Monday 6th March 2017

We are booked in today at Stewart Mouland Motorhomes in Telscombe to have the damage, caused by a hit and run driver, fixed.  The poorly motorhome needs a new corner panel to be fitted.  It suffered the damage last December and Dorothy had to postpone the repair whilst Allan was in hospital.  We have been trying to get it fixed since then.  It was a hit and run and although we know the driver responsible, they will not admit it so, as the repair costs are less than our insurance voluntary excess, we have to pay for their poor driving and not having the decency to own up to it. We also need a repair to a broken door spring which they will do at the same time.

Afterwards we went over to spend some time with Mum and Tony.  We had dinner there and Tony also did a "water run" for us.  Thank you Tony x 

Then it was off to Eastbourne again for the EDE tomorrow.  My word, that's come round quickly again.


After another visit to the Eastbourne District General Hospital for this week's exercise session and lecture in their gym (Dorothy only goes in for the lecture hee hee!!)  we took the bus back to the motorhome for a coffee then walked into town for some shopping in the Arndale Centre.  On the way back we passed near to Wetherspoons - well, it would be rude not to pop in and so we treated ourselves to an evening meal there.

Back at the motorhome we were pleased to get a phone call from James.


This morning we need to make our way back to Newhaven as Allan has another Blood test at the surgery. 

We do seem to be travelling round so much at the moment.  Still, it's all good motorhome driving for Dorothy!

On leaving the surgery we chanced to meet up with our friends Dawn and Martin P.   It was great to meet them and, rather than stand around chatting in the cold, we invited them for a drink and chat in the Ship Hotel.  Luckily the hotel took bankcards as we had little money on us and what we had was mostly euros!  It's not every day you meet friends in the street and we had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours with them.   On leaving they invited us for lunch at their house next week and we are really looking forward to that.

It was good to have another phone call with James later.


And so our routine continues!  Back to the Newhaven Polyclinic this morning for an appoinment with the Heart Nurse to discuss yesterday's blood test.  Everything is OK but slightly low on vitamin B12.

On the way back to Seaford we popped into Sussex Truck Services and paid the bill for the service, then did some food shopping at Sainsburys.

Laundry, a meal and an evening with Mum and Tony rounded off the day.

Life is so exciting.  Allan is really looking forward to going back to France.


We spent a fairly lazy day in the motorhome because we had booked to go to St. Richard's School in Bexhill tonight for a weekend Rally with the East Sussex Centre of the Caravan Club, now called the Caravan and Motorhome Club.  We wanted to go to Hurstpierpoint for our dance class this evening and checked with our Rally Officers that a late arrival would be possible.  No problem they said, because we shall not be closing the gates. 

So, off we went dancing where we did the Waltz and the Samba betweeen 6:30 and 8:30 followed by a quick dash across Sussex to Bexhill.

Unfortunately, when we arrived we found someone had closed the automatic gates and the Rally Officers had been unable to open them again.  Feeling very tired, from dancing and driving across Sussex, Dorothy was most unimpressed at having to back out of the school entrance in the dark, turn around and then take a very steep hill to the rear of the school where a place had been found for us to spend the night.   We then had to find our way into the School to pay our dues and have an extremely welcome cup of coffee.  We sat and chatted to some of our friends but it was soon time for us to retire so that we could have a good night's sleep, to wake refreshed for the rest of the weekend.    


After a long wait whilst the Rally Officers sorted the issue with the gates, we eventually got into the correct part of the School and joined everyone else for the Rally. 

Spring has certainly been listening to our pleas because the weather was absolutely glorious and we sat outside for the rest of the day in wondertul sunshine.

This was the Birthday Rally for the Centre but it was also the 80th Birthday of our good friend John Pipe.  His wife Jan had organised a surprise cake for him and we all enjoyed two Birthday cakes this year.     HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN xx

And Happy Birthday ESCCMC   (Chair, past and present)

The Chairman and Rally Officers had quite a task in distributing the two cakes and needed help from the Youth Chairperson as well!


The evening continued with a meal and a Disco and Jan Pipe had put a selection of drinks out so that everyone could help celebrate John's Birthday.  Thank you Jan.  We are so glad that we did not miss this special evening.

We sat with our friends Jane and Bob and some newer members whom we did not know.

Allan is now getting his strength back and his heart is improving so we did quite a few dances and had a good time. It is a long time since we did the boat rowing dance sat on the floor!!


Thank you everyone for such a good Birthday Rally.

After saying our goodbyes, on leaving the rally in the mid afternoon we decided to stay in Bexhill for another night.

We had a restful night listening to the waves on the sea.


Oh if only we could be on a Ferry Boat across the water to France.


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