Monday 9th January 2017

We are in Eastbourne for some shopping today.  Just after a breakfast of toast and cheese, Allan starts suffering from the most annoying indigestion. Whilst in town and Dorothy is looking around the Bon Marche clothing store, Allan is off to the Boots Chemist for some Rennies tablets. That will sort it out.

Afterwards whilst walking back to the motorhome, Dorothy asks casually if its causing any pain in the arm to elbow.  Well, funny you mention it but yes it's there and in my shoulder too but it is just the cold weather and the way that I am walking arm in arm with the woman that I love, so I don't mention it and as the pain is abating, and it is lunch time, let's push out the boat and visit Cornfield Garage, a Wetherspoons pub.

In the Wetherspoons Allan had the sausage, eggs, bacon, chips, onion rings. The full fried works and that sorted it out, you just can't beat a good fry up.

We saw an advert in a window for buildings insurance and enquired for a quotation as ours is nearly up for renewal.  We were shocked at how low the premium was compared to ours and took all the information as we need to look at this.    

We returned to Seaford, happy after a great day out. 

We got onto our current insurers and they even bettered the new quote and our current terms were also amended to give us better cover. 

All in all a good day.


Breakfast this morning was a lonely but delicious slice of bacon on toast before we set off to visit Allan's brother Roy and his wife Jean. Ten minutes later Allan's indigestion strikes again.  It wasn't shifting and so Dorothy phoned Jean to say unfortunately we wouldn't visit this morning but will rearrange a.s.a.p.

With the indigestion worsening and becoming even more painful, about 2 pm after a few old fashioned remedies including neat cider vinegar, Dorothy insists that this is not just indigestion.  Allan decides to call the Healthline telephone number 111 to see what they can suggest to cure indigestion.

The call was very calm but they said they would send a first response car and an ambulance just in case.  Dorothy was told to put the hazard lights on the motorhome and keep a lookout for them.  In what seemed like no time at all, Dorothy was waving at the ambulance crew.  Outside, the ambulance men told Dorothy that they suspect Allan is having a heart attack and could she be ready in case this is so.  

Allan feels that sending an ambulance is a bit extreme for indigestion but then once in the Ambulance, after an ECG they start talking about daft things like Heart Attack.

Whilst Allan was in the ambulance, Dorothy phoned her brother to warn him in case we are gone and he finds no-one in the motorhome.

The ambulance driver then confirmed to Dorothy that it was indeed a heart attack and could she make the vehicle safe as quickly as possible as we need to get Allan to hospital. 

Then we are off to Eastbourne District Hospital with the blue lights flashing and horns sounding at breakneck speed where the indigestion is cured with a stent!  Yes it was a HEART ATTACK.  How could I know it was that when I had all the symptoms of common INDIGESTION.

At the hospital Dorothy phoned our son James who came with Frankie as quickly as they could.  The heart surgeon explained the severity of this event and told them that the next 24 hours would be critical.   


Today is our niece Louisa's Birthday.  Happy Birthday xx

Obviously Allan is in hospital recovering.  Dorothy is told that he is still in "denial" as it was only indigestion!!









Today we were supposed to be on the ferry back to France at 10 this morning from Newhaven to Dieppe. This has now been put on hold for a while. !!!!!

At this point, Dorothy would like to say a huge thank you to the ambulance crew and hospital staff for saving Allan's life.  Also to James and Frankie for the support they gave me at a time when it was just as worrying for them.  And to my Mum and brother for "looking after" me and helping me get through the hours of waiting.  James and my brother drove me in and out of the hospital as it would not have been easy with the motorhome! and generally took me everywhere I needed to go.  There seemed to be so much to deal with.

And Allan will join me in saying a huge thankyou to our family and friends for their good wishes and concern and endless offers of help. 

This event came as a huge, unexpected shock as Allan is hardly ever ill.  This goes to show that you never know what is just around the corner.  Live life to the full.  Take up every opportunity you have and don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.   


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