Muguet Festival of Géants

With Muguette, Théo and Léo and the new P'tit Géant

Prouvy, France

The Geants Evening Parade

Saturday Afternoon and Evening 30 April 2016

We thank Patrick Lefebvre, President of Festi-Prouvy and his team and Madame Le Maire and all of her people for an excellent weekend.


Members of the Festi-Prouvy Team

Preparations for the illuminated parade.............

Not an elegant way for "Miss Pays de Prouvy" and her attendants to ascend her "carriage" !!! Ballgowns & high heels were not the ideal!!

Dorothy with Mark & Brigette waiting for the Parade to arrive............

And so the parade begins.................

The arms of this "Tree of Light" were lowered so that it could pass underneath the overhead cables. Unfortunately they got stuck in the raised position and so it couldn't travel very far!

This is the new P'tit Géant, who was revealed for the first time today. It has been designed to be carried by a 5 year old child.

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