Monday 29th August 2016

This morning two of our friends (Dave & Viv B) are travelling off to France with their motorhome. We wandered over to give them a good send-off and hope that we might meet up with them at some point on their travels when we follow them in a few days time.

Bon voyage Dave & Viv................

West Beach at Newhaven is a great place to spend some time and we have had a great time here catching up with the dog walkers and the many people that we have met here before. John, the car park attendant, is always pleasant and helpful and Dave and Sue are here on an extended holiday because Dave has a problem with his back. Allan joked with Dave that the best cure for a bad back is Dr Gordon's cureall medicine and then revealed that, although he was embarrassed to say at first, really the best cure for a bad back is exercise and the best exercise is actually, sex.


We had another good day on the beach. We took the motorhome down the road to the Co-op to get in some shopping and to do the "housekeeping" on the motorhome!

In the evening we were really pleased to have a visit from our friends Anna and John (Dorothy used to work with Anna at W&P). We needn't have done so much shopping because they came with armed with a feast of booze and snacks and some flowers for Dorothy. We all had a terrific evening and look forward to seeing them both again when we return.


Happy Birthday to Dorothy's brother Tony today. We will see him this evening.

Today is the day to have the MOT done on the motorhome. It is not a year since the last one but we are happy to forego two months so that we don't have to return from France too early just to have the MOT done. So, we said our farewells to Dave and Sue - hopefully we will see them again next year on the Beach. Then we waited for John to unlock the height barrier for us. It was another fond farewell to John and after hugs and a kiss for Dorothy we were off on the next part of our journey. The motorhome passed the MOT without any problems. Not even an advisory and with a five 5 year old motorhome that has been lived in constantly for nearly three years that is something to be happy about.

After the MOT we went to a Plumbers merchant to see if we could buy a particular size of water pipe to make filling the fresh water easier but it was not something that they had in stock.

We then went over to Hailsham to see James and Frankie and Scarlett-Louise. We have really missed them because they had booked just over a week away in Lincolnshire. It was a pity that this coincided with our precious time with them whilst we were back in England but we were glad that they had a good time.

Then as it was Tony's birthday we went back again to Seaford to spend the evening there with him.

Allan has caught a virus from somewhere and is not best pleased as, late in the evening, he is starting to feel really unwell.


We spent the day in our usual place near Seaford seafront. Allan's virus is is turning into a virulent Man-flu. A quiet day of rest to quickly get over this virus is the order of the day.


Today Dorothy is going with Mum to be with her for her post-op hospital check with the surgeon, after her shoulder replacement. This meant a really early start for Dorothy!! When picking up Dorothy, Tony and Mum delivered some much needed tissues as Allan's Man-flu is now becoming serious and he is left in bed to recover.

All went well at the hospital and after checking that Allan was up and OK, Dorothy spent the rest of the day with her Mum before returning to the motorhome that evening for another night close to Seaford Seafront.


Allan is now seriously ill with a case of very severe Pneumonia and complications with Double Man-flu. It is so serious that unfortunately we had to cancel a dinner appointment with Zelie and Martin. Cancelling dinner, especially one cooked by Zelie, is an indication of how severe Allan's Man-flu is but he really couldn't spend the evening feeling so awful and possibly passing this wretched virus onto them. We were absolutely gutted that this horrid virus spoilt our last few days in England.

Dorothy did some last minute washing using Mum's washing machine and getting ready for the next adventure in France.

Late in the afternoon Allan said he would like to walk a bit to try to get some fresh air as he had been cooped up in the motorhome for most of the last few days on his own.

So, Dorothy drove us up to Seaford Head and parked by the old barn. After a while we took a gentle stroll whilst being really glad of every seat we came across to rest a while.

We haven't been up here for quite a while. The sun was warm and so we walked and sat and walked and sat but it was easy going downhill.......

We made it down to the coastguard cottages and sat for a while, talking to two ladies who were sketching and painting the views.

Allan then realised that it was a step too far and the return up the hill was not going to be easy. Dorothy thought that taking another route, a wee bit longer but not so steep, might be easier and so that is what we did.

After all the recent cliff falls and warnings, how could these idiots be so stupid??? And look how close the old path is to the cliff edge now!

We eventually made it back to the top of the hill and Allan was more than pleased to see the motorhome come into view.

After taking time to come to after this little walk, Dorothy drove back to Seaford, near the seafront.


Dorothy went to pick up yesterday's washing and spend a last day with her Mum in England and afterwards we went over to Hailsham to stay near there before visiting James and Frankie tomorrow, if Allan feels any better by then.


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