Monday 12th June 2017

We had another look around the show this morning.  We had been talking about the motorhome we saw yesterday but on taking another look, it was definitely a no, not for us. Who wants, or needs a built in coffee machine and all that extra living space.  Lithium batteries sound good though but wow, what a price.
Of course the hassle of importing the new motorhome and then selling ours would also be a difficult problem.  It would mean finding a lot of money until our motorhome is sold   . 

Having done all that we could at the motorhome show, we decided to move on and made our way to Vihiers, a little to the North.  After a little confusion, we found the aire and settled ourselves in.

In the evening we changed to the small gas cylinder. That means we will need to buy some more gas in the next week.  Just cooking and to run the refrigerator so it is not bad at this time of the year.  In the winter of course we refill more often.


Waking up today we find that this is a nice little Aire with a good view, just below the Church. 
Of course there is nothing wrong in desiring a bit of comfort and adding a heating system to an old church.  To do it with a very modern square, brick built smokestack seems to be very unsympathetic to the architecture of the original building.  If you take a look at the second photo, it sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb.

We took a walk up into the small town and it was, to our amazement, quite modern looking.

We were most surprised when we took a look in the Church. 

Never before have we seen TV screens all around the Church and such an elaborate control setup to monitor what is shown!

The screens were even up and around the altar.


Today was market day and so we went up to have a look around.

It was larger than we had anticipated and very colourful.

 When we returned to the aire we found that another motorhomer had arrived today.  They were Welsh but they are Autotrail owners just like us. They have the new version of our model, it is a little longer with a few improvements.  It is the first time that we have seen this year's Mohawk now called Serano. The owner had spent 6 weeks at home in Wales, fitting it out as he wants it to his specification.  And he was happy for us to have a look and also to see all of his "Improvements".  We have decided that the Autotrail brand has in recent years dropped their quality so much as to be really not the motorhome for fulltiming in. Especially with all the price increases for an inferior Motorhome. So with, or without his work, it is not the next motorhome for us.

Later in the day we travelled on to Chenille to the Super U supermarket for some shopping and to refill the gas and then went on to Valanjou - an aire that we visited last year.    


Valanjou is a little Aire close to a stream.  There is a small lake just off to the side but we are not overlooking it this time. There are two other motorhomes here and the people in them are obviously living here as the men go off to work each day, come home midday for their lunch before returning to work for the afternoon.  Obviously the reason they are here is the free water and free Electricity.

As the weather was good, Dorothy took the opportunity to take care of all of our laundry.  A busy housekeeping day.

We rang Mum and Tony in the evening


Today we went Geocaching and had a good look around the village,


We did some more Geocaches today but this time we took a different side of the village,


Fathers Day in England today (and here in France).   James rang his Dad and gets a huge smiley :) for that.

We took another walk around the village of Valanjou  today.  More exercise, can only be good.  


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