Monday 15th May 2017

Great news today, our son James has passed his Health and Safety course and will soon be in a better paid job. WELL DONE - we are so proud of him.

As we are running out of water we have to go over to the town aire.  Whilst we were there, Allan emptied the toilet cassette down the manhole and  had a strange thought.  How on earth would I recover the cap to the toilet cassette if it fell down this hole?  To be safe he put it in the grid of the manhole, can't go anywhere from there it's safe as houses.  The damn thing bounced out and of course fell 3 feet down the manhole.  Hole 2 feet wide, 3 feet down, even trying with the long stick used for cleaning the motorhome was of no use.  It was LOST.  Somewhere in the middle of France is a plastic cap about 4 inches across floating in the sewers.  Hope it doesn't block the sewer pipes. 

Dorothy was not happy and Allan was in the doghouse, again!   So off we trot to the motorhome sales and service on the other side of town for a replacement cap.  We now have a green cap, not an orange one.  Allan is now looking out for anyone with a green cap on a grey/orange cassette as he knows exactly what has happened to them!!

Noz and Carrefour are also this side of town so we visit them as well and E. Leclerc for gas on the way back.




You never know what you will find in Noz on any one visit.
This time it was nuts from Sainsbury's.  How on earth did they get there!!  Well they were perfect with some wine in the evening! 

We made a phone call to James in the evening to tell him well done.   







We had a fairly lazy day today, interspersed with all the usual household jobs.

Waiting for the dinner to cook is quite exhausting!

But then Dorothy comes along to dish up. 

After our dinner we decided to cycle around the lake.
Got to keep up with the exercise.


Apart from our walks around the lake and a trip to E. Leclerc for bread, today was another restful day.  


The highlight today was that our friends David and Pauline arrived.  It was good to have people here to chat to and we soon caught up with all the news, where we have all been and where we are going to next.


Just off for our morning walk around the lake today. 

Three quarters of the way round we had to shelter under a tree from a heavy hailstorm.

Once back at the motorhome we sat in the sunshine having a cup of coffee.  Crazy weather we are having today!

 Later we walked and cycled around the lake again, as well as spending time with David and Pauline.


Today our Great-Great nephew Felix, the son of Nicky and Ilana whom we last saw in early January, is being christened in Worthing, then afterwards they are all going to the Toby Carvery for a celebration meal.  Of course we would have been there with everyone if we were in England but today, obviously we can't.  It's a long cycle ride to Worthing, West Sussex from here!  So we cycled to La Fleche town instead and went into the church there.

We entered the Church and had a good look around. 

Before leaving we signed the visitors' book with a lovely message for Felix and thought of those lovely family occasions in England that we miss.

On our way back to the cycles, we came across this Pizza vending machine.

They seem to have vending machines for almost anything over here!

Then we cycled a few miles to the next village of Saint Germaine and went Geocaching.




Being a lovely day today when we got up, we decided to walk around the lake before breakfast. 


That gave us a good appetite and so a cooked breakfast today was in order! 

(one of Allan's treat days!)

Sorry, the photo was taken after we had eaten it all! Ha ha!





We had another peaceful and relaxing Sunday.

Tonight's beautiful sunset on our walk around the lake.  The phone camera doesn't do it justice. 

Red sky at night..............  Probably rain tomorrow.   Hope not! 


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