Monday 12th December 2016

We woke up to another dismal, damp day in Saltdean.  After breakfast we had a walk around the Saltdean Lido, an art deco building which has for many years been left to fall into decay. The work to re-open it is progressing very nicely and it looks as if it may be possible to reopen it next year.

Later we went to see Allan's sister Jean and her husband Dan and we were so pleased to find that their grandson Gareth and his girlfriend Vicky were there. Vicky has now left her Garden Centre, toy train drivers job and teaches sign language. This really impressed Allan who used to know a few signs and finger spelling.  Allan tried to remember it but was quite hopeless.  Let's hope that we don't encounter too many people with hearing problems, or if we do, lets hope that they will forgive Allan for his lack of practice and skill.

More people, especially those whose jobs bring them into contact with others such as shop workers, catering, hotel and hospitality staff and hospital staff should perhaps learn some basic sign language to be able to communicate with others.

After our visit we stopped off at Sussex Truck Services, Newhaven, to see if they had done the quote for the front seat clip and then we went to Mum's to have dinner and spend the evening with her.


A quiet day at Mum's in Seaford today.  Dorothy got on with her latchhook rugmaking.  All she has to do now is the edge binding and Allan played with the computer.  In the evening we decided to go to Eastbourne where we can park close to the town to visit the phone shop tomorrow.


Allan now has a new phone and a new contract, ZTE Blade 7. OK, it is not the fastest, latest phone around but then neither is its user.  You just would not believe how long this all took.  Although it was a sim only contract that had just ended, we decided to take the phone on contract as well, as it was in fact cheaper to buy it that way. Then, as Dorothy is having problems with her own phone we switched chairs in the phone shop and she she had a spell with the Three advisor.

We visited James in the early evening and then finished the day with a shopping trip to Sainsbury - makes a change from the French ones!


Anther quiet day spending much needed time with Dorothy's Mum.


This evening, after spending another day with Mum in Seaford, we set off for Sharon and Jon's in Brighton.  We had a marvellous time with them and Allan's sister Sheila, our Nephew Gary and some of Sharon and Jon's children who are a credit to Sharon and Jon and to themselves.

After a splendid Chinese and Indian take-away with them we drove the few miles to Saltdean to spend a quiet night.  Sharon has an early start at her work tomorrow and we really feel sorry for her.


We returned to Seaford to spend some more time with Mum before we set off to Newhaven for dinner tonight with our friends Zelie and Martin H.  We had a lovely evening with them and it was over too soon.


And just another day relaxing day at Mum's in Seaford. 

Christmas tree is up and Dorothy's brother's Christmas Village is taking shape. 

Only a week until Christmas!


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