Muguet Festival of Géants

With Muguette, Théo and Léo and the new P'tit Géant

Prouvy, France

The Geants Afternoon Parade

Sunday Afternoon 1st May 2016

We thank Patrick Lefebvre, President of Festi-Prouvy and his team and Madame Le Maire and all of her people for an excellent weekend.


A bright sunny day but with the sunshine in, as usual, the wrong direction it was difficult to take a lot of the photos we wanted. But here is what we have.


Preparations and setting up for the Big Parades.
We say Parades because they are separated into 4 Groups, each departing from a set point in the Town and they all come together to Parade the last section together.

And then the Group departing from near our motorhome set off, albeit at a very leisurely pace!

This is a young looking Giant, Allan thought that it looked like Ian Y. :-)

Looking at some of the "helpers" you will see that they sometimes dress similarly to the Giant. This is much nicer and doesn't distract so much.


Later the Parades were joining up and we were near the end of the Route to try to see them all............

oops! we've lost Leo & Theo!!!!
Leading the Parade were Muguette, Leo, Theo and P'tit Géant - Les Géants de Prouvy

This Giant was made in the likeness of Baden-Powell by the Association of the Friends of Baden-Powell situated in Ath, Belgium.

This little Drummer Boy was just 3 years old and he had been drumming along beside his Dad for the whole afternoon!

Finally all the Giants came together for a photocall but unfortunately some had a long drive home and had to leave and some were too large to enter the field.

Then we started snapping the camera phone.

And we just had to take these last photos for our Grandaughter, Scarlett-Louise xxx

That was another big day. Luckily our motorhome was close by and returned for some well earned refreshment


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