Monday 15th February 2016

During the late morning we were invited to see Scarlett-Louise at Hailsham so we had to pack up every thing quickly and get there whilst there was still time. Along the way we refuelled with gas at Cophall Roundabout in Polegate.

After a quick visit to "the new family", our wonderful Daughter- in- Law and Son and their precious little baby, we made our way to North Hailsham for the night.


This morning we accompanied James to an appointment and after a short visit ensuring that all was OK we made our return, back to Seaford, to go to Mum's to do some laundry.

During the afternoon we were delighted to see our nephew Damon W who was calling in to have a quick brush of his teeth before visiting the dentist. We were pleased to learn that Damon is following us on our journey through our retirement years, via this Blog.

It must be said, that we ourselves, can only be surprised that we still keep writing this stuff! Seriously, we have been doing this for nearly a year now and at the moment there are very few photos. This is because we are mostly spending time with family and friends, in our home country and even the county where we were born and have lived in for 60 years. Nothing seems to shout out at us as needing a photograph or explanation. Lewes is the county town and the sea is in the south, nothing changes, nothing happens and nothing ever should. Nothing comes from Nothing...............


Allan phoned Nick and Rosemarie in Goring to see if Rosemarie was in better health and we might be able to visit them for a coffee or even a pub lunch but unfortunately she was still poorly. Perhaps in the summer when we return to England it may be possible to meet up with them. We do hope so.

We needed to be in Hailsham at "The George" (what is it with this place, it is nearly our second home!) to meet up with some ex-colleagues of Dorothy. She has worked with both Helen and Anna for many years and it was great to see them both. It was nice that we also got to meet Helen's partner Fran. A very enjoyable evening where the girls could catch up on what was happening in their lives.


We had the generator on again this morning. We have 200 watts of solar panel and still, it is insufficient to get us through a cloudy and very wet February. We know that this winter has been particularly cloudy and wet, with rain almost every day, but soon, PLEASE let the sunshine in. There must come a time when we can be off the generator.

This morning baby Scarlett-Louise had her inoculation's against some of the world's bad things. Let's hope that we can protect her against most of the others. This afternoon we visited the new little family and we were concerned about Scarlett's jabs as she is still quite small for her age, being born 5 weeks early, although she is doing extremely well. Scarlett didn't appear too fretful but we advised James and Frankie that they should keep an eye on her. Unfortunately there were so many people and comings and goings that we were not able to spend as much "our time" as we would have liked to have done with just the family. Perhaps this Sunday we will have a more special "family time".


This is the day we need to cross over to Worthing to attend to some private business affairs.

Sadly Scarlett-Louise was in Eastbourne hospital overnight and transferred to Hastings hospital this morning, due to a bad reaction to the jabs yesterday. Fortunately they sorted everything and she was released home in the evening.

And then to Eastbourne for dinner as guests of Richard and Bridget whom Dorothy used to work with. We were so pleased to be able to spend time with them. We had a lovely evening in their company and enjoyed it immensely.

And then afterwards, after a fond farewell, .... to the lay-by north of Polegate.


Tonight we have arranged to meet Zelie and Martin at "The Green Man" in Ringmer. An excellent choice as we already know that we can stay overnight and the food is really fantastic. Zelie and Martin insisted that it is their treat in celebration of our Silver Wedding Anniversary last year as they were unable to do anything then, us being in France!!
And these were the Specials!!!

As soon as Allan spotted the Bacon Roly Poly on the menu Dorothy knew what he was having as it was a favourite that his mother used to make and Zelie followed suit. Dorothy spotted a HUGMUNGOUS plateful of liver and bacon being served to the next table and COULDN'T resist. Obviously neither could Martin as he ordered it too!!!

After large starters and even larger main courses, none of us could manage a dessert!!

We had a fantastic evening and ate so much that we all could hardly walk back through the car park to our motorhome for coffees before Zelie and Martin had to leave for home. This was one of the many very special times during our winter stay.


After another really peaceful night's sleep at The Green Man, today we need to visit Mum in Seaford to do some laundry in her new washing machine and then Tony can drive us all to the Moorings restaurant in Pevensey for Sunday lunch, where we were also joined by James, Frankie and baby Scarlett - a surprise for Dorothy's Mum who managed lovely cuddles with Scarlett. This is our treat for them all.

The food was extremely good, as it was last time we were here.

Dorothy even managed a dessert today!

Then, as James has to work tonight, we went back to Seaford with Mum and Tony to spend the evening with them.


Somewhere there in this week's drivel, otherwise called our Blog, was Shakespeare's King Lear, Maria von Trapp, or at the very least, Rado and Ragni, did you spot it?


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