This is a list of all the Aire de Camping Car sites that we have used in 2015

In order to put the information on this page, it needs to be tabulated and therefore may not work well on a small screen or 'phone.

1 point each for Free services, Solely for campingcars, Free electricity, Shops close by and Spacious. Equals up to 5 points

W means it's suitable for Winter time. It must have Free Electricity, hardstanding and somewhere to buy food.

These are only our opinions, and are only based on a short stay

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Name of Town   Region Date
Description of Aire
Town WiFi Comments
Val de Saane 4 Normandy 14-4-15
Enclosed Aire with hedge marked spaces. All very clean and well maintained.
Small and with only one shop but which was very well stocked and good prices. None Aire next to park with stream running through it. Very pretty. Definitely go here again!
Montville 2 Normandy 16-4-15
Designated Aire but with a Public footpath to leisure park running through it! Lots of coming & going.
Fairly small but with several independent shops. One small supermarket. A good market in the town on Saturdays. Free and can pick it up on the Aire Aire next to a lovely park area with a massive lake. Very pretty. The Aire lets it down as busy and borne is difficult to access
Rugles W 5 Normandy 20-4-15
Aire with 3 designated spaces and a further 10 spaces in a separate area. All free, including electricity. Grass area with picnic table. Adjacent to large park.
Pretty town with lovely riverside park which the Aire overlooks. Unfortunately when we visited after the recession the Town was run down and most business premises were closed. Very poor shop. Free only in the town

Free Electricity! No limit to length of stay. Supermarket out of town.

Lovely spot and would definitely go here again - very relaxing.

Verneuil-sur-Avre 4 Normandy 26-4-15
Borne has good access. There is no designated parking but motorhomes are tolerated.
Bustling town with many shops and one small supermarket. Very large and busy market on Saturdays.

Free in the bars

code held

Pretty town with two lovely walks (circuits) to follow.
Brezolles 4 Centre 2- 5-15
Enclosed with grass and picnic tables. Borne basic but with easy access. Popular Aire so arrive early!
Very small town but with pretty lake/river. One small Spar shop and one small Carrefour Market on exiting town. None found Very sleepy place where nothing seems to open!
La Madeleine Bouvet 2 Normandy 5-5-15
Aire has good facilities but is next to a bus stop! Better to park on the other side of the lake near the Boules court
None. On a previous visit there was a Restaurant/Tabac that sold bread but this has since closed down. None found Pretty lakeside parking. Very good if you want a relaxing time.
Bretoncelles 3 Normandy 6-5-15
Nice enclosed hedge marked pitches, fairly wide. Quite shady. Borne easy to use.
Small town with a good Bakery that bakes over wood. Fairly easy walk to town and back. Free in the library Pretty town with a very helpful librarian who spoke good English
Thiron Gardais 3 Centre 7-5-15
Aire is in the car park outside the sports hall. Designated parking but used by locals double parking in the bays when using the football pitches. Very poor borne, would not recommend using it.
Town very small and basic. None found Lovely walk around Abbey and lake but boggy in wet spring weather.
Chateaudun 2 Centre 8-5-15
Aire is in the car park with quite narrow designated spaces but well situated, apart from the 200 steps to town centre! Very busy Aire.
Very good market town with excellent Tourist Information. Good shops but only one small, expensive supermarket in walking distance of the Aire. Main supermarket out of town though so shop on the way! Free town wifi and can be picked up from Gite next to Canoes. Aire alongside lovely park bordering a lovely stretch of the Loir river. Good walks and cycling in and out of town.
Vendome 1 Centre 15-5-15
Aire is outside of camping site, therefore no free facilities. Designated parking though and fairly easy walk to town and back.
Very good quite large pedestrianised town. Good shopping although only found a small Leader Price for food in walking distance of the aire. . None found except from campsite at 8 cents per minute Lovely town but let down by the aire.
Les Roches L'Eveque 3 Centre 17-5-15
Beautiful relaxing riverside Aire with grass and picnic tables. Free facilities (no electric). Easy access and enclosed Aire.
Nothing at all apart from a Bar/Tabac/Restaurant adjacent to the Aire and lots of housing and a church. None found Lovely if you want a relaxing time and have plenty of food & drink to keep you going!
Montoire sur le Loir W 4 Centre 18-5-15
Aire in front of the Historic Railway Station. Designated spaces but not away from the rest of the car park. Grass and picnic tables. Very busy Aire. Free facilities including electricity but only one low-power point for c7 spaces? At time of visit spoilt by 3 camping cars sharing the powerpoint continuously and obviously "long term" and a commercial refrigerated van taking up a motorhome space.
Very nice market town with good Tourist Information. Good selection of shops and three supermarkets and a Mr. Bricolage all within walking distance of the Aire. Free Wifi in Tourist Information Office. Also free wifi from the campsite (very low range) if you know the code! At the time of our visit it was holding the annual Commice Agricole (Agricultural Fair) with what seemed like the whole population being very hands on and involved. Everyone couldn't have been nicer and we were provided with a larger Aire for the weekend of the event outside of the camping site.
Montoire sur le Loir,
Municipal camping ground
Centre 21-5-15
temporary aire - see notes above
Troo 3 Centre 31-5-15
Large grassy CL type site but very remote on edge of town and you need to phone the Marie for the entry code. Borne is a distance away outside the school.
Troo is known as the Troglodyte village with small streets and alleyways. There are no shops, not even a baker We felt it would be better in the tourist season but small town would be very busy
St Martin des Bois 1 Centre 31-5-15
Small lakeside Aire next to the tennis courts, with a good borne
A pretty village adjacent to the Aire with what looked like a good restaurant which is not open on Mondays. There was one shop and a Wheelwright None found Nice for a short visit
La Fleche 3 Pays de Loire 1-6-15
Riverside Aire with awkward parking, some long bays and some short. No parking on Market day Wednesday. The borne is good.
A large town with very good shopping and a Hypermarche and lots of other out of town shopping at each end of the town Free from the Municipal camp site, No code needed but some websites are blocked OK but very noisy traffic at night and first thing in the morning.
Lac de la Monnerie 2 Pays de Loire 2-6-15

