Monday 6th February 2017

Today we managed a 30 minute walk on Seaford Seafront, although the wind was quite gusty.  Along the way we were pleased to meet Gaynor's Mum and Stepdad. Gaynor is married to Grant who is Dorothy's Godson and the son of our friends Zelie and Martin. After chatting with them for a short while we didn't do any more walking and were jolly pleased when we got  back to the motorhome to try and get warm again.

Allan rang his sister Jean to let her know how he was progressing and later texted our niece Sharon.


We are progressing with this walking today as we walked further than before this year. We walked past the Salts and back. This is a major landmark on Allan's road to recovery. Today's walk is the furthest yet and could be almost half a mile, wow. OK this is not not a marathon but in the cold of winter after a heart attack Allan is pleased with himself.   

Dorothy's Mum and Tony came for a surprise visit. Mum needed her daily walk and so we went off again but this time even further along the seafront. On the way back we met our friends Pete & June who are also living in their motorhome. It was good to stop and chat with them.

After all this walking we had a long rest and a mug of warming coffee when we got back.

In the evening we drove over to Eastbourne because we are meeting James there tomorrow.


The Rehab Nurse rang today to check that everything was OK and she seemed to be happy with the way things were going.

 James, Frankie and Scarlett met us at the motorhome and we walked about a mile to the Arndale Centre for some shopping for Scarlett.

We followed that by taking them to one of Frankie's favourite places, the Toby Carvery, for something to eat.  

Later we went back into Eastbourne. This was a very nice day.


This morning we walked to Marks & Spencer for some shopping and followed that with a visit to Wetherspoons as a treat for lunch.  Allan has to look very carefully at their menu now!! So it's well done to us and of course JD Wetherspoons who have special dietary menus which is very helpful.

Today we heard that Scarlett has had her one year review and all is well.  Oh, how we love her xx

The motorhome batteries were getting very low and so we had to park up out of town so that we could use the generator this evening.  Oh when will the Spring bring us sunshine and warmth?


As we have to stay in England longer than we had expected, it has given us an opportunity to join a rally with our friends at Willingdon School for the East Sussex Centre of the Caravan Club's Rally.  We are very excited to be seeing friends that we have not seen since New Year.

After filling up with Diesel, petrol and gas, we made our way to Willingdon for the Valentine's Rally.  We have been here many times before and so we knew it was going to be an easy rally for us to do.  After setting up (that is, Dorothy putting the handbrake on and Allan switching on the internal lighting!) we went over to the hall for the meet up evening.  We had a chat with Jon & Sue B, Steve & Sue H and of course everyone wanted to know how Allan was recovering.  During the evening we sat with Margaret and Bob together with John and Berri, catching up on all the news.


It was a very cold day today at Willingdon near Eastbourne, East Sussex but the afternoon was brightened up with a visit from James, Frankie & Scarlett.  It was too cold to go for a walk or play outside with Scarlett but nevertheless we had a lovely afternoon snug and warm in the motorhome.

Whilst we were filling up our water we saw that  our friends John and Jan P had arrived and so we popped in to enjoy their company and have a coffee.

In the evening we again sat with Margaret and Bob, John and Berri and others and enjoyed a splendid buffet and wine provided by the hosts of the weekend Anne and Alan P who were celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary and had decided to share it with the club members.  We all congratulated them and had a really lovely evening.  It's so nice when this sort of thing happens and is very much appreciated.  Thank you Anne and Alan and here's to many more Anniversaries.


The Rally was due to continue until 14th February but sadly has been curtailed and so we have to leave today. 

We filled with more water and Allan upset Dorothy by carrying heavy water containers.  He has strict instructions from the Rehab Nurse on things he can and can't do and lifting anything over a certain weight is something he must not do.  Dorothy argued that she should carry them to save the stress on Allan's heart but sometimes you have to try and be a little independent, so Allan is in trouble with Dorothy, again!

We left Willingdon School and headed back to Eastbourne.  Lidl are selling, for this weekend only, a wrist monitor to test your blood pleasure and pulse rate for 10.  Allan is sure that they will all be sold out before we get there but we might as well give it a try to see if any are left.  Luckily they had some still there and we found it to be an exceptionally good little device. Now Allan is all set for some serious cardiac aerobic exercises.  We just need some decent sunshine to do it in.

After shopping we parked up on Eastbourne seafront watching the traffic and wind blown leaves whiz past.  Don't know which was the fastest - perhaps the wind was the fastest.

A surprise phone call from our friend Bridget this evening was the end to a lovely weekend.


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