Monday 30th January 2017

Back in Seaford and it's just another cold and miserable day.  Oh how we long for the spring to burst out.


It is our niece Sharon's Birthday today.  We both hope you have a wonderful day. xx

We drove over to Denton Island in Newhaven this morning as Allan had a blood test at the GP Surgery.  Yes, he still has some but the medications are thinning it out a bit, making it quite runny.  The heart rate has been slowed down. The fat deposits in the veins are being shrunk and the water content has been reduced so that the new plumbing will not be rejected. The girth of Allan's tummy is beginning to lessen.

The heart needs a good workout but not in this cold weather. We walked back to the motorhome where it was parked on Denton Island outside the bowls club, but along the way we stopped off at the Poundland store, more for a warm up than to buy anything.

In the afternoon we visited Mum and Tony.


Today is Viv S birthday.  Viv was James' child-minder when he was a baby.  James grew up with her two children and sadly we don't see her anymore as she doesn't live locally.   Happy Birthday Auntie Viv xx

The Rehabilitation Nurse rang again this morning to make sure that everything is OK.  They really are taking good care of Allan and also give support to Dorothy.


As the weather is a little better today we took a walk along Seaford seafront.  Our walks are now getting a little longer when the weather allows. 

Going out anywhere is difficult in this cold weather and we just can't wait until we are back in France.  However we are here and Allan has so many blood tests, hospital visits, doctors appointments and a full cardiac rehabilitation workout to look forward to!

The generator kindly decided to run out of fuel late this evening but Dorothy was so cosy and warm so it will have to wait until tomorrow! 


We drove to Newhaven today and topped up the generator fuel on the way so that Dorothy could refill it when we park up.  Later we walked to B&Q and to Lidl for shopping and a little exercise.  Roll on the day when we can get home to France and start living again.

Julian M kindly filled up some of our water for us when he called in today to see how we were.  Little things like this may not seem important but they make a huge difference to our life here in England, especially at this time of the year.  Thank you Julian.  Dorothy's brother does a lot of this for us and so it will be one less trip for him.  Hooray we hear him cheer!   Thank you Tony.

And then our main gas ran out again at 9 p.m. so it was out in the cold and dark to change it over.  At least it lasted a week this time!  


Today we had a nice long walk via New Road to Paradise Park and back via Sainsburys for some shopping. 

Then it was time for Dorothy to learn how to do an oil change on the generator, although she has helped Allan with it many times before. 

In the evening we visited Sharon and Jon in Brighton for the Saturday night takeaway and another great evening it was.  On the way back we decided to stop off for gas and fuel at the BP station at the bottom of Mill Lane.  Big mistake!  It took us quite a while to get there, only to find that the fuel tanker had just arrived, parked in the incorrect place and was blocking all use of the garage!  They said it would take a further half an hour so we decided to park up and wait to save us a trip to Polegate.  It was obviously a relief driver because the wait went on and on.  We finally arrived back in Newhaven at 1.30 a.m.    


This morning we walked to Paradise Park via New Road and back through the Industrial Estate.  This is getting to be a habit!

Allan then decided to do his bit and took the old generator oil to the tip for disposal.  He was gone quite a while and Dorothy started to get a bit anxious but he returned safe and well, although he would not admit to where he had been for a walk!

We visited Mum and Tony in the afternoon and Tony did a water fill for us.  Thank you Tony.


The end of another cold and mostly uneventful week.  Hurry up Spring!


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