Monday 16th January 2017


Allan is now making a good recovery and everyone is pleased and he gets the news that he may be discharged tomorrow.


After another very long and frustrating day, Allan is finally discharged from Hospital at last and the time arrives for Allan to be collected and taken home to Seaford.

Dorothy has prepared the motorhome beautifully and Allan is pleased that she has everything ready and comfortable.  In fact he feels that she has coped really well. Too well in fact.  Everything is clean, everything is full or empty as it is supposed to be but Allan feels all his jobs are being taken over and he likes to feel a little needed.


Well, today is the start of yet another "New Life in our Motorhome"! 

How quickly life can change.  We spend a quiet day together in Seaford, Allan recovering and coming to terms with the events from the last week.

At the moment Allan is in a catch 22 situation.  He must start gentle exercise and walking a short distance but he must not go out in the cold.  We do try just a short walk outside but Allan did not like that at all.   


Keeping the motorhome nice and warm has meant the main gas cylinder ran out today so we need a trip to Polegate to refill the cylinders soon.

We spend the day just relaxing, taking things easy.

Too much weight, not enough exercise, salt, alcohol, fat, sugar and high cholesterol cause a heart attack.  Although it was found in hospital that  Allan's main diet is very good, there are a few things that need to be sorted out.  Basically all the late night fridge raids and treats and they are all on the above list of things to put right as soon as possible.  Alcohol reduced, cheese and fat reduced and a new set of bathroom scales are needed to help with the weight loss.

The cholesterol is taken care of by tablets, lots of tablets. There are ones to reduce heart beat, relax the veins, reduce blood pressure, reduce fluid and to stop the stent being rejected. There is even a tablet to ease indigestion and to enable all the other tablets to be taken.    

It was so very cold outside and so we took up the offer of a trip with Mum and Tony to Sainsburys at Newhaven where Allan had a most exciting walk - up and down the isles!!  At least it was on the flat and was warm and dry!


We moved to Newhaven for the weekend via Sainsburys and the instore Argos to pick up the new bathroom scales.  It was very cold so Allan stayed in the motorhome whilst Dorothy did the shopping.  It now seems that there is a bit of a role reversal here.  Dorothy is filling and emptying the water, driving and doing all the heavy jobs.  Great, love and admiration to Dorothy.  Please let me do something.  Please!

Unfortunately this was how it was to be for some time.  Allan getting frustrated with all the things that he must not do at the moment and Dorothy having to close her ears (!) and just get on with it.  This situation is tough for anyone - imagine in the confines of a smallish motorhome. 


Another part of the new Allan, is exercise.  This has not been his favourite activity for many years, especially since we lost Kezi and dog walks were not required!   Today was a nicer day and so we set off for a little walk to the Lidl store. There was nothing that we needed, just the exercise. I know what exercise is, it's just after exempt in the dictionary but apparently Allan is not exempt. It comes just before exhaust, and Allan has trouble with that to

After a short time in Lidl we went next door to the Factory Shop where we met our friend Tricia whom we had not seen for a while.  It was nice to stop and chat - but not for too long as Allan still had to make it back to the motorhome.

Just for the record, Dorothy is now preparing Allan's nightime supper plate and here is tonight's!  The fridge is out of bounds at night!

The cheese is Allan's allowance which he can have twice a week, so this is his "treat plate" ha ha ha.... Bless him xxx


Today Allan took his first walk alone.  Not far but it all helps to boost the confidence. 

We decided to make the long journey to Polegate for the gas refill and fuel for the generator, then a return trip to Seaford.  Dorothy did it all.  Allan, without complaining just let his wonderful wife get on with it.

As his favourite saying goes................ "Poor old Allan"  xxx


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