Monday 24th April 2017

We went up to see the new Shoal Seats at Splash Point in Seaford this morning.  They are a very artistic set of seats, a Community Bench, the brainchild of Gabby Tofts and local Sculptor Christian Funnel.  People can sponsor a plaque if they wish to support or be part of this project. 

We then took a walk along the seafront promenade to The Salts recreation ground where we both used the Park Gym that they have there.  After a spell on that we returned to the motorhome via Morrisons for some provisions.  Not the most exciting day ever but what does one expect on a Monday in April in Seaford!


Off to the Doctor's appointment again today at Newhaven, this is getting to be a habit.  You go for a long time without needing a Doctor then things like a heart event change your life completely.

WOW! The GP acts upon Dr. Veasey's recommendation and gives Allan an extended prescription to enable us to go back to France, on the understanding that we get help or come back if there is any problem or concern of any sort and that Allan comes back to see her as soon as we return.   Allan thanked her profusely, and she certainly understood the difference it was going to make to our way of life.

 SO, all that was left to do was to go straight round to the ferry port to re-book our voyage.  They were just as helpful as they were when Dorothy had to go there back in January to postpone our trip.  Dorothy was obviously distressed at the time and the staff there couldn't have been more helpful and sympathetic towards her.  Today was good and they were so pleased that we were back to rearrange our trip.  Dorothy is sure that Allan floated on air out to the motorhome!

Sadly life is not always so good and today was no exception.

 Dorothy's Godmother "Aunty" Mary has sadly passed away and today is her funeral.   It was a lovely personal service and although a very sad time, it was good to spend time afterwards at Aunty Mary's home with her daughter, Dorothy's childhood friend Yvonne, and her family and friends.

We then travelled to North Hailsham for the night as we are seeing James, Frankie and Scarlett tomorrow.


Today we are seeing James, Frankie and our grandaughter Scarlett-Louise.  We can't get enough of our visits with them.  However, today we need to break the news to them that we are going back to France next week.  We hope we can spend as much time as possible with them during the coming week. 

We wanted to take them out for a meal today and we all decided to go to Wetherspoons for lunch.  Allan has done really well and kept to his change from his usual chips and burgers for something a little lighter.  He tries to enjoy it but it's just not the same.  Being strict with the NO salt, sugar and animal fat, 21 units of alcohol and cheese the size of a matchbox only twice a week is not an easy thing to do.  Nor is losing weight and doing exercise, both of which are alien to Allan.   Nevertheless, we all had a good time together.

When we left them we spent another night in North Hailsham.   


Today Scott, the son of Dorothy's Godson Grant, is 7 years old.  It only seems like yesterday when his grandmother, Zelie, was a young girl.
Well, says Allan, she is the same age as Dorothy so she is still young,  just as Dorothy is. (creep)   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT! x

We left North Hailsham  and went to see Mum and Tony in Seaford.  Yes, we did get some water!  We had already told Mum of our travel plans so that it would not spoil our time with her.  We left in the afternoon in time to get down to the West Beach at Newhaven before John left for the day.  Once settled into our favourite spot we relaxed for the rest of the evening.


It was quiet at Newhaven Beach and we were about to have a lovely day when lo and behold what happens next! 

Hardly anyone else here so why do they feel the need to park in front of us so we look at them and not the view!!! Inconsiderate or what!  Best of it is that they walk off for several hours so why do they think it is acceptable to do that?! 

Must ring Anna today as we need to meet up.


Lots of housekeeping and general sorting today in preparation for our voyage next week.

Anna and John visit us in the evening.  It is always such a pleasure to see them and we have a great evening together.  Soon we will be motorhoming with them on the Beach, we feel sure!


Today our son James and his family came for lunch.  Why does the weather always seem to be unkind when they visit us at the beach?   It was difficult for Scarlett to play outside so we did the best we could inside. 

Mum and Tony joined us all in the afternoon and this was lovely.  We wonder how long it will be before we are all together again?

We spent a quiet night at the Beach.  Oh, we always miss this place when we are away.


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