Monday 3rd July 2017

Today it is our Great-great Niece Ellie Mae's Birthday.  Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie Mae.

Booked Allan's blood test for when we return to England.  Amazing things these smart phones, they even asked if we could take an earlier appointment.  No, we are still in France.   

After a fairly lazy morning recovering from yesterday! we travelled further south to Thouars.
This is a busy aire but we managed to find a good space
After settling in we took our first walk around the town to get our bearings.  At first sight it looks as if we are going to have an interesting stay here
       Nearly 11pm and we are still outside, it's so hot. 


Happy Birthday Dawn P.  We hope you have a fantastic day.  Our friends Dawn and Martin are becoming quite a feature to these pages as we seem to spend a lot of time with them one way and another.

We decide to do some geocaching today and our searches take us on the following route around part of the town.


A day chilling out doing not a lot but we are pleased to find that we are right next to a plum tree and although they are not quite ready yet we may be back.   We rang Frankie to find out how our Grandaughter Scarlett is after a hospital appointment.

This evening is the first night of the Music Festival. 


Another fairly relaxing day as we are off to the Irish Music Night tonight.

These pretty little flowers are growing all around us.  They are very tiny, delicate flowers.  Anyone know what they are?

So, it's an Irish band tonight. Can you imagine French people singing Dubliners music, with French accents and a lot of Wiskey in the Jar.
A great evening was had by all.  No, it really was a great evening and this young group had everybody singing along.   


It was Market day in Thouars today.  The market was huge and, amongst other things, we bought a lovely new table cloth.

Half-way round we sat outside a pavement cafe with a beer as it was extremely hot.  It was busy and we asked to share a table with a couple who, on speaking with them, turned out to be English.  They live not far from Thouars and told us what it was like living in this part of France.  At the moment they're having problems with their plants because they are under water restrictions and can't use water for gardens, grass, etc.  They can water some vegetables.  Spotter planes fly over to look out for any "green" gardens!

Suitably refreshed we said our goodbyes and continued our look around this extremely busy and bustling market.

 In the evening it was the turn of an all-girl band.  It was an odd sort of music, a lot of Spanish influence and a lot of "squealing" for want of a better word!  Every song sounded just like the one before.  Unfortunately this was not one for us and we gave up and went back to the motorhome.  


Our geocaching walk today took us around a different part of Thouars. 



Tonight it was the turn of African Music. 

We had heard them rehearsing earlier in the week and they had put on a couple of sessions, we assume for school children etc. during the days.

It all sounded very good and we had spoken to some of the "crew" whilst out on our earlier geocaching walk.

Although this type of music is not Dorothy's scene, we were both looking forward to tonight's entertainment.

We were not disappointed.  The colourful costumes and unusual music combined to give us an enjoyable experience.



We had been discussing where to go to spend Bastille Day and have decided to head to Chinon today to check out the arrangements there.

We arrived at Chinon, to find that the aire was at the top of a VERY steep hill back down to the town!  On no, thought Dorothy!  However, a tourist information office was just a little way back down the hill and so we stopped there to get as much information as we could.  The young guy we spoke to said definitely Chinon was the place to be on the 14th July.  Well, he would say that, wouldn't he!
Anyway, all was not lost because he told us there was a lift provided to get us down to and back up from the town.   Hmmmn..... Dorothy starts to think lift, height, cliff and got more and more agitated!  Let us say now that Dorothy does NOT under any circumstances like heights.  Not even standing on a chair!  She got stuck in a lift in Brighton years ago and so lifts are not her favourite either.

Well, we eventually follow the signs to the town and yes, there it is over the wall and way, way below us.  To even get to the lift, which of course is an outside lovely views lift, we have to walk out on this platform towards the lift doors.  Dorothy at once steps onto the platform, freaks out and says she can't do it.   After some encouraging and sympathetic words, Allan gets quite cross and says don't act like a child it's just a lift!!  To cut a very long story short, we end up in the lift with Dorothy standing in the corner, facing the cliff, and Allan telling her how lovely the view was and what we could see.

Thankfully we all reach the bottom in one piece and once Dorothy has calmed down and stopped shaking we are off to explore Chinon!    


Of course we took the opportunity to pick up a couple of geocaches along the way.

We returned to the motorhome on top of the hill, yes, we won't go through that again! and headed out to Avoine to spend the night as we were told it is nicer to stay there than in Chinon.  However, as we are visiting Chinon again tomorrow, in hindsight, we would have done better to stay put.

In Avoine we stayed by a small, pretty park but that was all we saw as we had dinner sitting in the park and never got to see the small town.


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