Monday 13th March 2017

We had breakfast in the sunshine and with terrific views along to Hastings and in the other direction to Eastbourne.

We then moved further along the seafront a little closer to the town and walked into the town centre. We stopped at the De La Warr Pavilion for a drink on the terrace before walking back to the motorhome.

All too soon it was time to leave and we stopped off at Asda in Eastbourne for a few bits of shopping.  It was getting quite late so we decided to cook our evening meal in the Asda carpark in the Crumbles at Eastbourne before going into the centre of Eastbourne, where we parked in our usual place for the night. 


This was our usual routine, the now familiar bus ride to the Hospital and back for exercises and lecture!

Frankie rang to let us know James has the day off tomorrow so could we visit them.  Looking forward to this, we drove to North Hailsham ready to see them in the morning. 


Today is Dorothy's Godson Grant's Birthday.  A very Happy Birthday Grant. 

Also, Dorothy's friend Mayla has a Birthday, so Happy Birthday to her too.

As it was quite a nice day we decided to walk to the park with James, Frankie and Scarlett today.  We can't usually take photos of our grandaughter Scarlett but we couldn't resist on our very first visit to the park with her and captured this very proud Daddy and Grandad moment.

Frankie's sister had arrived and they bought pizzas for lunch and made their way home, so we took ourselves off for some lunch for us. 

We felt a bit "lost" because we had wrongly assumed we were spending the day with them on James' day off.  So we made our way back to Newhaven. 


We had several phone calls this morning.  Heart Nurse, GP and the Motor Insurance.  Life just goes on! 

Then we had a phone call from James, asking if we could arrange to meet up today.  To save us having to drive out to Hailsham again we decided to meet on Eastbourne Seafront in the Meads area.  It was a lovely day and we walked along the seafront with Scarlett pushing her baby doll in it's buggy.  Scarlett has to say "hiya" to everyone she sees and she has a fixation with stones and pebbles at the moment so it was a very long walk! 

Later we took them for a meal at Frankie's favourite Toby Carvery and we were told by the Manager there that we are welcome to stay the night in their car park in our motorhome.  Thank you Toby Carvery!


Unexpectedly finding ourselves in Eastbourne, we did a bit of shopping then went up to the seafront for lunch and a walk in the afternoon. 

 We decided to travel back to Newhaven tonight as we were meeting Dawn and Martin in Saltdean tomorrow.

This was another major step for Allan.  He decided the time was right to drive to Newhaven himself.  It was an easy drive on roads he knew well.  Due to the size of our motorhome, Allan had been advised not to drive for between 2-3 months.  This short trip was a good start and a confidence boost for Allan.  


We have been so looking forward to seeing Dawn and Martin today.  We met in Saltdean where we could leave the motorhome and they drove us to their home.  We had a wonderful day with them.  Dawn had prepared a superb lunch and had considered Allan's dietary needs which was lovely of her.  Martin kept the wine flowing and the food was absolutely delicious.  The conversation never stopped and the time just flew by. 

We are extremely jealous that Dawn and Martin are sailing to France next week but we do hope that they have a lovely time and we all agree to meet up on their return.  Thank you both again for such a lovely day spent with you.


Today we just had a lazy day and then headed back to Seaford where Dorothy cooked a scrumptious salmon dinner.


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