Very beautiful lakeside Aire with a long walk or cycle ride around it. No services but we think water is obtainable at the beach

(Don't park near the rear bushes!)

The sandy beach is just a short distance away with outside showers, toilets and beach activities. MacD, TI, Buffalo Grill etc but nothing reaching the lake Out of town shopping at its best just a short walk or cycle ride away.
Baugè-en-Anjou 4 Pays de Loire 19-6-15
Spacious sunny bays, clean and tidy but a lot of background noise from the Swimming Pool, Tennis Club and road,
Nice friendly town with good shopping and a large Super U on the outskirts Free from the Municipal camp site, Code needed and couldn't upload ftp Town within walking distance although higher up the hill. Aldi is close by. OK for a short stay.
Le Vieil Baugè 1 Pays de Loire 22-6-15
The actual borne was difficult to use and the parking next to it was 3.5t restricted,
One Boulangerie None found Parking opposite the lake for larger vehicles
Le Guédeniau 3 Pays de Loire 24-6-15 Lovely aire well maintained next to a lake Boulangrie and one bar with friendly staff who will also supply bread Bar Brocard Nice aire for a quiet relaxing stay
Longue-Jumelles 2 Pays de Loire 30-6-15
Borne and stationment in different locations
Basic amenities in the town None found Friendly town and lots of interest
Saumur Pays de Loire No overnight camping is allowed on any parking space in the town, best overnight at E Leclerc Tourist town with lots of shops Tourist Office A good tourist town. Parking allowed during the day near the Military Academy
Turquant 2 Pays de Loire 7-7-15
Busy popular Aire either side of a local road. L/H side are the better spaces to park. services 2 Euros
A shop,one bar and artist atteliers Tourist Office free Aire was always full but we would go there again. In fact we did return and spent our 25th Wedding Anniversary here!
Chênehutte-les-Tufeaux 0 Pays de Loire 15-7-15 Even the notice board says it is best to go to another Aire Did not visit the town None found Acceptable for a night halt only with a lovely river view, no facilities
Cunault 3 Pays de Loire 16-7-15
Lovely grassy CL type site but without free facilities
A cycle ride away, boulangerie and bar None found A nice site for a longer stay but no shopping so stock up on way to Aire!
Gennes 0 Pays de Loire 17-7-15 Borne, but no overnight due to local campsite Basic town None found Tourist information was very helpful, Roman amphitheatre at back of town
St-Rèmy-La-Varenne 2 Pays de Loire 19-7-15 Very sloping site unless at bottom of carpark, Free water One shop and one Bar None found OK for a short stop, Cyclists all day long as a cycle route passes through the aire


W 1 Pays de Loire 20-7-15 Flat dark site at entrance to the tennis court. Free Electricity One shop None found Free electricity makes this site higher on our list
Gizeux 3 Centre 25-7-15 Lovely hedge marked flat site but facilities not free Bar, bakery, butchers, pharmacy and grocers in a small village None found Motorhomers are made to feel very welcome
Chouze sur Loire 3 Centre 29-7-15 Small walled aire but very busy. 2 euro for services Shop opposite, bakers and restaurants etc. close by. None found Lovely riverside village, would come here again for a short stay
Restigné 2 Centre 3-8-15 New spacious aire with grass between pitches Bakery and bar None found Nice for a relaxing short stay

