Monday 19th December 2016

Phoned James this morning but they are busy and we start to relax a little in North Hailsham before travelling to Stewart Mouland for a quote for the crash damage on our motorhome.  Nick, the spares man, suggests that as it's a hit and run crash there is very little chance of getting the culprit to admit liability and we should just get the part delivered in and pay for the work ourselves - it would be cheaper in the long run.  So this is what we did.  The police agreed it is a hit and run but all that they did was give us the address and details of the other driver.  Are we supposed to go and knock on their door or something?


Dorothy wanted us to visit her former work colleagues at W&P in Hailsham, which all seemed to go well. There are so many new people who have joined the company since she left. Then afterwards we went to see James and Frankie and our lovely grandaughter.


Off to Truck Services of Sussex on the Newhaven industrial estate this morning. They do all of our MOTs and servicing when we are in England and we have been very pleased with their service.  Whilst there they took a look at the driver's swivel seat fastener which is causing a problem.  As Trucks and lorries don't usually have swivel seats a new part may have to be made.


Dorothy used to work with Linda and Ray in Hailsham and tonight we have been invited for an evening at their house.  It was a very pleasant evening and lots of things were discussed, then during conversation Ray just happened to mention that he has started doing his Family History and had we ever thought about doing ours?  Wow!! We have been doing our Family History since just before our son James was born 22 years ago, and have collected quite a lot of information, so we were very interested in what he had to say and were pleased we had yet another common interest.

Ray mentioned some names and after nearly 20 years of knowing Ray, Dorothy found that she and Ray are actually distant cousins!!

They say its a small world!  We said that we would look at our research as best we could, although a lot of it is in storage, to try to tie down our family links and find out where our two families connect.  How exciting is this!


After the excitement of yesterday, we had to come back down to earth and have a shopping day in Eastbourne doing all of the out of town supermarkets, Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda for the last minute items for the Christmas and Boxing Day dinners.


Christmas Eve and we are all in the Christmas Spirit.

Mum and Tony were out to Church twice this Evening. The six o'clock service mainly for the families and then the Midnight service. Dorothy went with them for the midnight one to make sure her Mum managed OK but Allan decided to go back to the motorhome and await Dorothy's return at one in the morning. This is a very late night out for Dorothy but at least Allan is happy that she is safe in a church with her Mum and brother.


We woke up in Seaford to a beautiful Christmas Day. 

We got ourselves ready then walked up to Mum's as we were preparing the Christmas meals at her house.  Just a quiet day with Mum, Tony and us. In the past we have had a house full of both of our families but now we don't even have a house!  Well we do have a house but that's another story.

We don't have to drive anywhere today, so let's celebrate.

        ******** MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ********


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