Monday 19th June 2017

Very hot today so we decided not to move but to stay another day.  Feeling very lazy!

Phoned Mum in the evening.


And stayed another day!  This is not  bad thing because we are heading back to Bauge en Anjou tomorrow for their Music Festival at the weekend.  If it is half as good as last year then we will need all the energy we can muster!


We left Valanjou to see some motorhomes at the Beaulie branch of SLC (Sud Loire Caravanes) because they are supposed to be a Frankia dealer but when we got there they had no more than they had at the show in Cholet, or less in fact as they had sold one of the two that they had on show there!. So that was a complete waste of time and diesel fuel to get there. We will, eventually get to see one of these Frankia motorhomes we feel sure. Just to see what they look like. The name reminds Allan of our prospective daughter in law, Frances, affectionately known as Frankie. xx

Nothing for it but to travel back to Bauge en Anjou for their music festival this weekend.

The aire was quite busy but we were able to park in our favourite spot and settled in for the evening.


Our Great Nephew Nicky S is having a birthday today.  We hope you have a brilliant day. 

We were a little worried today because it looks as though we have a rather permanent outfit in the corner of the aire, complete with carpets, tables and chairs, plants, you name it, all around their large motorhome.  They also appear to tow a large trailer.  This was confirmed when the motorbike emerged from the trailer for shopping trips, swiftly followed by the washing machine and associated laundry equipment.  The woman was rather "loud" but at least they were tucked into the corner.

However, later in the evening another large motorhome complete with trailer pulled onto the aire and made a huge fuss of parking - obviously they could not be where they wished to be!  They appeared to know the first couple and the aire got rather noisy.     


Today the motorhome next to us left and immediately the second large motorhome took over the space - and we mean took over!  Their trailer ended up on the grass area that everyone uses for sitting out, relaxing, eating and chatting etc.  The motorhome filled the rest of the space.  Washing machine came out, along with tables and chairs etc. music blared out all day together with shouts across the aire between the two motorhomes.  The only relative peace we had was when they all sat outside the motorhome in the corner to have their meal.  They were still quite noisy but at least the music had ceased.  Perhaps this will be short-lived and they are on their way to the south of Spain?!!


We got up this morning, enjoying the lovely sunshine and then out came "the neighbours from hell".  We stuck it out as best we could because we were going to the Music Festival this evening but by mid-day we could stand it no longer and decided to go into the town for some peace!

We were strolling in the town hall square when suddenly a wedding party appeared.
  What a lovely day for a wedding.
After the ceremony they all stood on the steps of the Bauge Palais de Justice for their photos.

We returned to the motorhome for some food and then came back into town for the Festival.  This is something special and we did it last year.

Music, bands and entertainment up the length of the main street and around the town, outside each bar, cafe and even closed down shops.

This man was singing more "folky" music, in French and in English.....................

Further up the street was an entertaining band...................

and when we reached the market square we came across this group of musicians and dancers.............

We were having a great time    


We moved on to another stage area and came across a lady who was singing in English and we listened to try to see if she sang any of the
words with a French accent.  But no, she was perfect without any mispronounced words. 

We got talking to an English lady beside us who said that they were all expats and that the lady who was singing was in fact English, had lived here for many years and was a talented organizer for their community.  Silly Allan.  Doh!

We wandered back down through the main street and found the folk music man had been joined by another musician and we stopped to listen.

The evening soon started to draw in and the crowds began to increase.

Towards the end of the evening we met up with an elderly Frenchman whom we have seen several times both here and in Longue Jumelles. 

He is rather hard of hearing but always recognises us and we try our best to have a conversation with him. 

He is a bit of an amateur artist and we have seen some of his work. 

You may remember him yourself if you have been reading our previous blogs!

He was so pleased to see us and we had our photo taken with him.  

We were then thoroughly entertained by this group that we had enjoyed immensely last year.

What a great evening.  We sang, danced, drank and had a fantastic time.  Thank you once again Bauge!


Time to move on and so we left Bauge early this morning and travelled to Villelveque.
What a wonderful spot we have found.  After a walk around exploring we sat and had a lovely meal overlooking the river.

We look forward to seeing more of this delightful town tomorrow.


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