Monday 19th September 2016

It was quite chilly this morning and Allan was up first and checked the bank account on the internet. Also we must pay for the phones and internet. Well the finances came good for another month and so we are not destined for the workhouse - yet.

We noticed that some other motorhomers were feeding Yvonne's kittens so we will save the food for tomorrow. During the morning the kittens were playing near our motorhome and even going to sleep on our door mat again. It's an outside doormat we hasten to say.

A man whom Allan had helped with his electric cable last night, came over and as a thankyou, gave us a bag of marinated pork from the farm and butcher where they live in the Black Forest of Germany, so that is dinner for tonight sorted. It was absolutely delicious and we thanked them very much. His wife works in the butcher's and we told her we would remember to pop in if we ever get over that way.

Then we had a most splendid surprise. A man came over and showed us a photo of our Wedding Anniversary celebration last year in Turquant. He and his wife were two of our impromptu guests when we invited everyone on the Aire to come to our motorhome and share our celebration last year. We instantly recognised them too and it was lovely to chat with them. They said that they are looking forward to seeing us in Turquant for our 30th Anniversary but that won't be until the year 2020! Who knows where we will all be then. Sadly they were on their way to see family and had only stopped late last night and were off again early this morning. We did have a chance to take this photo and wonder where we will meet up again!

My word, Dorothy said. We were feeling a bit sad being on our own again with Yvonne and Kevin having left us but what a busy morning this is turning out to be. "Whatever will happen next" was her throw-away remark.

During the afternoon two motorhomes came onto the Aire. Together we jumped up to look for the kittens to make sure that they were safe and also to ensure that the new motorhomes didn't park too close to us. Bearing in mind the huge field and the way some of the French were parking..........

We saw someone waving but couldn't make them out in the sunshine but then were so surprised to see that it was Martin and Dawn P with whom we spent the summer of 2013 on Newhaven West Beach! They were in their new motorhome which we had not seen before as they have only just picked it up, so we couldn't have recognised them from the motorhome. And then we found that in the motorhome that came in with them were Rex and Dawn who we had last seen in Rugles in June this year. What a terrific surprise for us all!

We all spent a very enjoyable evening together catching up on all the latest news of what we had all been doing.


Dawn & Martin and Dawn & Rex were off this morning to see the village and to visit the Vineyard. We had things to do ourselves but chatted with them during the afternoon from time to time. In the evening Dawn P came to see if we were free for a chat but at that time we were just about to have our dinner and said we would let them know when we ha finished. We later went to see them but they were expecting a Skype call from their son so our chat was fairly brief.

At this point we would just like to remind everyone that we are on Skype!!!!! (We can also do facebook live if the internet connection is good enough)


This morning was another one of farewells as Dawn & Martin and Dawn & Rex left today, heading south for Spain. Perhaps we will meet them on their journey back home in a few weeks?

The sun was shining, the kittens were fed to bursting and we enjoyed another day in Ange.


More baby news this morning!
Congratulations to our Nephew Damon and his wife Rachael on the birth of their first baby, a daughter named Penelope Rita-Rose. We can't wait for lots of cuddles when we come home!

Another very quiet day today, nothing much happened during the morning except we fed the kittens some bread softened in milk and they seamed to enjoy it. On the other hand our dinner tonight was a splendid stirfry.


Food and playtime with the kittens this morning. We think we shall miss them when we leave just as much as Yvonne and Kevin did !

Dorothy did some washing today and Allan found a really good way of setting up the washing line. Fantastic, we now don't need a post or a tree!

Whilst the washing dried we chilled out and then discussed moving on and where we should head for..


Today we decided to take the big journey. Well 42 miles further south anyway.

Firstly we had to make sure that we gave the kittens a good feed.

Then we made a good fuss of them and were happy to know that the man in the motorhome in front of us was going to continue to feed them. He has a cat of his own and luckily his cat and the kittens appear to all get along fine.

And so, it was goodbye to Angé but no doubt we shall be visiting here again.

After a little shopping trip to a SuperU at Saint Aignan sur Cher along the way, where the satnav got completely lost and wanted us to take a no-through one way road, we found ourselves in Martizay. This is an aire that we have been to before, with free electricity and free water but it is a bit of problem that the phone connection is not good here.

On arriving, we pulled into what we thought would be a nice spot only to find loads of small red ladybird type bugs flying about and trying to get into the motorhome. A couple of French men came over and assured us they were harmless, they even suggested we should eat them!!! A step too far! We decided not to set up here and moved to the other end of the Aire. Later we found that the bugs were not a problem, we had obviously just disturbed them on arrival but in hindsight our spot was better as it was sunnier - all good for the solar panels.

We managed to contact James, who had undergone a major dental procedure including 7 extraction's and somehow we managed to contact the tooth fairy - we hope that her gift has made him feel a little better.


As already mentioned, this Aire is one that we visited many years ago when we were just holidaymakers.

This aire has electricity and there is a small fishing lake and park on the edge of it.

What is a problem are the tall trees that are blocking out the sunshine but we managed to find the sunniest spot.

Today the weather has turned rather cold, perhaps not cold by English standards but 13 degrees outside and 18 inside is cold for us. Allan wants to move further south, Dorothy is not sure as we have only just arrived and last time here we barely got to see the village.

Then it started to RAIN. Only for about an hour but actual rain! A weather report says that this is this weather in the whole of north and central France so unless we travel a long, long way south we will not see any benefit.

However, during the afternoon the sun did make a feeble appearance and we were able to sit outside chat with the other visitors.


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