Monday 4th July 2016

Happy Birthday to Dawn P in Saltdean from us here in Rugles where we spent a lovely few days here with yourself and Martin last year.

Today Mr Bishop and his men are supposed to be making a start on the flat roof of our house in Newhaven, England. This time we are having it done in GRP as it is supposed to last longer than the usual felt. Well, as Mr Bishop says, boats are made from GRP and they keep the water out, so it must be good. The men have been waiting for good weather conditions for several months and we hope that they can get on with the job now.

We had a good cycle ride around the Lake and noticed that quarrying has now finished. The conveyer belts have been removed and the diggers have gone. They have extracted all of the gravel that they are going to and this part of the lake has been turned into a parkland with 3 lakes in the middle and trees all around. One large lake to the west is a fishing lake. The one to the east is the largest but that is a nature reserve. There are no paths around that one and it has yet to recover fully from the quarrying.

Dorothy found a water tap in the coach park to the sandy beach. It looks like it is potable (drinkable) but there is no sign on it to say so. Perhaps it is lake water so I don't think we will chance using it and we will still have to go to the town aire every so often for the other services.

A very sad day today back home in England with a family funeral. We have sent messages this morning and Mum and Tony will be there. We sat quietly here with our thoughts.

In the afternoon we took a trip to the other side of La Fleche. We were told that there was cheap wine in Noz on the other side of LaFleche and then they take 80 percent off so it is just pence a bottle. We didn't get any of this because we have a good supply of wine already but we did pick up one or two things whilst there.

We hadn't taken any photos of the lake on this visit as we took lots last year (which you can see on last year's blog if you wish). However, tonight after our meal Dorothy couldn't resist taking a photo of the stunning view this evening.

We ended the day with a chat message with James and Frankie and Frankie sent us two wonderful video hold ups of Scarlett-Louise copying James! This was so special for us to actually see her moving about and playing. Oh, how we do miss them.


Rang Mum today and everything is OK back home. The weather is good and our roof is being completed.

We cycled around the lake again today and when we had just returned to our motorhome, Dorothy wanted to do it all over again. She is really getting fit. Twice around the lake is 6.2 km or about a four mile cycle ride.

Another Autotrail motorhome arrived today. We introduced ourselves and found out that Nigel and Debbie were also members of the Autotrail Owners Group Internet forum that we belong to. We sat and had a good chat with them about all things Autotrail, motorhomes and life in general.

Not to be outdone, this evening Allan climbed up our motorhome ladder and took this photograph!

Ours is the lovely, clean, shining roof in the middle! Nigel and Debbie are on the far left, Anne and Andrew are in the blue and white Hobby and Dave and Pauline are hiding behind them!


It is Market day in the town today so we cycled through the parkland along beside the river Loir into the town to have a wander through the market stalls. Nothing of note but the girl from the Tourist Information Office was there and she was very helpful in giving us details of two cycle rides and info about the lights in Le Mans and the fireworks here on the lake for their national holiday. The cycle rides are about 20 km and partly on roads so perhaps that is pushing it a bit. Le Mans has a motor racing weekend so that visit may have to wait a while as we think that the Fireworks are a day before the national holiday and we are looking forward to that.

On the way back we stopped off at E Leclerc to do the shopping for the rest of the week.

The bill arrived by email today for the flat roof so we hope that they have made a good job of it. We are going to be a lot poorer from now on as flat roofs the size of a double garage are not cheap. Also the front pathway needs to be replaced so this is not going to be the best year.


We decided to pick up water today and whilst we were out we decided to have a look at the Noz Store again. Nothing really caught our eye here and it was a bit disappointing really as a lot of the display shelves were empty. The cheap wine at 37 cents a bottle was three year old white wine and Dorothy decided against it, as white wine sometimes doesn't keep too well. We did some shopping in Carrefour but wished we had stuck with E Leclerc as this Carrefour was not up to their usual standard.

Another chat message with James and Frankie ended our day.


A rest day. Well, most of the days are but today it was really hot and there is not much to do except sit in our chairs and watch the people run, jog, cycle and skate around the lake. There is not a cloud in the sky and the world is a good place, hot but good.

Another chat with James and Frankie and they tell us that Scarlett is coping with the warm weather.


During the afternoon we cycled to the new store called Action. It is a bit like the English store called Range but the prices on some things are very good and then on some things the prices are higher. There is nothing that we really need but soon the shopping basket is full of A4 envelopes, mosquito repellent, freezer bags, shoe liners and other things.

Late afternoon we walked the short distance to do some shopping in E Leclerc. Only two shopping bags as we didn't take the motorhome. Just enough shopping to get us through Sunday when the shops are closed and perhaps to Tuesday when we will go and fill up with water.

Tonight Andrew played the local fisherman (whom we photographed last year) at Boules. They wanted Allan to play as well but he declined. France against England - the big match. Andrew lost by a really big margin. Perhaps if Allan had played we would have won. (Who is he kidding!).


Allan's breakfast this morning was a fried one. Sometimes it is good to have a good breakfast and why not whilst sitting beside Lac Monnerie, La Fleche on a beautiful summer morning. The sun keeps peeping out between the clouds and when it does peep through it is very hot. The sky is clear to the west so shortly we will have a really warm day again. It turned out to be very, very hot.

Lunch with mackerel in a tomato and basil sauce and salad. Dorothy doing some more of her rug-making. Allan is happy keeping out of the noonday sun doing a bit of the blog.

Today has been extremely busy at the Lake. So many families and friends out enjoying the sunshine with picnics, fishing, boating, sport or just relaxing. So good to see this amenity being used to the full.

We have been keeping tracks on the Euro to GBP exchange rate. Last year we were getting 1.42 and earlier this year it was down to 1.28. Since Britain voted to leave the European Union it has plummeted even further to 1.17. Today is the first day that it hasn't gone down even further. It may sound wonderful living in France on a pension but it isn't until you get the pension that you realise just how little it is and now each day it is becoming worth less and less. At the moment we feel as if we have taken a huge paycut. Hopefully things will turn around again soon.


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