Monday 29th May 2017

Nothing much happened today.   We walked around the lake a couple of times to keep the fitness up. 
We are making the most of the path around the lake and beyond as it will soon be time for us to start thinking of moving on.  We could quite happily stay here for the summer but we mustn't get ourselves stuck here.  There is so much more to see and do in this big wide world.


Our friends, Anne and Andrew, have been here for a few days but they left today.  Off to their regular visit to a boot fair.

Some other friends, Brian and Marion, also said their goodbyes today as they plan to leave early tomorrow.  We have had some nice chats with them whilst they have been here.   Hopefully we will meet up again with them again on our visits to Lac Monnerie.  We have got to know quite a few people who come and go here and it is always nice when we happen to meet up.  It often feels like a little community here if several of us all turn up at the same time.
Kit-car Dave is a regular visitor as he spends the summer months in his chalet close by and comes along for a chat with English speaking people.  He often acts as a messenger and is even acting as a mailbox for us if required!  

We phoned James to see how his new job went today and it seems to be going well.


Today was a rare planning day.  We hardly ever plan anything!  However, we had made the decision to move on and so we had to choose which direction to go.  We chose Bauge en Anjou.  We have been there before but the aire is very good and the town is only a short walk away.  We are quite looking forward  to moving on now.

 We messaged Frankie today and later she messaged us and sent us some photos.  It is so lovely when we see photos of our little grandaughter.  She is growing up so fast.

Well I never, we were only talking about Kit-car Dave yesterday and his ears must have been burning as, who should turn up around lunchtime but Kit-car Dave!  We were pleased he stopped by as it gave us a chance to catch up with him on this trip.   

We phoned Mum and Tony this evening to let them know we were moving tomorrow, then took our last evening walk around the lake - until next time!


We travelled the short distance further south to Bauge en Anjou this morning.  The aire was quite busy but we managed to park in our favourite spot and hooked up to the electricity.

We met a nice couple, Mike and Shelley from Hampshire, with their Frankia motorhome.  Frankia is a German make and looked to have some very interesting features to it.  Maybe we should keep this in mind if we do want to change ours.

Actually the problem is more if we are forced to change.  If the motorhome that we have at the moment is off the road for any length of time, or is unrepairable, then we would have no other choice but to buy another. However at the moment we have no idea of what the "another" would be, or which manufacturer it would come from.


A good day for laundry today and so Dorothy gets the buckets out! 

Shelley told Dorothy that she has a wrist problem and so Mike does all the wringing out for her.  Mmmm, maybe that's an idea for Allan?

Shelley asked about the protocol for drying laundry at this aire and Dorothy said so long as its discreet we shouldn't have a problem.  Later in the day there was an array of items hanging from the cycle racks and ladders on the back of most of the motorhomes!

A nice couple from Chartres moved in next to us today and we soon got to know them and sat and chatted with them as best we could. 


We walked up to the morning market today.  It's not a large market but the stalls are good.  And, as Allan always says, it's local colour!

Jamaican Tshirts are taking my fancy at the moment, very colourful and bright, almost exotic you may say. Even some of the African designs are colourful and bright.  However the problem is that they seem to be only for younger, fitter and slimmer people. Overweight Grandfathers are not included in this, but I am working on it, well the slimmer bit.  





Dorothy said not to use this photo as it looks
as if a tree is growing out of her head.


Ha ha ha ha .............. it had to be done!






Best put the correct picture in now (and duck!)    

Whilst we were standing here a wedding party turned up.  We couldn't resist taking a few photos.
   oops, the donkey had an "accident"

      The Bride and Groom

We wish them both a long and happy married life together.


Our Niece Louisa and her husband Steve celebrate their first year of marriage today so we both send them our Congratulations and best wishes on their First Anniversary.   



There is a small lake with quite a good walk to and from it,
just behind the campsite next door. 

So this is where our exercise regime will continue.

Not a purpose built path for walking, running, cycling etc.,
like we had at Lac Monnerie but it will do just as nicely.



We spent the rest of the day relaxing, chilling in the sunshine and chatting with Mike and Shelley.


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