Hopefully with the spring just around the corner he will get stronger and be able to enjoy his garden and get out and about again soon.

We were thinking that we would pop over to Worthing to take a look at the shops there and perhaps to visit Nick W who is an old friend of Allan's as he and his wife live nearby. Then perhaps travel on further west to try to see Kinglsey & Simmi whom we met in France last year. Unfortunately Nick's wife Rosemarie is having treatment at the moment and so we had to postpone the visit and everything else that we had in mind. We need to make the most of any of our trips because we have so little time before we have to return to France.

As Allan's sister Sheila lives close by we made a quick 'phone call to tell her to get the kettle on.
You just never know what will happen next. Two of her children, Colin and Gary were there so that was a pleasant evening and a really nice cup of coffee made by Colin.

Afterwards we rang Yvonne, another of our friends from France last year and arranged to meet them in the "Green Man" in Ringmer, not a Wetherspoons pub this time but when we were there a few years ago it was a very nice pub. So we are really looking forward to it.

We then made our way down to Saltdean for the night.


As Dorothy is still trying to keep up with her walking and exercise, this morning we went for a walk around Saltdean Park. We found the toilets near the tennis courts so that will do for the toilet cassette later tonight. Then we made our way to the Beach Promenade via the old Swimming pool. The pool, or as it is called the "Saltdean Lido", is an Art Deco building that, after many years of closure and disuse, has sadly fallen into disrepair and decay. We were pleasantly surprised to find the whole site is being repaired and taken back to it's heyday of the early years of the last century. We wish them success in the future of this worthwhile project.


We stayed in Saltdean today as we needed to use the generator to recharge the batteries and we would not disturb anyone here. Late in the morning Allan's phone suddenly started talking to him and we realised that it was Ilana and Nicky (our Great Nephew and his wife) making a Skype call to us. We had a lovely chat with them both and shared all their exciting news.

We are hoping that other members of the family would keep in touch a little more and we asked Ilana if we could Skype her tomorrow when we are visiting James and Frankie, so that hopefully they could see how easy it is!!!


Today we went to see James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise. We had the Skype call with Ilana and she was able to see her new cousin Scarlett-Louise for the first time. Ilana now can't wait for her cuddles with Scarlett xx We showed James how easy it is to use and he could keep us informed of everything in his life. But we don't think that he will do it. Time will tell but we do hope they will skype us as it will be so lovely for us to see Scarlett-Louise and watch her growing - if only (sadly) from a distance.

Afterwards we went over to North Hailsham for the night.


Sharon's birthday today, Happy Birthday to a most wonderful niece. xx

This morning the seal closing mechanism to the Toilet Cassette broke. This seals the toilet bowl off from the waste tank. So although it is still usable it will start to smell and become unpleasant. At this time we do not know how the problem is caused or how difficult it will be to rectify. After Allan had a good look at the toilet cassette, he can now see that three little plastic legs about the thickness of a biro pen (and with a hollow centre) have sheared off. This will need repairing with glue as the part is not replaceable. Yet another little job on the list!

Today we have to make our way East for a check on our motorhome on Wednesday and so we decided to travel to Robertsbridge, a pretty little village where we have stayed many times in the past.

There you can find Robertsbridge Junction, which is a tourist railway in the rebuilding. Hopefully it will link to the Kent and East Sussex Railway via Bodiam and it's National Trust castle. They have done splendid things with the land that they have and the planning permissions that have already been granted but in the last few years they have had many set backs in that land owners won't sell them the remaining pieces of land and the decision on the outstanding planning permissions have been delayed many times.

Today, being Sunday is their open-day, so we went over to show our support for this exciting and extremely worthwhile project. Thank you Jack for keeping the station shop open and we also met members of the gardening group who were laying out box hedging to spell "Robertsbridge Junction" near to the station entrance.

Robertsbridge lay-by is for us tonight with dreams of cassettes, castles and railways.


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