When we were in France we visited Ham for the 17th April week, and Prouvy 1st May where we took a lot of photographs of the Geants Festivals and Parades. We have now been able to work on both of these days and we now have 7 new pages of photographs, they have all been uploaded to our Blog. There are now over 530 new photographs.

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Monday 23 May 2016

We awoke to a pleasant but cloudy day and decided that today we would take Mum to Sheffield Park, a National Trust property in East Sussex.
As we had not made any arrangement with the National Trust staff, the parking was rather further from the entrance than we would have wished for and in fact we were at the furthest part of the car park but nevertheless, we were able to make a picnic lunch and eat it in the parklands before going into the gardens.

The gardens and the rhododendrons were not in their full colour and not as we had hoped for and the azaleas were almost past their best but it was still lovely.

The views around the lakes were lovely, despite it being quite a cloudy day with sunny intervals.

Along the path we came across this swan minding it's own business!

Then, after the swan posing nicely for Allan, we continued around the lake.

And then it was time to wander back through the azaleas to the exit.

We think that the day worked out well and were really pleased with it. We are sure that Mum had a good time and that is very important to us.

After a visit to the NT shop whilst Allan brought the motorhome up to the exit, we left for home.

During the evening the Toilet Cassette finally broke again. We had already repaired it with a spot of super-glue on the 2nd of February (useful having a blog to remember the date) earlier this year and even then we did not expect it to last any length of time. We have the new replacement already in our storage facility in Newhaven so we will get the new one as as soon as possible.


After a morning phone call we arranged to meet James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise in Eastbourne at the western end of the lawns, close to the "Helen Garden".

After waiting for their arrival for what seemed like ages, when they arrived in the early afternoon we went for a walk along the promenade and into the town centre. There we went to a few shops and then to the Arndale Shopping Centre. Whilst the others went shopping Allan made a visit to the Three Phone Shop to see what could be done regarding our poor connections in France. Seemingly not a lot, unless we send the MiFi dongle device back for a check up. So with a bit of chat a £26 discount was secured and if we hit any problem we will use our old device.

Next was a spot of geocaching. Dorothy and Scarlett-Louise found this one.

It was a special type of geocache called an "Earth Cache" and it is quite near this spot but we don't think you will ever be able to see it. That is unless you have "Geocacher's Eyes" !

Afterwards we decided we were all hungry and so went to the Cornfield Garage which is a Wetherspoons pub where we had a very nice but early dinner and a pint before making our way back along the lower promenade and up the winding paths to the Helens Gardens where we had left the motorhome and James' car.

We then returned with J & F to their flat in Hailsham to watch a TV soap before leaving for our usual haunt at North Hailsham.


We had another shopping trip with J & F & S-L to a baby shop in Hailsham and then called into our storage unit before visiting Mum in Seaford

Big decision tonight. Because James is now unsure of his shift pattern and we have decided that we have done too many miles in visiting friends and family in Hailsham, Seaford, Brighton, Saltdean, Horam etc. we will have a few days rest at the seaside relaxing on a piece of grass watching the world go by. If people want to see us then they can do the travelling. Over the past few years we have made many friends at Newhaven Beach. John the gatekeeper, many of the dog walkers, fishermen and local people who just come down for the afternoon and other motorhomers and their families who come most weekends.


After a bit of a rush filling up with fresh water (No water at the beach) and doing some shopping for the weekend we finally arrived at the West Beach, Newhaven, East Sussex for the weekend. John the gatekeeper warmly welcomed us and we settled down for a relaxing weekend - bliss!!! The weather was good and our friends Dave & Sue arrived in their motorhome which was nice. We hadn't seen them since before we left England in April 2015 so we had a good catch up.


Lovely relaxing day on the beach at Newhaven. Dorothy got to work on her rug-making and Allan read a little

During the day we met up with lots of friends who we met here two years ago when we were here for 6 or 7 months.

In the afternoon the phone went inviting us to see our grandaughter baby Scarlett-Louise in Hailsham but we apologised saying that it wouldn't be possible as we were locked in!! John was away doing his other duties at the time.

Dinner al fresco tonight

We had just finished our meal when, to our surprise, June (from W&P) and her husband Nick came to see us. They stayed for drinks and It was really nice to see them. Hopefully we can do this again when we are over here.

During the evening we also had a visit from Lyn and her dog Sadie, then Dave popped across and then Robert H also known as Father Christmas because he is the number one Father Christmas in Sussex and the only one with a real beard, also visited. He assured us that the beard would grow again sufficiently between now and Christmas!

Afterwards Dorothy had a long phone conversation with B and R whom she has worked with for many years at W&P and arranged to meet them soon. All in all what a wonderful evening.


The weather was a bit miserable today. The sunshine was good but a cold wind was blowing most of the day. Dorothy was outside with her rug, but after half an hour or so Allan was feeling a bit like a lobster and needed to slap on a bit of cream and rest inside. He read a book and played with the the computer for the rest of of the day.

We had a very tasty diner tonight. It was one of Dorothy's Chicken Specials. Apparently she never knows what she puts in but with fresh ginger, herbs and spices the result is always a delight. Allan is still trying to loose a little weight and gain another hole on his belt, but is happy to slip his resolve once in a while.

In the evening we had a phone conversation with James and we arranged to see them next week.


The wind was still blowing from the north-east so we moved the motorhome to try and give us a little shelter from it. There were a lot of people here today as it is a Bank Holiday weekend and John seems very busy collecting the parking fees.

Dorothy carried on with her rug-making and Allan did nothing except sitting outside in the fresh air and every so often having a look at our blog.

Unfortunately Dave and Sue from Wimbledon had to leave early as Sue has hurt her back, we wish her a speedy recovery.

Oh, and it was Mother's Day in France today so Dorothy missed out!!

We hope the weather is OK tomorrow when Scarlett-Louise comes to visit Nanny & Grandad!


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