Monday 3rd April 2017

Our nephew Gary is having a birthday today.  We can't remember how old he is but we are sure that he will tell us (family "in joke")
Happy Birthday Gary E

We decided to go to Arlington Reservoir today and had a long stroll around the reservoir.

There were lovely views across the Sussex countryside

and the flowers and trees were in their springtime colours, even the gorse is still in flower.

A friend of Allan's mother told us a long time ago that there is a country saying "When the Gorse is out, then kissing's in".  Of course the Gorse is in flower throughout the year.  You will have to guess if we acted upon that old country saying!

Today we have a welcome change of routine.  We have found that we can get a bus from North Hailsham direct to the EDGH and so we are going to try this tomorrow.  So, off we head to North Hailsham.  We hope we will be able to have a visit with James, Frankie and Scarlett tomorrow.   


Today is Allan's visit to the Eastbourne and District General Hospital.  We took the number 51 bus from North Hailsham, where we usually park when we are in this part of Sussex, to the Hospital.  It stops right outside and it's the same price fare for Dorothy as if we were in town.  What a marvellous bus service. 

On the way back we stopped off at James and Frankie's for a coffee then they walked back into town with us and Scarlett waved us off as we caught the bus home.  Three trips on the bus for the standard day fare.  Excellent.  We are getting the hang of this bus business now!

We spent another relaxing night in North Hailsham.


Yet another appointment at the GP Surgery this morning, for Allan needed a Full Renal Blood test. 

The rest of the day we spent with Mum and Dorothy's brother.


And another appointment at Newhaven Polyclinic this morning, to discuss the results of yesterdays test.  All seems to be progressing well so we are happy.
It seems crazy that the Heart Nurse can get the results on her Laptop computer within a day but the surgery must wait three days, then the results have to be organised so that the GP can see them.  "Come back in a week or two"!  

After all the appointments and running around, we have decided to treat ourselves to a few days away for a rest and as there is no exercise session at the EDGH on Tuesday we do not have to hurry back.  Such freedom!  So, on leaving the Polyclinic we travelled down to Romsey in Hampshire for the Caravan and Motorhome show arranged by Appletree Exhibitions.  We did not have a preference of where to park but we saw some friends from "Motorhome Facts" and parked up with them.  Although we have been members of this group for a long time, we haven't been to their rallies for such a long time and have lost touch so didn't know many people there.  It was such a warm sunny day and wonderful to be in the sunshine relaxing and catching up with our friends and hearing where everyone else that we knew are now.


We had an exhausting day looking at Motorhomes and decided that none there were for us.  After dinner we went to the night's entertainment which was a very entertaining 60's music duo.  A really great evening of music and dancing.


We spent another day looking at motorhomes and motorhome related products.  After dinner tonight we were entertained by "Pure Magic" a Freddie Mercury tribute artist,  together with a very funny comedian.  Both acts were very good and it was another great night out.


We had a little time wandering amongst the motorhomes again and then walked into the town.  The rest of the day we spent relaxing, sitting in the glorious sunshine.  What a wonderful long weekend we are having. 

We think we both decided that the motorhome that we already have is the best one for us.................  at the moment !!!


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