Monday 8th May 2017

More Birthdays today.  This time it's the turn of Gaynor H and our Great Nephew Marc S.  Happy Birthday to you both.

Today is another National Holiday in France.  It is Victory in Europe Day.  We don't seem to celebrate this in England but here in France it is an important National Holiday.  Shops are closed and people are off work.  It means a lot to these people and to all Europeans.  It commemorates the surrender of Germany that was signed on 7 May in Reims, France and on the 8 May in Berlin, Germany in 1945.

After a morning in Montville, when we walked around the lake,

 we travelled down to another old favourite of ours, Lac Monnerie at La Fleche.

We really do feel at home here and it's good to be back.


This morning we walked the two miles around the lake and afterwards Allan set up the bikes for the rest of our stay here.

We sat outside in the glorious sunshine and met up with Peter, whom we had met before and was asking about our mutual friends Anne and Andrew.  We told him they were not her and we were not sure when they would be arriving this summer.

Life is good!    


As the town of La Fleche is quite a distance from the lake, we rode our bikes to town for the market day. Then back to the lake again

In the afternoon we walked over to the massive E.Leclerc supermarket that is just a short distance away, across a field and then a two lane highway, to get our shopping for a few days.

I have been thinking of mentioning this highway for some time. There is a pedestrian crossing there and the instant that you press the button the lights change from red to green stopping the traffic.  No messing about with the amber light, although there is one.  Instantly the traffic stops and you can cross in safety, straight across the road, almost without stopping your pace.  In England when you press the button you can wait so long that most people cross the road before the lights have changed to stop the traffic.  Dangerous I know but we all do it.


Not a good day today as it rained on and off most of the day.  We met Peter again and said we would give his regards to Anne and Andrew when we see them, as he is leaving today.


We had a fairly lazy day today.  The weather was much better again.  During the day Claude came down to the Lake and he was pleased to see us.  We had a good old chat in French, English, lots of Claude's drawings and a lot of laughs.

We made phone calls to Julian and then to Tony & Lou, people that Allan used to work with, to let them know we have managed to get back to France.  We will hopefully meet up again when we are next in England. 


Today we had a Whats app message from Yvonne and so we responded to her.

But most of the time we are still recovering from the springtime in England.  It will take a lot to recover from Allan's heart event, the cold weather and all the toing and froing (never thought I would use that).


Just another Sunday doing nothing much.  Just watching the world go past.  Ain't it grand!



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