Monday 2nd January 2017

Well, here we are, embarking on another year of life and adventures in our motorhome.  We are wondering where the road will lead us in 2017.

After saying our goodbyes to our friends, we left Steyning this morning and headed homewards (wherever home is now that we are "on tour").

We had made arrangements to visit our Great Nephew Nicky and his wife Ilana this afternoon as they live at Sompting which is in our homeward direction.  We spent a really marvellous afternoon with them and our Great-Great Nephew Felix who is so cute and such a little charmer. 

Great-Great Auntie Dorothy was in her element, cuddling and playing with Felix (even if this title makes her sound so old!!) and of course, an extremely proud Great-Great Uncle Allan took his turn as well.  It was so good seeing this lovely little family again.




All too quickly we had to leave them, sadly, not knowing how long it will be before we will see them again.  

We made our way to Saltdean to spend the night there.


We had a bit of a relaxing day at Saltdean to recover from the full on celebrations at Steyning. We needed a bit of recuperation time to gather ourselves again from the full on week with the East Sussex Centre of the Caravan Club.

Then we travelled on our way again to North Hailsham to see James, Frankie and our Grandaughter Scarlett before she is off to bed.


We spent the afternoon with James, Frankie and Scarlett before travelling to Johns Cross Motorcaravans for an urgent repair to our refrigerator.


At 9 am we had to be at Johns Cross Motorhomes to let them have a look at our refrigerator. It has been cutting out recently most often during the night. They couldn't find a problem with it and suggested that we may be putting it on to be too cold and during the winter weather it doesn't need such a cold setting. As they were unable to find a fault there was nothing to pay and we spent what we had saved in the shop buying a door curtain, a new low wattage kettle and a few other things.

As we still had some time to spare we made our way over to the National Trust property at Bodiam Castle where, after lunch, we went out to find a geocache.  Bodiam is such a tranquil place in the the winter time without so many tourists.

This is not in the castle grounds, it is near-by. We took the photo because there is a geocache there.

After leaving the castle we went to spend the night at the lay-by in Robertsbridge.


Today we returned to Seaford where we spent the rest of the day with Mum as our return trip to France is booked for 15th January and Dorothy wants to spend as much time with her as possible. We are beginning to start the travelling again.  There is no way we want to be dashing all over the place and although it's nice to see everyone whilst we are back in England, it would be nice if sometimes they came to see us.


Still in Seaford with Mum.  She always has a box of roasted peanuts, together with biscuits and candy bars on the coffee table. They are so tempting to Allan and he just can't resist handful after handful of roasted salted peanuts.

In the evening we drove over to our niece Sharon's house in Brighton too see the family and have another one of her now famous Saturday night takeaways where everyone chooses something different and we all enjoy an evening together. Allan, having stuffed himself with those roasted salted peanuts, wished he hadn't as, during the journey his chest was feeling proper poorly and he had terrible indigestion.  Luckily it cleared and he had a wonderful chicken stir-fry.

Dorothy also had chicken stir-fry  - just not as much as Allan!

That night after the takeaway we spent another night in Saltdean.


Happy Birthday to our Nephew Damon xx

We drove over to see James, Frankie and Scarlett this morning.  Oh, we can't spend enough time with little Scarlett and will miss her dreadfully when we have to leave on Sunday.

Our friends Anna and John now have their new motorhome and have invited us to North Hailsham to meet them and have a look at their new vehicle. It was a nice treat to see them especially as Anna had brought scones, cream, jam and butter - and cakes.  Lovely. (Allan thinking of his stomach again).  We had a really good afternoon catching up with them and hearing of all their plans.   

Afterwards we moved to Eastbourne to wildcamp before visiting the shops tomorrow.


Oh my goodness, how time flies, a week today we will be back in France!!!



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