Monday 22nd May 2017

Kristie's Birthday today. She was our little bridesmaid so long ago and now she has grown into a splendid woman, wife and mother.
How time flies.  Have a wonderful birthday Kirstie xx

This morning, a look at the sky shows that there are no "Happy Shepherds" in this part of France!

We had to drive over to the Town aire for the services and then went on to the other side of town to the Carrefour supermarket for our food and drink and then to Noz  - an indescribable wonderland of joy.  Quality, good and not so good.  Seconds, overruns, bankrupt stock and stuff they probably thought was a marvellous idea, would sell loads of, never did and nobody wanted and still don't want it!   But they do sometimes have cheap English beer and "stuff that you never knew that you needed"!



Enjoying having a relaxing time getting ourselves together after the past few months.


Yet another National Holiday here in France.  This time for Ascension day.  Nothing much usually happens on  Public Holiday in France.  Most things are closed and the French spend the day with their families and friends, eating and drinking (so they tell us!).  


The French as usual take another holiday. They call it the Pont, a bridge day between the holiday and the weekend to make it a long break from work. Lucky people. Then we realise that we are on holiday 365 days a year so they must be entitled to one or two days.


Just another day doing nothing. Sorry that there is nothing to say about it but we didn't do anything out of the ordinary - we can't be having an exciting life all the time.  And Allan is still feeling down from all the hassle of trying to recover from his heart event and still trying to increase his exercise pattern and lose weight.

Perhaps he should put his weight chart here to show that it is working, or maybe that would be too boring.


It is Mothers Day today here in France.  Dorothy thinks that she should have two Mothers Days, the English one and the French one.
  So the "Superstar Mum" card from James is on display again today x

David and Pauline leave for England today.  We pity them.


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