Monday 27 June 2016

A new week and we are still here in Rugles.

Back in England we had purchased a litre of car wash from Asda in Hailsham and so today, Allan started washing the motorhome. Thankfully for him, not all in one day as it can be done in small stages. First job to be tackled is the roof. There is so much Sussex seagull droppings up there that it will not be an easy task. Dorothy says that she doesn't like it when Allan is up there on the roof and there is a long way to fall. In truth Allan is not so excited about it either and the falling part is not something to look forward to either. The motorhome manufacturers handbook says that the roof will take up to 14 stones in weight so isn't it lucky that Allan has lost so much weight just recently (just not enough to be under 14 stones though). Well it has to be done and he's the man for the job.

After a good clean the rain started so the rinsing off was done without fuss!

Dorothy had spent the time washing and cleaning and so the rest of the day was relax time!

We said goodbye to Jill and Bim who were heading further south and later it was time for Rex and Dawn to depart.


Another busy day in Rugles!

Today it is the turn for the sides, rear and cab. All washed down and looking quite smart.


And another busy day in Rugles!

The second wash down of the sides with extra polish in the water and when it had dried off a quick whip around with an old towel was all that was needed to put a shine on it, so everything is sparkling for another year.


As the weather has turned drizzly and horrible today, we had a day inside and did some work on our family history. Genealogy is something that we have been interested in for about 20 years and with the new computer we are able to research on one computer and enter the new information on the other one - just the sort of set up we used to have in our study. First job that we had to do was to get everything up to date again. It is quite surprising how many new babies and marriages there have been just over the last few years. Trying to remember all the dates, names and extending new family a few generations is not easy but most of the information except for the last ten years is available on the Internet.


Another rainy day and so another day for the family history. Today it is the turn of the Green's of Seaford and the Willer's of Berkshire, both on Dorothy's side of things. As always the biggest breakthrough in information comes up at the end of the day. There was another child to the Willer family in the 1800's. And then the one that had been lost to us for such a long time was found in the Welsh census where she was working as a housemaid in a remote part of Wales. How on earth can a 24 year old girl suddenly leave Windsor, Berkshire and get a job in Wales? No wonder she was lost to us for a few years. Perhaps of no interest or no importance to anyone reading our blog but this is a biggie for us. We can't wait until we are able to start searching Ancestry again.


We have decided that we need some shopping and if we are leaving for the hypermarket then, today, should be our last day here in Rugles. So after vacuuming and cleaning the motorhome cab, showers, then lunch and packing up, we are on our travels again. Thank you to the people of Rugles for giving us another excellent stay.

We travelled just over 100 miles down to the aire at La Fleche where we filled with water and did the services. E Leclerc was next for food and wine shopping before going just across the other side of a roundabout and the short distance to Lac Monnerie.

We have been to the lake several times before. It is a gravel quarry so it is an industrial landscape but has been done so sympathetically with a sandy beach, showers and facilities. There is a terrific cycle and walking path around the lake and there are two cycle paths into the town of La Fleche (one follows the river and one follows the road) where there is a huge shopping area. There are also many out of town shops and stores. Lidl, Aldi, Noz, Gifi etc. too many to mention here.

On arriving we were surprised that our friends Anne and Andrew nor David and Pauline were there. However, it was a pleasure to meet up with Bim (apparently his parents called him something else) and Jill again whom we had briefly met in Rugles and we had a pleasant evening sitting in the late evening sunshine drinking and chatting.

We have been to this lakeside area last year and had to force ourselves to leave after a few weeks, only to return for a lock repair a week later and stayed for another week.

We wonder how long we will be here this time!


Allan oiled the hinges and locks with spray silicone this morning. Bim and Jill have a problem with their solar charging unit and are going back to England to get it sorted so we said our farewells again.

During the afternoon Andrew and Anne drove onto the Lake (not literally!) in their motorhome, closely followed by David and Pauline in theirs.
Allan and Andrew catching up.

We have met both couples here last year and we had wondered if they would be here again. Apparently they had been away for the weekend at a Brocante (car boot sale).

After our evening meal we cycled around the lake twice - an energetic end to a very busy week!!!


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