Monday 17th April 2017

Lovely day today so we walked from the Meads, all along the seafront to the Eastbourne Pier.  Good to keep up this walking as doing us both good!   Allan says the exercise is now getting to be a lot easier.

The gardens near the pier were looking particularly colourful today.

Then we walked through, towards the town and had a light lunch at Wetherspoons, setting ourselves up for the walk back up to the motorhome.

In the evening we made our routine trip to park, ready for the bus journey tomorrow to the hospital.


This is an important day for Allan.  Well, we already think we know the result and it is good, nothing can go wrong. But there is always that thought in the back of your mind that something may be found or brought to mind but let's be positive. Today is the appointment with the Heart Consultant,   Dr. Veasey.

Everything went as well as can be expected.  Allan has improved the Heart function from 30 to 40 percent.  Sounds bad but no ones heart is ever 100% and the average for a healthy person is between 50 and 75 percent so 40 is great news.  Allan's energy level has increased from 40 to 51 so most things are now possible except playing squash and running.  Well, he won't miss those!

Then it's off to the Gym at the Eastbourne District General Hospital for the last exercise class.  Allan is usually knackered after this exercise thing but today was not so bad.  Things are getting easier and better.  Just, that now Allan has really thin blood and a much slower heart beat, the cold weather is something that is to be avoided. Fingers and toes really turn white and go completely numb and feel like they are either falling off or when the circulation does start to get to them again, they feel as if they will explode.

This was quite an emotional session and at the end, after all the good wishes - especially from the volunteer helpers who they themselves have been through a heart event and give up their time to help and support others coming through and deserve a huge amount of thanks - it was time to say goodbye.  A strange feeling as I am now out there on my own. 

After a busy few hours we left Eastbourne and relaxed at Birling Gap for the rest of the day, returning to Eastbourne Seafront to spend the night.   


Today we went over to the Sovereign Centre to do our shopping and we spent the rest of the day at Birling Gap again.

We were due to see our friend Helen at Wetherspoons in Hailsham tonight but she postponed as she was ill, get better soon Helen x, so we went to Seaford for the night instead.


This morning we went to Mum's in Seaford to spend some time with her and, of course, top up the water!  While Dorothy was chatting with her Mum, Allan went to Peacehaven on the bus for a haircut.  We left Mum's and picked up Allan's meds before driving down to Newhaven West Beach for a short stay.


We spent a well earned rest day at the beach, catching up on all the news and later on went for a drink at the Hope Inn. 

Although Allan's medical reports were all going well, he was still dreadfully depressed.  All these little "treats" are trying to give him a boost.   And we have now re-booked our ferry to France.  ,


We left the beach this morning to have a day out with Mum.  We went to the Shoreham Farmers and Producers Market and had a good time there.  It is one of the best markets in the area and they often have musical entertainment during the day.  On the way back we went to the Newmarket Inn on the edge of Lewes for a late lunch.  It's a long time since we have been there, it must be many, many years ago and we followed that with a stop off at Falmer Pond for a cuppa!

Then it was back to Seaford for the night.


A sorting out day in the Motorhome today in Seaford.  What is going into our storage container in a Newhaven storage company and what do we really need to take away with us, is there any way to give us more space without compromising on anything. 

Discharge from the hospital this week - if GP gives Allan a forward prescription then, hey, we are off on our travels again.  Just the boost Allan needs and so exciting.


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