Over the last few months we have been preparing for our new lifestyle

The leisure batteries were replaced with two new ones, Banner 110ah
Two new auxiliary batteries were purchased for the laptop computer and phone charging both 120ah Platinum
The vehicle battery was replaced by Truck Services of Sussex
A new 120w solar panel was added for the leisure batteries and the original 80w was linked to the auxiliary batteries by Sunstore of Worthing
The programme in the Sargent power supply was updated to EC480 version 161
Full habitation service by Caravantech
The Refrigerator which had developed a fault and the sticking oven storage door were both sorted out by Johns Cross Motorcaravan Centre
Two folding cycles plus bags, a Clarke Jump Start 4000 Heavy Duty Engine Starter with an inverter to charge it were purchased from Machine Mart
New Satnav, Front facing camera, AutoGas continental converters, a new outside table and a few other bits and pieces were sourced

So now we should be all set to go!

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