Monday 20th February 2017

This is an exciting day.  Allan now has to order his repeat prescriptions every four weeks and today is the day. How boring is life when the only thing to write about is ordering some tablets!

Having more or less been left to his own devices (!) with check-up calls from the Rehab Nurse, at 9:30 this morning Allan has an assessment at Eastbourne District General Hospital to see what his fitness level is like.  If all is well then this will be followed by eight weeks of cardiac exercise in the hospital's gymnasium.

Allan is doing very well and so it is back to the hospital tomorrow to start the exercise programme.

In the afternoon we had a brisk walk around Shinewater lake in Eastbourne.  It is only 3 km long and we both did it quite easily. The surrounding park is quite picturesque with long views across the lake and we even managed to find a geocache - our first one this year!


After our walk we rang James and were sorry to hear that our granddaughter Scarlett is quite poorly.  Hopefully she will get over it quickly as children usually do.


One o'clock until three at the EDGH for rehab exercises and a lecture on heart matters. Dorothy is invited to attend the lectures because they will include information that is important an useful for her to understand. 

This will be for each Tuesday for eight weeks.  I had been looking at the types of exercise that we will be doing and they seemed quite easy.
3 marching steps    3 swinging arms     3 forward toe steps etc.   
It turns out that this was 3 minutes of each movement for about 20 minutes for a warm up, and then the exercises begin!
Ten major exercises like cross trainer, rowing machine and cycle for two minutes each and then the cooldown exercises when my pulse rate is still over 100 beats per minute.  Allan is knackered.

We rang James to see how Scarlett is and she seems much better, so that's good news.

After a long rest for Allan, we drove over to Saltdean because we are meeting Allan's sister there tomorrow morning.


Jean and Dan picked us up at Saltdean to take us to Auntie Audrey's cremation at the Downs Crematorium in Brighton.  We had decided to park the motorhome at Saltdean as parking is a bit difficult at the crematorium and Dan had offered us a lift from there.  Auntie Audrey is survived by her husband Clifford and their son Stephen.  We both send them our deepest sympathy.

Auntie Audrey was always fun and full of life, especially at parties - like the big family Christmas parties that we always had at Grandma's house in the old days. She was Allan's favourite Aunt and will always be fondly remembered.

When we got back to Saltdean where we had parked the Motorhome, Jean and Dan wanted to take us to the Stonehouse Carvery where they brought us dinner.  On a sad day we had a good old chat about the family and old times, which was lovely.  Thank you Jean and Dan xx

We headed back to Seaford, picking up Allan's prescription on the way.  Yet another boring part of our "new life"!

James rang us in the evening to see how the day had gone.


Happy Birthday to our son James Martin, 24 years old today. xx

We drove over to Hailsham to spend some time with James on his birthday and took them to Wetherspoons in Hailsham for lunch.  We decided against a cake full of candles for James!  Scarlett seems to have recovered from whatever she had.

Later they were going to see Frankie's Nan and Grandad but they left us after lunch because Frankie's sister needed to see Scarlett, so we left Hailsham to make our way back to Seaford.

Storm Doris was on it's way and we found there was no space where we usually park for the night, so we went back to Newhaven where Allan used to work and where we used to park all that time ago when Allan was working, before retirement.  We knew we should be well sheltered there.


It was really convenient parking in Newhaven as it is where we needed to be for today's Motorhome Service.  A full service and fluid changes.  It is not going to be cheap but the motorhome needs it.  Sussex Truck Services do a good job and they get all of our work now.

Allan went for another Blood test at the doctors in Newhaven and then had his first GP appointment since his heart event.  All is going well.

And then we drove over to Eastbourne to spend the night as we have a big day there tomorrow.


We walked to Eastbourne TI for some information and then, as we were close by, had a light lunch at Wetherspoons.  Just a bowl of soup as we are going to a Wedding Reception later.

Allan worked with Julian M at Interface 2 and today he is marrying Vivienne. Their wedding Reception is at The Bibendum in Eastbourne and we were sent an invite last year. Unfortunately we originally had to decline because we would be in France but with Allan's heart event keeping us in England, we are now able to attend.  So out of bad fortune has come some good and they were so pleased that we could share their day.

It was a great evening and we shared a table with many of Allan's ex work colleagues.


  Allan even managed jive or two with Dorothy!  Dancing is good for the heart apparently.

 We both wish Julian and Vivienne a long and happy married life together.


This morning we spent relaxing after last night's celebrations!

In the afternoon we had been invited for tea and cake with our friends Zelie and Martin.  It was good to see them and we had a lovely time.


All in all, quite a full-on week!


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