Monday 22nd August 2016

Allan went for his blood test just to prove that there is nothing wrong and at the same time Mum had an appointment with the Nurse to check her dressing and wound.

On the way back we decided that Mum needed little pick-me-up so we took her along to see her long time friend Elsie B in Newhaven. Mum and Elsie have known each other since way back and lately they have not been able to meet up easily. We left them for an hour whilst we did our own thing. The last thing that we wanted to do is encroach on two old ladies nattering over a cup of tea.

Afterwards we went with Mum to Seaford beach and sat in the Summer sunshine, it was rather too windy to be splendid but when we could shelter from the wind it was marvellous. Mum was even up to a little walk along the prom but before too long we decided the wind was too bracing and sheltered beside the Martello Tower Cafe and watched the world go by for half an hour before returning to the motorhome and taking Mum home.

Later in the early evening we set off for Johns Cross, East Sussex, where we stayed the night before our repairs tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will be our last visit for this repair!


First thing this morning we went round to Johns Cross Motorcaravan Centre to have the work that they started last Thursday, finished to our satisfaction with the parts that they had lost and now found.

When the work was finished we enquired if they had a new knob for our gas cooker that has somehow been broken. Unfortunately they don't keep this as a spare part but could of course get one on order. As we would have had to collect it we we went up the road to Hurst Green where there is another motorhome and caravan sales called CaravanTec They had the spare part that we needed and it is now fixed.

We spent the rest of the day at Bodiam Castle in the very warm sunshine.

We have been here many times before and in fact it was where Dorothy forced Allan to start thinking about our engagement 27 years ago.

We don't usually leave the car park as we have seen the castle many times before but today we went around the grounds

and came across re-enactment camps and sideshows.

Then we went inside the castle

Where re-enactors were giving interesting talks about the building of the castle and the daily life in the castle.

Allan then climbed up one of the towers and took some stunning views from up there,
but Dorothy stayed below with her feet firmly planted in the ground.

Then we wandered around the inside of castle which was bathed in glorious sunshine.

After a lovely afternoon's visit we returned to the motorhome, walking around the moat and soaking up the sunshine.

When the park was closing for the night we travelled over to Robertsbridge where we spent another restful night.


Waking up in Robertsbridge to the smell of the burgers bacon and eggs cooking at the mobile snack bar made us quite hungry but we didn't have any as we have food with us.

We drove to Eastbourne to buy Christmas cards. Yes you may be surprised at Christmas Cards but we will soon be returning to France and the cards there are not as good as the English ones.
So, we need to have everything prepared because we do not expect to return to England until the middle of December.

We stopped off at Mum's for a refill of water water, quickly emptied the toilet and then drove to Newhaven West beach where we intend to stay for a few days.

On arriving at the beach we first met John the attendant, who was really surprised to see us. We had a good old time catching up with him and he made us feel so welcome, saying "our favourite pitch" is waiting for you.

After parking up we saw that Dave and Sue were there and so we had a good time chatting with them too. Then, John and Elaine arrived. It was beginning to look like old times!

Later in the early evening Tony, Dorothy's brother, brought mum over to see us and he kindly did some emergency shopping for us along the way.

How good it felt being back on the beach again.


We spent a lovely day here on Newhaven West Beach. The sun shone, we met up again with so many lovely people and all was good.

Dorothy did some laundry today and with a line stretched between the awning posts it was soon pegged out to dry and as the sun was warm it dried very quickly.


Today we celebrate having our Mohawk Motorhome for 3 years.

Dorothy did some more of her rug, Allan helped little by reading the pattern for her and then got on with reading the newspaper

In the early evening we had a visit from Dawn and Martin who stayed next to us on the beach all summer 2014. My, time just goes by too fast!
It was so good to see them both again as we had not met up since we last saw them in the Spring of last year when they joined us for a while in France.


We did some shopping at the local Co-op shop this morning. Just a couple of small bagfulls as we have to carry them home to the motorhome.

Lovely weather today, the sun was shining and it became quite hot. The fishermen along the harbour wall don't seem to have much luck but they all seem very inventive with their reasons for there being no fish here. Perhaps they are all correct and the fish will return soon, we hope for them that they will.

Later in the day Elaine's husband John from Biggin Hill and his friend in another motorhome decided that the wind was OK for some hang gliding. We had a good view from where we were as they came across the cliff face along to the fort. Unfortunately our phone cameras were not good enough to capture them successfully.


Today we joined some of Allan's large family for a Sunday Carvery at the Peacehaven Crown Carvery. Allan's sister Sheila was there with her son Gary and daughter Sharon and Sharon's husband Jon. Abbie, Amy and Oliver were also there along with Amy's friend and her baby. A really good day out with just a small part of Allan's family.

After the meal we returned to Newhaven West beach with them and although there was a strong wind had a very nice afternoon and when the "Seven Sisters" ferry came in we all went across to the harbour entrance to wave at some of the passengers. We are hoping to be on a ferry like that ourselves, very shortly.

Not a large dinner tonight as we are both stuffed full from the lunchtime carvery!


Yvonne - outstanding week 2 now done !!

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We usually have more photos than we actually use in the blog, but as I like these photos I didn't want to delete them.