Monday 10th July 2017

We drove from Avoine this morning to spend the day in Chinon. 

We arrived at the aire and found a space to park.  The aire is quite newly constructed.  It was very busy and next to a coach drop-off point, so there were a lot of people coming and going.

Then we walked into town but firstly, we had negotiate the dreaded lift again. 

In the photograph you can see the platform walkway jetting out to the doors of the lift and the photograph gives you some idea of the height of the lift. 

You can also see that the lift shaft is glass panelled on three sides to give you the panoramic view on the way down and back up.  Needless to say, Dorothy went down, facing into the corner with her eyes tightly shut!

We did a little more geocaching today and were led to the other side of the town.  This part of the town was still medieval in parts but had a more modern influence now.

 We had to walk part-way up a very steep hillside path to search for one of the geocaches.

It gave us some good views back over the town but there was not much to see at the actual cache site itself.

It did give us an unusual view of one of the churches here.

One of the monuments we came across was a very striking sculpture depicting Jean D'Arc.

It was surrounded by a very colourful flower border.

All too soon it was time for us to make the dreaded return journey up to the aire.

When the time came to leave, we went up in the lift again to the top of the hill where we spied a huge fruit tree on the side of a bank.

Allan had never seen anything like it before. He scrambled up the bank to pick some of the fruit and brought them back to Dorothy.  He asked what they were and she told him they were Figs.

Allan said they had only ever had figs at Christmas and then they were dried and horrible! but I've never seen a real one, and shoved it in his gob. It was quite nice actually. So he had a few more for the fruit bowl.

We made our way back to the motorhome and had a coffee before making our way to Champigny-sur-Veude, our next stopping place.  When we arrive we say Wow!  We think we are going to like it here.


Our Great-great nephew Oliver S is two today.  Enjoy yourself today Oliver.  

Champigny-sur-Veude is where we are now and it looks as though this will be our home for several days now.

There is a park with a lake and picnic tables.  Free water and electricity. 

On our first walk around we come across two breadshops, a convenience store, a bar, a pharmacy, a church, a Chateau, the Marie and of course the obligatory hairdressers!

We returned to the motorhome to relax and enjoy the glorious sunshine.   Whilst we were sitting in the sunshine a man came across to speak to us.  He was English and had noticed our English numberplate.  He lives nearby and comes here to walk his dog.  He gave us a few ideas of places to visit and asked if we were going to Chinon on Friday.  We said that we were and he told us it gets extremely busy so advised us to get there quite early, especially since we had a large vehicle to park and gave us directions to the best place to park.   


Today we took a stroll around the lake and watched the workmen putting in new picnic table bases.  We wandered into the town to pick up our bread for lunch but noticed that, just a little further on, there was an old church that is now being used as a music bar, with a restaurant.  This looks interesting - we might have to pay a visit here! 

Back at the motorhome we chilled for the rest of the day, listening to the man tending his allotment garden behind us.


We are still in Champigny-sur-Veude. 

The man with the allotment behind us is obviously a keen gardener as he is back bright and early this morning to pick his vegetables and generally do what gardeners do.

We had quite a long walk today, spurred on by geocaches in the area.

There is a small play area in the park and on our return we took a photo of  Nanny on the swings - to send to our grandaughter Scarlett.

In the evening we had a lovely phone conversation with our friend Anna K back in England and it was good to catch up with all her news.

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, the National holiday here in France.  We are going to join in with the celebrations, this time in Chinon. 

We have spent 14th July in Saumur and La Fleche and both were very good so we are looking forward to seeing what Chinon has to offer tomorrow.     


Dorothy's Godson Grant and his wife Gaynor are celebrating their tenth Wedding Anniversary today.  Congratulations and we hope you have a wonderful day. 

It's Bastille Day today so we went back to Chinon for their firework display this evening. 

We arrived early and took our chairs, following everyone else, down to the river bank across from the Chateau.  We were jolly glad we arrived early and got ourselves a spot with an excellent view.  Couldn't have been better.

We had taken drinks and nibbles with us and so got ready for what was to prove an excellent evening.

It wasn't long before the riverbanks and the bridge were heaving with people.

The fireworks and light show, with accompanying music, was very good and told the story of the Chateau suffering a huge fire.  Then the rain came and extinguished the fire and the Chateau was saved.  (At least, that is how we understood it as it was all in French!!)

The use of the Chateau with lighting effects as a backdrop to the fireworks display worked very well, especially with the reflections in the river.

Our phones could not do justice to the display and anyway, we were so interested in the display that we didn't sit taking many photos but here are a couple as the evening began to draw in.  It just gives you a flavour of the evening.

We had noticed somewhere where a couple of other motorhomes had parked up for the night and we toyed with the idea of joining them but, in the end, as it was not far to return to Champigny-sur-Veude that is what we did.


After a late night last night, today we just walked to the small general store for some provisions.  It was not a huge shop and had very odd opening hours but we did manage to find everything we needed.

On the other side of the road was the Chateau with this large church in the grounds.

After our evening meal, Allan suggested that we walk up to the Music Bar to see what it is like.  So, that is what we did!  

The Music bar - "The Bon Dame"

It was an odd looking place from the outside and even odder inside!! 

They have dinner and music nights on Thursday, Friday and Satudays.  We thought that you have to have the meal but apparently not.  You can just go for a drink and the entertainment.  There was a mix of people eating and just coming in for a drink.   

We went in and were made to feel most welcome.

Having already eaten we just ordered a bottle of wine and some beer.  The beers had very unusual names.  This was the first time that Allan had drunk Camels.  The inside decor was a strange mix of items hung all around. 

We shared a table with another English couple who were staying locally at a Gite.  They had come out, just as we had, to see what this place was like as it had been recommended to them.

There was a Trio on tonight and they were very good.  We could sing along sometimes and later in the evening we were all on the floor dancing.  What a great evening. 

We are not really sure how the hostess/barmaid/cook/owner (all the same lady we believe) could make any money with this venture as it was a great evening at such very little cost.  A hat was sent round for a money collection for the Band's expenses later in the evening but we noticed several of the locals didn't participate!!


After a hectic but very enjoyable evening, we had a very relaxing last day here in Champigny-sur-Veude.


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