Monday 5th June 2017

After dealing with all the various housekeeping duties we had another lazy day.

The French couple next to us had left as she had a hospital appointment to keep.


Richard P and Colin E are both celebrating birthdays today have a good one boys. 

A shopping trip to Aldi was the most energetic thing we did today.  It was hot and even the walk around the lake didn't call to us! 

We discussed where we should travel to next and Allan's tummy is still longing for a meal at the restaurant in Le Guedeniau.  As it is only a short distance away from here it looks as if that might get the thumbs up!


Another Birthday today - Allan's sister Sheila is 81.  That's a lot of candles on the cake Sheila. 

Had a day chatting to Mike and Shelley.  Especially about their motorhome.  There are a lot of plus points to their motorhome.  Obviously some bad ones but an awful lot of good.

In the evening we rang Sheila to wish her happy birthday and then spoke to Mum and Dorothy's brother Tony.


Today is our motorhome friend June's birthday.  Happy Birthday June.

The General Election takes place in England today and we have voted, thanks to Tony's help. 

Talking of voting, a meal at Le Guedeniau won!

So we said our goodbye's to Mike and Shelley today.  We hope our paths will cross again sometime.

Then it was time to leave Bauge and travel the short distance south to Le Guedeniau, stopping off for shopping at the Bauge Super U supermarket to do a big shop.

 On arriving at Le Guedeniau, we found out that they were having a vide grenier here at the weekend.  One of the organisers, who happened to be English, told us that we would have to move to a car park by the school for the weekend.  That's a pity.

Later we walked round to the Bar for a drink and booked a table for lunch in the restaurant tomorrow.  We followed that with a look at the alternative parking suggested to us for the weekend.  It didn't really look suitable for our size of vehicle and so Allan said "why not nip over to Arville to see some motorhomes, its only 54 km?"   That looks like another plan!    

A visit to the church on our way back to the motorhome filled the rest of the afternoon.

  Yes, we know we said no more Church photos!





The eagerly awaited day has finally come!

On our way to the restaurant, as we pose for photographs
beside the pond, the smile on Allan's face says it all.

The question is................................

Will those trousers still fit after what is sure to be
a MASSIVE blowout lunch!!!

Well, it is his treat day for the month.




On arriving at the restaurant we were shown through to our table and very quickly the place was heaving.  We were previously told that the food was exceptionally good, all home made except for the bread and that the restaurant was extremely popular.  We chose to have the menu of the day, which most people did, and we subsequently found out it was a four course meal.  We ordered our wine and then went up to the buffet to select our entree.  This was a chilled servery absolutely stacked full to overflowing with all manner of salads, cold meats, fish, eggs, cheese, you name it, we bet it was there!  This being a treat day, Allan did not hold back and staggered back to the table under the weight of his plateful.  Then the bread basket appeared an just as quickly, the bread disappeared along with Allan's plateful.  Amazingly, people were going up for seconds.  Well, it would have been rude not to join them!  When we returned to our table our bread basket was refilled!

Then it was onto the main course which was a delicious piece of caubillaud (cod) in a delicious sauce with potatoes and veg.  By this time we were also enjoying our second carafe of wine.  Not a lot will be done this afternoon I feel sure!

Then it was onto the cheeseboard. 

Oh gosh says Allan.  We had been enjoying our meal so much and had forgotten to take any photos.  Disaster. 

All we can say is we thoroughly enjoyed it!! 

So, back to our cheeseboard. 
Yes, it was ours and Allan just had to photograph it!

It was left for us to have as much as we liked and yes, another bread basket came with it.

We ended the meal with our dessert.  Dorothy chose a slice of gateaux and an already stuffed full Allan settled for an ice-cream.

A coffee rounded everything off wonderfully.

If you ever find yourselves in the vicinity of Le Guedeniau you should certainly stop here for lunch! 

Needless to say, we sat, relaxed and probably snoozed a little by the pond for the rest of the afternoon.  Neither of us wanted anything else to eat that day and Allan's stomach was extremely happy!


We went to Avrille, in the north of Angers, where Allan had found two showrooms to look at motorhomes but when we got to the first one it had closed down!  All was not lost as we had the second one to visit but when we got there we found that all their motorhomes had been moved down to Cholet for "a big Motorhome Show".  Nothing for it then but a trip down to Cholet  -  another 76 km.  

We had an easy journey down there and found we could overnight at the Show.  We realised it was not going to be the "big Show" that they had led us to believe when we noticed that the entry was free.  Sure enough, it appeared to be the local motorhome dealers coming together to display their stock.  Well, we shall see what is there when we go in in the morning.

We rang our son James to check all was OK and he says he is really enjoying his new job.

We had a good night's sleep after all our travelling and there were several other motorhomes staying overnight too.


Peter's Birthday in Newhaven or Poole or Wales - you never know where our motorhome friends are. Happy Birthday Pete.

And so today we finally have a look at some Motorhomes.

There are quite a lot here and one in particular takes our eye.  Being French it would need the hassle of privately selling ours and importing it to UK so it means a lot of messing about but!!


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