Monday 5th December 2016

Dorothy had a day with Mum in Seaford, using Mum's washing machine and sorting Christmas parcels and cards, while Allan went to the dentist to have his chipped front teeth repaired and visiting the "Poundstretcher" shop in Newhaven for some of their cheap barbecue gas that was only £1.25 a can earlier in the year.  Unfortunately they didn't have any, claiming that they only stock it in the summer. Well summer is coming soon isn't it claimed Allan but it had no effect as they had none in stock.  Then Allan made his way to Newhaven Truck Services to get a quote for a clip fastener to the swivel seat in the motorhome cab which has been broken, followed by a little shopping at Sainsburys, bread and toffees is Allan's kind of shopping, a little treat for being good at the dentist.  And then for a haircut at Vances barbers in Peacehaven.

Rushing around has started, so much to do, so little time until we return to France!


Dorothy's Birthday today.  Loads of love for the birthday girl.  Big hugs and kisses xxx

James and Frankie brought Scarlett to Seaford to visit us at Mum's house.  What a wonderful surprise for Great Nanny and of course for Nanny Dorothy on her birthday. Then we went to the Drove Restaurant in Newhaven to have a celebration lunch for Dorothy. The lunch was supposed to include Nanny Dorothy taking our wonderful Grandaughter to the indoor play area for some fun and play but unfortunately it was closed for cleaning (the meal wasn't all that wonderful either so it was all a little disappointing really) but never mind it was great to see them all and have some quality time with them all after being away for so long.

Access to our storage unit was booked for 3 pm and there, we dropped of a few things that we will not need in England and we took out the Christmas tree and decorations and a computer printer for James and Frankie to use.  Back to Hailsham to James and Frankie's flat with the things from the storage unit.

We were very disappointed that our grandaughter baby Scarlett had to visit Frankie's sister Becky, as we had not spent any time with her for such a long time but the rest of the evening went well and it was a little more relaxing than it was earlier in the day.

We stayed in the area overnight.


We went into Hailsham this morning to do some shopping and for a little lunch at "The George" a Wetherspoons pub in Hailsham.  We had not been gone very long but when we returned to the motorhome in the early afternoon we found a business card on the windscreen.  It told us of the registration number of the driver who had crashed into our motorhome!!!

A quick look around and sure enough, the rear corner panel had been smashed in.  A hit and run driver.  Surely he or she could not have failed to see our motorhome!

How much closer to the kerb could we have parked?

There was still plenty of room between us and the central white line  

And this is the damage he/she caused

After reporting the incident to the police and filling in the forms we are feeling that things can't get worse.  What is it with Hailsham drivers, can't they drive carefully around motorhomes? And then to just drive off without a word - it is so frustrating.

In the evening we helped Frankie put up some decorations for tomorrow's big day.  Allan had to blow up 20 large balloons without an air pump and then the huge ball pond had to be blown up.  Nothing for it but to start puffing.  Working late into the night, eventually everything was ready for Scarlett's Big Day tomorrow.  Of course we will not be there until later in the day as this is a special time for her and her parents, James and Frankie.


Our Grandaughter Scarlett celebrates her First Birthday today.  Happy Birthday precious, you wonderful little girl.

This time last year we were rushing through France to get an early ferry back to England for the arrival of our beautiful grandaughter.  Today we were only sleeping in the next village.

In the morning we have to go to Marquess Motorhomes to have the damage to our motorhome assessed and photographed for the insurance.

At 1 pm we were invited to Scarlett's First Birthday Party and Dorothy had prepared some light buffet food to take along.  During the afternoon we were joined by Frankie's mother, sister and both brothers and her sister's boyfriend.  With a little help from her mum Frankie, Scarlett opened her presents and played with her ball pond and balloons.  Allan thought that if any balloons burst then everyone would be covered in his DNA but Scarlett already has a quarter of it anyway.  Proud Grandad moment there.

Later in the afternoon we were delighted to meet Frankies paternal Grandparents from Lincolnshire for the first time . They had travelled from Lincolnshire to be here for this special day and will be travelling back tonight. True love and dedication for their Great Grandaughter.

Later we went to the Toby Carvery in Eastbourne for the party meal where we were joined by other members of the family and friends and Dorothy's Mum and brother.

After the party we travelled on to the centre of Eastbourne where we wildcamped close to the town centre to be able to visit the shops tomorrow morning.


We had left ourselves with just a short walk to the shops. This is so much easier than parking on the edge of town and walking or getting the bus or taxi to town.  New clothes for Dorothy, new shirts for Allan and a new map of France for the motorhome.  A few more Christmas cards were purchased and Allan had a look in the phone shop as his phone has been playing up for some time.

In the evening we went back to Mum's in Seaford for dinner.


We took Mum to visit James and Frankie in Hailsham.  Afterwards, when we returned to Mum's home in Seaford, Tony was there and as we are now beginning to lose electric power due to the solar panels being insufficient in the winter, we were able to swap over our folding bikes for the generator which he kindly stored for us.

We took the generator to Newhaven, close to the factory where Allan used to work and with the batteries charging up nicely we had enough power to watch the television. Strictly Come Dancing and Casualty.  Far too much excitement for one day!!


During the morning Allan was able to do an oil change on the generator so now we should be alright for the next month.

Later we had a very nice afternoon with Sharon and Jon, our niece and her husband in Brighton.  Whilst there we met up with Allan's sister Sheila, nephew Gary and some of Sharon's children, their partners and the Grandchildren . Our first cuddles with the latest baby in the family, Felix S made GreatGreat Auntie Dorothy's day (!) We congratulated 7 year old Alex on his singing at the Brighton Centre and his 5 year old sister Abi who won a gold medal in her gymnastics competition. Allan now knows what a "Bunny Hop" is but doesn't think he will be trying it and thinks that it is quite beyond his fitness level.  Best left to 5 year old girls.  Very well done Alex and Abi xxxx  What a lovely visit we had.

Afterwards we went to Saltdean for the night where we went to the newly refurbished restaurant in the Stonehouse chain.  It used to be a Crown Carvery but they now do Pizzas and carveries. First impressions were we were not impressed but are willing to give it another go sometime.

Another hectic week back in England.  Surely things will get quieter soon???


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