Monday 27th February 2017

Today we drove over to Hailsham to visit James, Frankie and Scarlett this afternoon.

Then it was off to Eastbourne for the night, ready for the EDGH tomorrow.   We have found that we can get a bus to and from the hospital from our usual parking spot and so this will save us having to order taxis from out of town.


Eastbourne District General Hospital for Allan's exercise session today.  We have now found that the bus goes right along the top of the street where we park in Eastbourne town and goes right outside the hospital.  And the bus is quite frequent so it is very easy to get to the Hospital.  Allan has a free bus pass but young Dorothy has to pay.  It is only £3.60 for an all day ticket so it is not too bad really and Allan will lend her the money.

After the exercise session and lecture we took the bus back to the motorhome for Allan to have a rest before we drove up to North Hailsham for the night. 


Alex P the son of our niece Sharon's daughter Emma, is 8 years old today.  Happy Birthday Alex, our Great-great Nephew.
Allan still remembers bouncing Sharon on his lap and feeding her a bottle and now she is the granny of an 8 year old.  Allan must be getting on a bit.

Today we had a lovely visit with James, Frankie and our beautiful grandaughter Scarlett. 

Later we went to see Mum and Tony in Seaford, where we stayed overnight.


Today, Allan has his first appointment  with the Heart Nurse he has been assigned to.  This has been arranged at the Newhaven Polyclinic up on the hill.  We leave in plenty of time because we know parking will be difficult and we may have to walk quite a way.  When we arrived it seems there was some confusion with the appointments because she was not due there today!  We asked the receptionist if she could phone to double check but the Heart Nurse was not in her office.  Her colleague said she would ask the Heart Nurse to phone us later.   Well, that was a wasted morning.

As it was a sunny day and we were parked fairly near the beach we decided to walk to West Beach to see if John was opening up the parking yet but the beach but was still closed and there were no new notices of any impending opening times.

We drove back to Seaford for a late lunch.

Later the Heart Nurse phoned to apologise for our wasted journey.  It was a mistake by her office people who should have 'phoned Allan to alter the date and time of the appointment.  As she was fairly close by she arranged to do a home visit later this afternoon.  We gave her the street name and when she asked for the house number all we could give was our motorhome registration number!  She said that she had a yellow car so she would be easy to see when she arrived.  She said she was surprised to be doing a home visit to a motorhome and had never done it before!  She was extremely nice and spent a long time chatting to us both about exactly what had happened and the treatment Allan had been given in the hospital and how things were to proceed.  She works with the Heart Specialist that Allan is under and they both concur that the very best course of action is to get us both back to France as early as possible.  That really put a smile on Allan's face - the best in a long time - and at last there seemed to be some light at the end of a very long tunnel.   

After the home visit and as the weather wasn't too dreadful, we walked along to the Martello Tower and back, trying to keep out of the wind.


Allan had found out that there was a suitable session of dance lessons that could be good for us while we are in England but they were being held by Star Dancing in Hurstpierpoint Village Hall.  Hurstpierpoint is a small village on the other side of the South Downs.  Our niece Sharon used to live there and still works in the area and told us we should be able to park OK so we gave them a call and arranged to join them, so we are going there tonight to brush up on our Waltz and the Cha cha.

We were so glad that we remembered a few steps from our classes ten years ago, as this group were on their final week of 8 lessons and they were quite advanced.  Anyway we were able to hold our own and had a good evening.

Dancing is exercise.  It is in the warm and dry and is quite sociable so it should be a good way to regain heart function.


We stayed in Hurstpierpoint because they said today they are doing an intensive Foxtrot lesson in the hall this afternoon.  Dorothy was keen to get some good tuition because it is a difficult dance to master well and it is years and years since she had first learnt to dance it.  So that was to be even more exercise!

During the morning we took a stroll around the village, geocaching, and came across this beautiful sculpture "Children of the Fair"                          
It represents the seven centuries of the St. Lawrence Fair and each child is wearing a costume representing a different century.

Back to our dance class and my goodness, it certainly was intense!  It was hard work but really enjoyable.  Time for a sit down and a well earned rest now.

In the evening we to Allan's sister Sheila's house in Brighton.  Sheila's daughter Sharon usually hosts the Saturday night takeaway but tonight it is at Sheila's house.  After a lovely evening (thank you again for the meal Terry) we drove back to our usual spot in Saltdean.


The morning we spent relaxing in Saltdean.  In the afternoon we could have returned to Hurstpierpoint for their "Cream Tea Dance" but as it is a long way back there and we are feeling quite exhausted from the Friday and Saturday dancing, we decided to give it a miss.  We stayed in Saltdean and the furthest we went was a walk around the swimming pool and back!


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