Monday 23rd January 2017

We woke up to a very sharp frost this morning that was just not going to clear any time soon.

It remained extremely cold and later a thick fog set in.   Allan is expected to go and do some light walking to try to regain his fitness but today was not the day to be outside. How is anyone supposed to recover to full fitness in this weather? He is also now supposed to do light cardio warm up exercises and tries to do those in the motorhome as best he can. 

We had a nice visit from Dorothy's Mum and brother Tony this afternoon. 


What a change in the weather today.  It was so much brighter and  bit warmer with no wind and so we had a short stroll along the Seaford promenade from Splash point to the Martello tower. 

Along the way we met Robert Horsecraft and his Dad Rupert, also taking advantage of the sunshine.


Another dull, damp and dismal day.  How is a person expected to take light exercise in the UK.  We need warm sunshine and some easy walks.

The Rehabilitation Nurse rang today to see how things were going and if Allan had any problems.  Allan explained that the exercise programme was getting a little behind, due to the weather but she said it was important not to go out into the cold as extreme changes in temperature are not good.  

Our son James rang from Birmingham.  He and Frankie were visiting Cadburys World where James had taken her for her birthday treat.
We went there when James was much younger and were reminded of when James was a child of 13.  It seems such a long time ago.


Happy Birthday Frankie.  We hope you have a wonderful day.

We spent another day in Seaford. The only thing of note was that the large gas cylinder ran out today so, as we changed to the reserve tank we must as soon as possible for a refill.  Goodness, we only filled up 4 days ago!  Shows how cold it has been.


We made the trip to Polegate today for the gas refill.  Driving around the Copall roundabout we saw Steve and Shirley A in their motorhome and we all gave excited waves to each other.  We have known them for a long time, from when we did a lot of rallying with the East Sussex Centre of the Caravan Club and their son Craig and our James met up at weekend rallies etc.

On the way back to Seaford we called in to the factory where Allan used to work to meet Julian and explain about Allan's Heart Event and that now  we would be able to come to his wedding reception.

As an end to the day we did a bit of shopping in Sainsburys.  Well, it is the only warm dry place to do some walking for a little exercise up and down the food isles.


James, Frankie and Scarlett came to visit us today and we decided to go to The Drove Pub restaurant for lunch and for Nanny Martin to finally be able to have the long overdue play with Scarlett in their kiddies playroom.  Unfortunately we found that there would be a long wait for a table and then for service, so we went to the Stonehouse Carvery in Saltdean instead.  Nanny Martin was again bitterly disappointed.

However, we had a nice meal at the Stonehouse Carvery but still don't think it is as good as it used to be.  We went on to Mum's in Seaford for the rest of the day.


 This exercise thing is difficult and the only way at the moment seems to be to do it in shops, shopping centres and Garden Centres.  However, it was a little better today so we went for a longer walk to the Garden Paradise garden centre where we could stop off and  warm up before walking back.  We were surprised to meet our friend Zelie H there and had a pleasant chat with her.  It is so nice to keep up with friends and to see how everyone is doing.  She kindly offered us a lift back to the motorhome as she knew it was quite a way for Allan but we declined, saying we must keep up with the exercise.   Hang on a minute.  What is this "we" must keep up the exercise!!!

Well, if Allan has to get and stay fit then I must be there to fully support him.  And it'll do me good too!  


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