Monday 30th May 2016

We were hoping that today would be a lovely sunny day because James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise were joining us on Newhaven West Beach for a BBQ lunch. Sadly the day was very windy but somehow we managed to cook some burgers outside on the barbecue and even eat them outside until it became too cold to be outside anymore.

Scarlett-Louise, our Grandaughter, is getting more and more used to us now. It looks like she is beginning to get the to the crawling stage. Allan has begun to hum a very old traditional Cockney folk song to her. It has a very catchy earworm of a tune and she recognises it. Although she will probably forget our faces when we return to France, there is no way she will ever forget that tune. And hopefully she will always remember Nanny and Grandad Martin.

Even though the weather was against us we think that the day went well.


We are still doing a lot of travelling, and today we left the Beach and headed over to Eastbourne, East Sussex, where se spent a lovely day on the seafront.

In the evening we had a visit from our friends Anna and John. It was good to catch up with them and we had a very enjoyable evening. "Nibbles" turned into a "Feast" and of course the drinks flowed!
We were entertained by a fox and a badger and we mustn't forget the cars! We look forward to meeting up again when we return to England.


Today we worked on the Ham Giants blog. This has been hanging over us for quite a while but today it was beginning to take shape and we were starting to lose the multiple copies of photos that we seemed to have. By the end of the morning the Blog was finished and now, as we write this, it has been uploaded. Hooray! However all of our other blog pages are getting a little behind. At the start of our blog we said that we would only update the blog as and when we could and we are surprised that we have managed to keep writing it.

During the afternoon we heard music and singing and looked out to see a cart coming along the road. At first we thought it was horse-drawn but as it got closer we realised they were not horses!
It was a cart belonging to a Hare Krishna pilgrimage which then proceeded to park behind our motorhome. Dorothy said she hoped those animals were under control, especially when they unhitched them and let them loose on the green, where they immediately headed for the bushes and started to eat!!

Those horns could do a lot of damage to the side of our motorhome!

They were on a 5 day walk from Hastings to Brighton. Allan thought that the movement had finished long ago and was popularised by the Beatles but they still seem to have followers.

After their break they continued on their way again

You just never know what is going to happen next!
And then, just as we turned around, we saw Bruce and Tinnu whom we had met on the beach at Newhaven two years ago. They have given up touring and are now living in Eastbourne.
It was good to seem them both and to see Tinnu looking so well.

In the evening we were able to finally upload the Ham Giants photographs using Dorothy's brother Tony's internet connection at Mum's house in Seaford.
A link is here to T’Chout Jaques (Short Jack)


Waking up on Seaford seafront the weather is not so good (again!). What has happened to summer this year?

During the afternoon Dorothy said I wonder how far the Hare Krishna pilgrimage is and then, coming over the hill, there they were still singing and happy on their way,although the guy driving the bullock cart looked a bit miserable. Dorothy said to go out and get some photos but as the weather looked bad and we were doing something for the blog, Allan gave it a miss.

In the evening we went to Eastbourne to "Eastbourne Roots" family history group and listened to a talk on the World War One sites and graves. A very interesting talk entitled "Flanders and the Somme" by Mr. Ian Everest, though the subject was much too big for a short one hour talk.

Tomorrow we are planning to do some shopping in Eastbourne so we decided to stay tonight in the middle of town. We drove around a little and found a nice spot which was just the place for us. Near the centre of town but away from homes so there will be no one running out saying you can't park there outside my house.


Shopping in Eastbourne today, finishing with a bite to eat at the Cornfield Garage in Eastbourne. Happiness is a "spoon's" !!

We returned to Seaford for the night so that Dorothy could be at Mum's early tomorrow morning.


Dorothy's niece Louisa is being married to Steve today in Seaford and we wish them all the best for their future happiness together.


After Dorothy's late night at the Wedding reception yesterday, relaxing and blog writing was to be the thing for today. However, we had a message from Frankie and were soon on our way to visit James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise again.

Afterwards we returned to Seaford and Dorothy asked Allan what he would like for dinner. That meat I had yesterday was nice he said and so Dorothy went to Morrison's for some shopping.
Steak, mushrooms, peppers etc. for dinner on Martello Fields, Seaford in the the last sunshine of a warm and pleasant summer's day.

And a tin or two of Abbot Ale for Allan.

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