Monday 13th June 2016

The original idea was that after Allan's Sister Sheila's birthday Barbecue we would return to France as soon as possible but as we are still waiting for the repairs to the damaged skirt panels and as they haven't even arrived from the manufacturer yet, we are stuck in England for a little while longer.

Saltdean is as good a place as any to stay and so we had a quiet day there. During the afternoon we had a walk around the Saltdean Lido, an Art Deco swimming pool built in 1938. This was just a short walk to see how the reconstruction and redevelopment work to build a new heated swimming pool was progressing. Unfortunately nothing seems to be happening fast. Four men seemed to be walking around and not doing anything really constructive and afterwards we found out that the opening has changed from this summer to the spring of next year.

In the early evening we went across to the Saltdean Carvery and tucked in to another roast dinner. This is not doing Allan's diet any good but well, we are on holiday, so a little excess is sometimes allowed. Unfortunately over the last few weeks there have been far too many "sometimes" and Dorothy is expanding too!!


The phone rang this morning and we are invited to Hailsham to see James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise. Oh how we will miss them when we go back to France. After a little walk around Hailsham we had a little snack in Wetherspoons. I said snack just then but really Allan is pigging out on a deluxe gourmet chicken burger in buttermilk, chips, onion rings and all the works.

Afterwards we went back to their flat and spent the afternoon with them and Fankie's younger sister Becky who was waiting for us outside.

Later as we hope to visit Dorothy's Mum tomorrow we returned to Seaford for a night there.


Cheesy toast for breakfast today and then we were off to visit Mum for the day. It is only a short distance across Seaford town. Slow down said Dorothy we have a police car behind us. We're only doing 20 says Allan. When we arrived near to Mum's house and tried to park there was a lot of other traffic in both directions and Allan made such meal of parking. However the police went on their way and didn't seem to notice us.

At Mum's house Dorothy used her washing machine to do the laundry and showed off how her rug-making was coming along.

Let's remember that the plan, very flexible as it is was, was that we stay until Sheila's 80th birthday barbecue and then return to France early the following week. Well that day came and went.

So what next, when are we going back now?

During the afternoon Allan checked with the mororhome garage at Johns Cross and found that one of the panels is not available and may take a further three weeks or more to arrive. Allan checked if there is any storage charge if we were to have the repair done later in the year and luckily there is no charge for storage of the parts. Next to be done was finding the best price of the ferry and the cheapest is next Tuesday at 5.30 pm costing £92. The plan now is to book the ferry tomorrow morning, in person, to secure the over 60's 20 percent discount. Very nice!

Our MOT is due in October so should we have it done early and stay on the Continent until Christmas? Dorothy thinks that we should return to England earlier and may even need to return earlier depending on her Mum's date for the op. So, we should go now and enjoy some time there and have the MOT done when we next return but by the beginning of October at the very latest.

We spent a lovely day with Mum, doing very little apart from chatting and just being with her. We stayed for dinner in the evening where we were also joined by Dorothy's brother Tony.


After a quiet night on the beach at Seaford we checked the ferry price in Euros with today's Mastercard Exchange Rate and found a small saving by paying in Euros so we made our way to Newhaven DFDS Ferry Port Office with our Halifax Clarity credit card in hand and paid in Euros.

Next we went to Sainsburys for shopping. Branston Pickle, Tomato Sauce, Hermesetas Sweeteners and a few other things that are more expensive in France.

We returned to Seaford and made a phone call to James and then to Mum to say we are booked on the ferry, followed by a bit of blog writing and uploading the blog for the 29th of May. Thinking will we ever catch up and be up-to-date with our daily message to family and friends at home and abroad.


During the morning Allan went out to the Fotoshop printers in Broad Street, Seaford to get some enlargements done of a group photo and one with Allan, Sheila and Sharon that we took at Sheila's 80th birthday barbecue.

In the afternoon we visited Allan's sister Jean and her husband Dan in Peacehaven, East Sussex.

Later we met up with Zeile and Martin in the Dove pub in Newhaven where we had a great evening, ending with drinks back at our motorhome. We are now on the last round of visiting family and friends before we return to France. During the evening Zelie mentioned that she heard yesterday that there was to be a school reunion of our year, tomorrow evening in Newhaven. She wanted to go but didn't want to go alone so, guess where Dorothy is going tomorrow evening!!


Today we took Mum over to see James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise in Hailsham. We stayed there for a few hours and Mum thoroughly enjoyed it.

On the way back we went via Brighton to visit Allan's sister Sheila. She was pleased with the photos that we had printed for her and we also had copies done for her daughter Sharon. There were about 30 people in the group photo, mostly Sheila's grandchildren and their wives/partners and her great grandchildren together with her great niece, other family and friends and we hope that this photo is a memento to remind her of a wonderful afternoon's celebration. Certainly one not to be forgotten.

Afterwards we returned to Newhaven and after dinner, Dorothy got herself ready for a School Reunion. Dorothy left school in 1971 so she expects that many of her school chums may have changed, just a little. As Dorothy is going with her friend Zeile, Allan is looking forward to a quiet night in. (used that quote about a year ago)

Dorothy returned after the reunion happy that she had been but it was sad that not more people had attended.


Father's Day today. Happy Father's Day Allan and James, and to all the Fathers reading our Blog.

The British Summer has arrived. The sun is shining, 4 amps of solar power is going into the two leisure batteries which by 9.30 am are up to 13.8 volts and won't take too long to be fully charged.

Two more leisure batteries to run the computer have a separate solar panel but the Sargent Control Unit doesn't monitor that system. I imagine that they are also charging up just as nicely and as there is a relay between both battery sets, if one pair of batteries is above 13 volts then they are both linked together and are both the same voltage.

Breakfast was mature cheese, melted on toast with tomato sauce, and the world is good place.

Later in the morning we travel the 22 miles from Seaford to Hailsham to visit our son James and Frankie and our beautiful Grandaughter Scarlett-Louise. We feel that now Scarlett has really become used to us and things are really going well. Unfortunately we are returning to France next week.

After our visit to Hailsham we returned to Seaford. We refilled our gas tanks along the way as although they do have the gas that we use in France, it always seems to be on the wrong side or otherwise difficult to refill.

Just after we arrived back in Seaford it started to become really cold and then the rain started.

The British Summer has ended and we are back to 10 holes on the belt! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.


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