Monday 8th August 2016

A beautiful day but it found us shopping at E. Leclerc where we went for our last shopping in France this trip. We came here last time we were in France and found then that the prices are very good. As this is our last shopping in France obviously the bulk of it is in bottles, a bit of cheese and many packets of biscuits.

Back at the aire and the shopping is safely stowed away, now we must have a look at the rest of our storage to see if we can loose some weight. Back on the ferry tomorrow. We are hoping that we don't encounter any trouble or hold-ups in Calais or Dover.

During the afternoon Dorothy discovered that a small bottle of beer that we had bought in Noz in Beauvais, had exploded - the bottom was still on the floor but if had completely broken away from the rest of the bottle which shot like a rocket showering half a litre of beer across the cupboard, soaking everything under the seats. This caused quite a bit of work cleaning it all up. Removing all the bottles and tins and cleaning and washing them and the floor is not something that we expected to do today. Dorothy was not impressed as shortly before she had packed everything away ready for our trip home.

The rest of the day was "wind down" and preparing for our trip home tomorrow.


After a quiet day, at 5 pm we left for the ferry. As happened on our last time here, Allan took the wrong turning onto the motorway and started heading in the wrong direction. Eventually, after no more problems and filling the diesel tank at Auchan, we arrived at Calais. We were anticipating a lot of trouble and aggravation with migrants but there was none. The ferry company had asked us to be here one and a half hours early just in case of problems. In fact we were here nearly two hours early and were allowed to board an earlier ferry. Just as well really, as later we found out that our proper ferry was late leaving. We were on a winner for a change!

Whilst in the queue waiting to board, we were surprised when the driver of the van in front opened up its rear doors and started cleaning out the birds of prey cages.

There was a another but even bigger eagle in the side door to the van.

Parked on Calais docks you do not expect to see a van full of Eagles!!

They were from Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation of Eynsford in Kent. Their website is here or

After a smooth crossing we arrived in Dover and along the way home Allan's aim was to cross the Romsey marsh in daylight. This is a very twisty narrow road that Allan dislikes immensely at the best of times and we made it across just as it was getting dark. Next one that Allan hates is Winchelsea, which has a very sharp corner followed by a very steep hill. We got through all of that and stopped at St Leonards for a late dinner. We just managed to squeeze into a parking space at the side of the road. It's a good job we were not planning to use this as a stopover as Allan counted 29 Motorhomes and campers there. Usually the odd one or two are tolerated. If it carries on like this then probably this parking area will sadly be off limits.

Then we had a pleasant drive along the rest of the way to our first night back in England, just south of Hailsham, East Sussex.


This morning our first visit was to see our granddaughter Scarlett-Louise and James and Frankie. My, how she has grown and developed since we have been away. She is now sitting up and crawling around. We had a walk up to the town centre and James asked why was I taking photos of some flowers on the traffic island. Well here they are.

Don't they look quite splendid. Well done the Hailsham parks department.

Not only that but we haven't got many other photos for this week.

Then we went to Mum's in Seaford to visit her before her shoulder replacement surgery tomorrow. She also had a surprise visit from her great-grandaughter Scarlett-Louise and grandson James and Frankie, which was very much appreciated. Four generations there, counting Dorothy.


This is the day for the surgery. Dorothy is off at 6am and Allan gets to have a lie-in. Dorothy and her brother Tony take Mum to the hospital at Haywards Heath and Allan has a day off, but finds time to buy come new barbecue gas canister's in Newhaven and to place on order a new 12v computer lead from Oscar's Computers in Seaford for collection tomorrow.

Dorothy and Tony return to say that Mum is awake from the surgery and in the ward overnight, and should be coming home tomorrow as planned.

We are all relieved and in the evening the three of us have a meal together.


Allan visits the doctors today for his persistent cough, which is bound to be nothing too serious and a waste of the doctors time.

Mum is brought home from hospital by Tony and Dorothy and Allan goes round soon after to join them for dinner.

Mum's other grandson Damon with his wife Rachael visit and we are all pleased to see them, although unfortunately Tony who is Damon's dad is out at the time. Rachael is pregnant and looking very mumsey (see I didn't say whale) with only six weeks to go, so, much of the talk is of babies and children.

When Tony returned he took Allan to Oscar's Computers to pick up the new computer lead and as we find it works well he orders a second one for collection next week.

As Mum is still recovering from her previous right shoulder replacement and now hindered with this left one as well, Dorothy will be sleeping there for a few days to help in any way that she can.


James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise visit Mum's today and Scarlett is even more mobile now.

During the evening we tried to decode a 3D movie that we bought in the Somme earlier in the year onto the computer and as that didn't work, Tony tried it with his Blue-ray player and television, but still without success.


Today Mum is so much better and delighted in showing us a plant that we bought for her when we took her to Nymans Gardens last time that we were in England. It has grown and flowering very nicely in her garden. She even picked some beans for our dinner this evening! What an amazing lady - nearly 86, only three days after having major surgery for the third time in three years and here she is picking beans for dinner!!!

During the afternoon Allan suggested that Mum should have a short walk for a little exercise. We went half way along the street before returning. Poor mum was so shattered that she had a little nap afterwards but was pleased that she had made this first step back to fitness. Tomorrow she will exercise a little further, hopefully making a little progress each day.


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