Monday 20th March 2017

Today was spent with Dorothy's Mum and Dorothy caught up with our laundry. 

In the evening we made our now regular trip to Eastbourne. 


And so it was back to the EDGH where the exercising continues!

 In the basement of the Hospital is an area for physiotherapy and down there, there is a gymnasium.  All of the heart patients are given at least eight weeks of exercise instruction and lectures on heart matters. 

We each are fitted with a heart rate monitor and  have a nametag with a series of coloured dots to show what treatment we have had.  Also we have a card naming the ten exercises that we need to do on each particular week. After an exhausting warm up session the whistle is blown and you have 2 minutes of each exercise where you must keep your heart rate above a certain value. This is followed by the warm down, which in itself is more exercise than I do in a week.

This is all followed by a weekly lecture on various items such as what a heart event is, how different ones are treated, items used in surgery, relaxation and dealing with stress, help with diet, etc.   Dorothy sits in on the lectures so that she can help me in my recovery.  And I love her for it.  She say she has found it all very interesting.   

We decided to treat ourselves to an evening meal at Wetherspoons as we were staying in Eastbourne as we are off to the EDGH again tomorrow.  How exciting. 


Today Allan is visiting the Cardiology department in the Eastbourne District General Hospital for an Echocardiogram  test.  This is where Allan had his surgery when he had his heart event and Dorothy was a bit unsettled to be back here.  For the test they inject a dye into the vein and take an X-ray of the the heart.  The instructions that they had sent me earlier in the post said that they couldn't give any details of the result and I would have to wait for the consultant to tell me.  It's going to seem like a long wait.

Allan had been gone for some time and people were going in and coming out, and Dorothy was beginning to wonder if he was OK.  Then he appeared with his shirt absolutely covered in blood!  I know they said he would bleed a lot but this was pretty impressive from just an injection!   Dorothy then was surprised when the nurse came out and apologised so profusely about the state of his ruined shirt.  She thought this rather over the top as it was just a shirt but then Allan owned up to having told the nurse it was his best shirt and my favourite one.  As if!!  I had made sure he was wearing an old work shirt in case anything should happen.  Actually, all the blood came out and he is still wearing the shirt! 

We spent a quiet afternoon in the motorhome and then we drove to the Cuckmere Inn at Exceat where we were very excited to be meeting up with our friends Yvonne and Kevin whom we had not seen for quite some time.  We arrived early to make sure that we had a table and we could stay the night in the carpark.  We found that there would be no problem as the pub is usually very quiet at this time of the year, especially midweek.

We spent a wonderful evening with Yvonne and Kevin, catching up on everything with them and enjoying a good meal.   The restaurant was very quiet and so it was relaxing for us and we were able to chat easily. The evening seemed to pass very quickly.  It always does when you are having such a good time.


This is where we woke up this morning.  It had been raining and was a bit overcast but the sky was beginning to brighten.

After breakfast we had to get over to Newhaven quickly, to wave off our friends Dawn and Martin on the ferry.  It was so cold and windy waiting for the ferry and sadly we couldn't get a good photo but they are there, in the middle of the lower outside deck and we gave them a good send off !   

 They are so lucky to be off on their way to France and will probably be back before we can even get over there ourselves.  Have a good trip!

Our dashing here and there never seems to stop for long and today is no exception!

Off we go for another of Allan's appointments.  This time with the GP in Newhaven.   We had to pick up Allan's prescriptions from the pharmacy in Sainsbury's then made our way to Seaford for the rest of the day. 


Today we travelled to Hailsham to spend time with James, Frankie and Scarlett and we had a good time with them.

We spent the night in North Hailsham as we were planning to visit Battle tomorrow.


Battle village are having a day of street entertainment today and so we decided to join in the fun.

This was a human musical jukebox but it was so funny and entertaining that we laughed so much we forgot to take more photos - not that we could have as we were laughing so much!

The spring flowers around the town were beautiful and cheery.  


After a lovely day we made our way back to North Hailsham and hoped we might have a chance to see James and family again tomorrow.


Today is Mothering Sunday.  Happy Mother's Day to Dorothy's Mum and to all the other Mothers that we know.  We hope you all have a lovely day.

Sadly James is working today and so we didn't get to see them, which was disappointing.

We were sitting in the sunshine in our motorhome when I looked up and said to Allan another motorhome has pulled in.  Then I looked again and recognised it!  We both jumped up and were so excited to see our friend Anna waving at us.  She was off to meet John and had spotted us so stopped for a quick chat.  It was so lovely to have a visitor.  Anna soon had to leave because she and John had things to do but it had been great to see her.

We were just about to put the kettle on when suddenly a car pulled up outside and who should get out but my cousin Ray and Linda!  Two more lovely surprise visitors.  What a morning this is turning into!  Ray had recognised our motorhome when he passed earlier and on their way back they decided to stop and say hello.  We are so glad they did.  We had a good time chatting with them and thoroughly enjoyed their surprise visit.

Later,  we made our way to Seaford to spend time with Dorothy's Mum and Dorothy gave her the silk cross-stich design she had been doing for her for Mother's Day. 
We had put it in a frame for her and hope she likes it.          Photo credit Dorothy's Brother Photo credit Dorothy's Brother


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