Monday 27th March 2017

Today marks two years since we both retired.  The time has just flown by.  We've had some ups and downs but we are very happy and, especially now, intend to live life to the full. 

We thought that as the Spring is progressing nicely, the West Beach parking at Newhaven might be open for the Summer so we drove down to take a look but it wasn't open yet.  We met John, the friendly attendant, who told us when we could come back and we are looking forward to it.

It was such a lovely day that we decided to go to Birling Gap which is a National Trust park on the cliffs between Seaford and Eastbourne. There was no telephone signal from the car- park but after climbing the hillside, Allan managed to send a message to James to see if he wanted to join us. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and although James, Frankie and Scarlett arrived quite late we had a good time with them. 

We invited them to the Toby Carvery in Eastbourne for a meal but they had other plans, which was such a pity as it was a special celebration.

After they left we went to Eastbourne for our regular Monday night stopover but instead of a carvery we decided to celebrate our 2nd year of retirement with a Thai meal at The Thai Brasserie in the Enterprise Centre.  We hadn't been there before but it was very nice and we came away stuffed full!
We only remembered to photograph our desserts!


Today, as a very special treat, Dorothy makes fried eggs on toast for breakfast this morning.  Allan is not allowed too much fried food and not many eggs but Dorothy is using only a tiny bit of Rapseed oil and that is so much better for you.

Then it was yet another visit to Eastbourne and District General Hospital for the exercises.  Afterwards Allan was feeling quite rough and found it hard going to get back to the motorhome. Dorothy was beginning to get worried and then checked Allan's tablets and found that he had forgotten to take his pills. They are usually taken with the last of the milk from the breakfast cornflakes. Just a change of habit can make all the difference.

In the evening when Allan was feeling a little better we went to Seaford to visit Mum and pick up some fresh water.


We had a quiet day today as Allan was still not on top form.  In any case we can't be driving all around Sussex and visiting people all the time.  It would be lovely if we had more visitors come to see us for a change.


We spent the day with Mum today, doing the laundry and taking as much water as we wanted.  Thank you Mum  -  no mother in law jokes here!

Where we park overnight in Seaford is usually a quiet backwater of a place.  Not tonight though.  Dorothy looked out of the window blinds to find out what the noise and flashing lights was about, to find that the local Police were visiting.  There was a knock at the door and on opening it the policewoman just said to Dorothy "Oh, we're glad it's you."  She recognises that we are local people and we have a good chat about local matters. No problems whatsoever.  Talk about being known to the police!!  Joking aside we know our local police lady and have met her several times before.  The police were aware that Allan had had his heart event in the motorhome as they had been there at the time and we had to stay there for a while when Allan came home from hospital.  They regularly drive past on their rounds. 


Happy Birthday to our wonderful niece Sharon, how many years? and you still look so young!

There was no Dance Class tonight so we made arrangements to meet an ex work colleague of Allan's, Tony and his wife Louise,  at the Kings Head in Horsebridge as they now live close by.   We met up a few times when they had their caravan and we keep in touch from time to time.  We had a nice evening with them, chatting over drinks.  The Kings Head has been undergoing a lot of refurbishment and new building.  It now has a restaurant and function room and we think that we will be coming here again in the future.


James visited us this morning.  We were really pleased that he had come to have a chat about how Allan (Dad) is doing. 

We then drove into Hailsham to visit Dorothy's cousin Ray and Linda.  They had very kindly invited us to lunch with them.  Linda had cooked a superb meal for us and also kept in mind the sort of food Allan should be eating.   We had promised to take our computer and family history info along with us and so, after our delicious meal, we spent the afternoon joining up Ray's family history with our own and found out exactly where our connection lies.    We still can't believe that, after having known each other for such a long time, we find ourselves related.

After a tour around Ray and Linda's beautiful garden and Dorothy armed with some of Rays wonderful rhubarb, it was time for us to say goodbye.  Thank you both for a lovely day with you.

In the evening we wanted to visit Sharon but Allan had had a long day already and so we had to postpone this for another day. 


We visited James, Frankie and Scarlett this morning and as it was a nice day we decided to walk to the Play Park.  Their friends Steff, Shane & son Kroy came too and the children had a good time playing on the swings and climbing frame with a slide.

We left them and after lunch we walked up the Cuckoo Trail for a few miles and enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine before spending the night in North Hailsham.


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