Very busy and dusty aire suitable only for a night stop. Best pitches next to sports field. Free water behind the sports hut

Bakery and many restaurants, basic food from a slot machine
Free password for 2 hours from TI
Easy aire for a stop before going to the park and ride at Tours
Vouvray 2 Centre 7-8-15 Only 3 motorhome designated spaces, but you can park in the car spaces Nice little wine producing town with restaurants and shops Free in Tourist Information A pleasant town we would go back to
Angé W 3 Centre 9-8-15 Massive rally field style of aire with plenty of grass in summer and hard standing for 15 in winter. Free Electricity but pay for water (unless cemetary is open) Bakery, bar and excellent wine producer Free on site

We would definitely come back but the food shop is 3.5 miles away, so stock up before going to the Aire!
Montrichard is a very nice town just along the road

Lailly-en -Val 2 Centre 17-8-15 Busy with a road through the middle to the car park for the fishermen Don't park next to the pump - it goes on all night!! One shop None found Pretty lake to walk around. Nice for a couple of days
Meung sur Loire 1 Centre 19-8-15 Could not get on Aire due to low trees so we parked next to Play park Many shops. None found but available at TI We had a pleasant time there, but the aire let it down.
Sully sur Loire 2 Centre 21-8-15 Aire was forbidden to vehicles over 7.2m with large boulders restricting the entrance. Plenty of parking outside but no vehicle access for us to the Borne. Many shops No Pleasant place but let down by the restrictions on what is for smaller vehicles a lovely aire
Dampiere en Burly 2 Centre 25-8-15 Pleasant, shady Aire overlooking a large lake. Shops a long walk away No OK for a summer stop over
Gien 1 Centre 27-8-15 One side of a busy Car Park Plenty of shops but a long walk or cycle ride away No but available in town at the TI Fair size town but the aire let it down
St Brisson sur Loire W 3 Centre 30-8-15 Dorothy liked this one a lot. Free Electricity, water etc. One shop but very well stocked a bar tabac and boulangerie. No Shame that the château is in disrepair
Briare 2 Centre 3-9-15 The canal park was very tight and not for us, but the other car park was OK. Best spot was on far side overlooking canals. ALL paid services - even tipping WC! Many shops No but available in town at the TI A summer season town with an usual Church which is tessillated from floor to roof!
Aubigny sur Nere 3 Centre 8-9-15 Far end of a car park Lovely shopping town No, but available at TI A pleasant stay for a couple of days. The borne was not on the Aire but a new aire is on the edge of town with a cycle path
Menetou Salon W 4 Centre 9-9-15 Back edge of a car park with Free Electricity, Water etc. None A pleasant village on a hillside
Bourges Rue Jean Bouin W 5 Centre 10-9-15 Both sides of a busy road but very close to City Centre. Lots of shopping Very low power A very good city.
St Amand Montrond 2 Centre 18-9-15 Roadside parking with a borne Lots of shopping OK for a night halt but the lake is better
Lac de Virlay 4 Centre 19-9-15 Pleasant new aire Supermarket across the main road Lovely walk around the Lake
Sancoins 2 Centre 23-9-15 Nice canalside Aire Shops in the village
Decize 1 Burgundy 24-9-15 Roadside parking Large town Realy nice town
La Charite sur Loire 3 Burgundy 25-9-15 Aire was full so we parked alongside the rivere Plenty of shops Very nice town but up a hillside
Treigny 3 Burgundy 27-915 Locals use the road through the Aire yes Very nice Restaurant
Rogny les sep Ecluses 2 Centre 28-9-15 Alongside the canal Shop and restaurant across the road Very touristy with is flight of 7 locks
Vitry Aux loges 3 Centre 29-9-15 Shop in the village Village
Chartres Centre 30-9-15 No aire but many parking opportunities Large city shopping Good cycle routed to the city
Nonancourt 4 Centre 4-10-15 Very cramped aire Rained all the time we were there
Dieppe Normandy 9-10-15 Just a €7 car par just waiting for the ferry Another aire is under construction
Ruillé en Champagne W 4 Pays de Loire 22-11-15 Very rural and quiet. - grass parking In the next village about 1.4 miles Very friendly and we were made to feel most welcome
Coulans sur Gee 2 Pays de Loire 27-11-15 Emegency night halt In the village Beside a busy road, just a carpark
La Baconniere W 3 Pays de Loire 28-11-15 Excellent winter nnight stop A few shops A schoolbus drop off point in between two roads
Fougéres 3 Brittany 29-11-15 Very nice park area City full of shops and a good Saturday market The only downside is that the town is on top of the hill